How to Overcome the Elite’s Divide and Rule Control over a Divided Nation and World

The violence shamefully on full display several nights ago at the UC Berkeley campus is an alarming reminder of just how far Americans have now gone astray in allowing the ruling elite to divide us. The repeated scenes of rioters viciously acting out their rampage determined to shut down free speech in America and deliver violent civil unrest to foment a national crisis in this divided nation is bent on undermining the Trump presidency. Unfortunately, this political violence is becoming increasingly common. Is America on the brink of a second civil war? This presentation explores this potentiality focusing on the underlying dynamic behind Americans who are seemingly at war with themselves.

Last Wednesday evening an estimated 150 angry rock and brick throwing agitators out of a crowd of 1500 protestors began breaking windows, starting a fire and targeting arrivals by shoving, beating and pepper spraying attendees at a speaking engagement of conservative openly gay Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos at the UC Berkeley campus. The ensuing rioting escalated to force the event to be canceled even prior to its start.

Today’s so-called “social justice warriors” currently wreaking havoc in cities and college campuses across our nation are but one example of how the US population has been unwittingly splintered, conscripted, and co-sponsored by the likes of dozens of George Soros “open society” foundations to brutishly take over and dogmatically rule over America’s colleges and universities. Brainwashed by elitist social engineering think tanks into an army of fanatical militarized Political Correctness robots, they’ve been morphed into today’s brown shirts equivalent to the young Nazis or Mao’s cultural youth revolution, sent out in the name of free speech to commit violent fascist terrorism deployed en masse as programmed foot soldiers bent on actually purging dissent and freedom of speech in America as the so-called left’s mind control police.

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A half decade ago billionaire Soros told Newsweek a period of “evil” is coming to America, predicting riots, police state, and class war. And then in the coming years, he made it happen. In cities across the country whenever police cold-bloodedly murdered unarmed black men as well as throughout last year’s Trump campaign rallies to all the post-election protests, Soros funded agitators and rioters by the busloads methodically deployed nationwide to purposely foment racial and political tensions and hostilities to make his “prediction” reality. For decades Soros money has funded regime changes and political and economic upheaval around the world and he’s at it again right here in America, inciting another color revolution revolt designed to bring about a coup d’état of an elected US president.

It’s a sad irony that back in the 1960’s that very same UC Berkeley was the venerable institution of higher learning that launched the free speech movement. But times have radically changed as UCB is now violently rioting against free speech.

Americans are so blindly and foolishly allowing the elite to divide and conquer us, it’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re now living in a certifiably insane, upside down the world where all values are inversed, good is now bad and bad is now good in today’s age of deception where Orwellian doublespeak is America’s current nightmare come true.

From time immemorial the earthly power brokers have always sought ways and means of controlling their population by neutralizing and weakening various subgroups and people that might otherwise pose a threat to the prevailing status quo of inequality and injustice. Thus, to counter these threats the elite has always resorted to manipulating and manufacturing conflicts between different people and groups, exploiting their differences in skin color, religion, language, culture, socioeconomic class, nationality, gender, sexual identity, age, political party, you name it… the list can arbitrarily go on and on.

The planetary rulers are masters in the black art of deception, keeping us blindly ignorant and feeble-minded, cluelessly fighting against each other. And we the people continue falling for their brutal game of deceit and manipulation rather than realize that it’s the elite that is, in fact, our common enemy, malevolently utilizing its tried and true divide and conquer formula that’s permitted them to continue their planetary plundering and inhumane rule for far too many centuries. Divide and conquer control has been achieved through a centralized banking slavery-debtor system responsible for backing both sides to every banker-created war as well as both sides in every corrosively, irreparably corrupt two-party US political system election. For the last century, every American president marches to the puppet masters’ orders.

2016 produced the two most unpopular two party presidential candidates in American history in a thoroughly rigged election from start to finish that resulted in the so-called dark horse candidate winning. It’s time to realize the divisive forces that have been maliciously turning us against each other in a seemingly endless blame game scenario is but a long entrenched part of the elite’s design where no one but the controlling elite can possibly win.

