The Creature from Jekyll Island

This is one of the most complete works I’ve ever read. G. Edward Griffin takes a very difficult concept and conveys it simply and accurately. The Federal Reserve Bank is arguably the most influential institution in the United States. Understanding the history of this institution is vital for grounding your relationship with the US government in reality.

The Creature from Jekyll Island is also more than a history book. It reveals the intrinsically worthless nature of fiat currency, which can be difficult to accept psychologically because of the deep web of social deception that has been spun since the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944. This false paradigm is a carefully controlled public relations program intended to perpetuate the corrupt sociopolitical order, which critics have characterized metaphorically as a vampire or a squid.

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Fundamentally, the system is a Ponzi scheme that siphons power from the base of society up to the apex of the pyramid to those closest to the printing press. This is why politicians rooted in Washington never seem to leave. Untaxed public spending is the ultimate source of power. It is even greater than the promise of wealth garnered through private enterprise. It operates like a black hole sucking in real material wealth and energy, leaving an The Creature from Jeky... G. Edward Griffin Best Price: $18.95 Buy New $24.05 (as of 04:40 EST - Details) inflationary void of death in its wake.

The sad part is the gravity, the social force, that the fiat system creates is believed to be necessary for society to remain stable and organized. This is the justification for the Orwellian ‘order through chaos’ model. Unfortunately, given the small percentage of self-awakened, self-reliant individuals in society, I regrettably admit the model is probably right. A high percentage of Homo Sapiens are a mere stones throw away from ferality and accept their ignorance with pride.

For the enlightened, G. Edward Griffin is a respected and reliable source, brave enough to challenge established monetary theory when other authors “sell out.” Make no mistake, this is a topic that offers economic experts and historians more than enough justification to be misleading in their analysis. As is often the case, when truth has value it is hidden. A special thanks to Griffin, the truth is hidden no more.

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