Perhaps with the Civil War the only exception, this last year’s election cycle has left our divided nation more politically charged, fragmented and polarized than ever before. Vast segments of the American population have succumbed into a rigid white and black thinking based solely along Democrat versus Republican lines, artificially separating us by label into the left versus the right, liberal versus conservative extremism that engender violence and hatred toward those who happen to disagree. As an elitist tool, the harbingers of deceit possess a weaponized centralized system of mainstream media designed to control all outflow of news and information while propagating mass propaganda and disinformation with sinister intent to fracture and inflame Americans, instilling anger, fear, hate and conflict for control purposes over the masses.

Hatemongers on each side of the volatile political spectrum are ready to declare civil war on each other, having drawn their ideological battle lines blaming the other side for our fractured nation currently convulsing under such out of control turmoil and instability. Hence, a blindsided dichotomy darkly prevails over America now, with implicit chants “you’re either with us or against us,” incredibly the same simpleton mentality that gave way to war criminal George Bush evocation shortly after his treasonous neocon conspirators had sloppily pulled off its 9/11 coup to launch its war on terror, its war on Islam, its war on the American people and ultimately its war on humanity.

At the same time, mind control through mass media as well as secret nonlethal electronic warfare methods through psychotronic weapons developed by black ops programs have been increasingly altering Americans’ state of consciousness in recent years, resonating at the same electromagnetic frequencies as our human brain so as to effectively cause emotional and mental instability and disturbance amongst our unsuspecting vulnerable population. On a related issue, thousands of targeted individuals internationally have also been used as deep state guinea pigs for harassment and torture utilizing these same type weapons.

From vaccines to fluoride in our water systems to processed poisoned foods devoid of all nutrients to being massively fed Monsanto GMO’s that cause tumors in rats, soft kill methods to depopulate the earth have also been around for many decades. The proliferation of cellular smartphones and cell towers, HAARP pulsar weaponry and aerosol geoengineering raining down daily toxic chemtrail doses of heavy metal conductors saturating our air, water, soil, and food chain are all taking their toll on human health in every conceivable way from bodily disease to severe mental, emotional and spiritual impairments. Chronic soft kill methods are contributing to Americans now dying younger as a direct result of all these killers daily assaulting us as part of the elite’s eugenics plan to cull the world population. Through willfully destroying our living habitat along with ceaseless violence and wars, the planetary controllers have been engaging in a global agenda that amounts to committing human genocide on our species and planet, by diabolical design perpetuating the earth’s sixth mass life extinction and first known to be human caused.

One encouraging sign this week is Operation Reclaim and Rebuild in Southern California where a child sex trafficking task force arrested 474 suspects, rescuing 28 sexually abused girls and 27 adults from illegal bondage. The culmination of such a large successful bust of a major pedo-operation on the West Coast comes as the internet is circulating some monumental claims from alleged FBI insider Kent Dunn.  Dunn maintains that the Senator Chuck Schumer led Democrats purposely delayed the vote on Trump’s attorney general nominee – Senator Jeff Sessions, not as reported because of Trump’s Muslim ban, but because of Sessions’ intention to launch an arrest warrant sweep to apprehend 30 high profile politicians in Washington DC and Virginia as well as New York City along with 40 other suspects directly linked to the Pedogate scandal that went public the last couple months of last year as so calledPizzagate. In addition to the possible arrests of the Clintons, the Podesta brothers and James Alefantes, the pizza parlor owner where the alleged epicenter of the sex crimes against children took place, the FBI insider also stated that three weeks ago Sessions was fully briefed and updated on the evidence of the enormous pedophile case.

Jeff Sessions navigated past his initial hurdle last Wednesday when the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-9 strictly along party lines for a scheduled full senate vote likely by midweek. The laptop that proved to be the smoking gun in this landmark child trafficking case belonging to disgraced indicted former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, husband of longtime Hillary aide Huma Abedin, implicated dozens of other prominent members of Congress. Per FBI insider Dunn those who will be arrested on pedophilia charges are Senator Chuck Schumer, Hillary’s running mate Senator Tim Kaine, economist-political advisor Michael Blumenthal, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Republican bobsy twin senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Supposedly FBI warrants for their arrests will take place once Sessions is sworn into office which may be later this week. All Sessions needs is a simple majority of 51 and with 52 Republican senators (albeit two of them McCain and Graham), Sessions will likely secure his confirmation. If these high powered players in DC are taken into custody, Trump will already be halfway home to fulfilling his campaign promise to “drain the swamp.” And a momentum shift for good could finally make dramatic triumphant history in bringing to long-awaited justice Washington’s career criminals who’ve been getting away with the murder of millions of innocent people on this planet for way too long.

With those 70 arrested it would become the biggest political scandal in US history if prosecution of such major heavyweights actually proceeds. Though seeing is believing, if it does occur, it will mark a major turning point in the crime cabal masquerading as the US federal government for over half a century. Once these criminals are rounded up, detained and held accountable, along with the likes of George Soros, perhaps the wicked madness that’s been controlling our planet for so long will finally be on the losing end for once, prior to the elite’s agenda to render the earth totally uninhabitable. Based on underground investment in subterranean luxury bunkers, the elite already has its contingency plan.

In any event, we must diligently seek the truth to arrive at a deeper understanding both spiritually as well as geopolitically of what’s unfolding in our midst. Rather than continue falling into the blame game which the planetary controllers have insidiously and incessantly used against us, we must recognize that we are one human family, fully enriched by our diversity, and only through connecting and embracing our common human heritage are we able to transcend the slings and arrows of hate and conflict that every day we’re being bombarded with by authoritarian deep state.

Wanting most of us “useless eating” “deplorables” dead, the globalists possess centralized control over all the world’s largest corporations, virtually all national governments including their militaries, law enforcement, and security apparatchik. But what they’re most afraid of is an informed and educated global masses able to think for themselves and mobilized to oppose and resist the New World Order. The populist movement starting with last year’s Brexit vote and the Trump victory currently has them desperately waging to retain their power fulltime war for controlling both our minds as well as our souls.

But as long as the planetary controllers have us fighting and killing each other, their crimes against humanity will only continue unchecked, swept under the rug, cloaked in controlled deep state secrecy, immune from all accountability and justice. Today we stand at the crossroads of both our severely divided nation and the equally divided world, teetering on the edge of self-annihilation. We have a conscious choice to make, right here and right now at this 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second, we can either choose to continue as disempowered, angrily divided victims of slavery, hate and death, or we can choose illumination of truth and forthright and honest action to embrace our common humanity and destiny in a race toward the light of understanding, compassion, peace and justice.

The dark forces are being exposed like never before, and as they go down, they’re desperately moving in for the genocidal kill. It’s now do or die time for self-defense of the human race on our precious home planet earth. We either stop fighting amongst ourselves now in order to recognize we’ve been played, pathetically duped and manipulated for far too long or we simply perish at the hands of the demonic destructive powers-that-shouldn’t-be. Though this is not a black and white world, in this case when literally the human species is hanging in the balance at this most critical momentous time in human history, it most certainly is a choice of either moving toward the light for life or falling into death’s darkness.

Like the founders of all our major religions preached, as well as our modern historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela taught, we are all God’s children given blessed life by our one Creator, to utilize our God-given talents and potential to serve the greater spiritual good of humanity by embracing the truth, peace and justice with all our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. The collective insanity, ruthless brutality and moral depravation that appear so blatantly pronounced and in control of our earth now, spreading their contagious disharmony and dis-ease, can be both cured and conquered through the wisdom of universal love. If we each do our part, one person and one day at a time, not in some lofty unreachable abstract ideal, but practiced daily in our lives with those we come in regular contact with, only then will the goodness and light within humanity prevail over the descending darkness. The epic choice at the crossroads is now ours to make.

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