Obama in the Bunker: It's All About Revenge

Will someone please go over to the White House ASAP and help Obama pack before he starts the Third World War with the Russians? It would appear that he has forgotten that economic sanctions are how the last World War got started, as far as the Pacific Theatre goes. One would think he could reflect upon that since the press made such a big deal about him and Japan’s head honcho laying a wreath on the USS Arizona a few days back. Or, perhaps it is because Obama’s recollections of history are usually concerning the Crusades when Islamic terrorists are mentioned. Ah, I see! History from well over a thousand years ago bears more relevance than that of barely 80 years ago.

Now, I think we all know why Obama is doing this. It’s all about ego—his own. He did this when the American people voted a bunch of Republicans into the House and Senate a couple years back. He said something like, “Ok, I get it…” and then went on to use executive orders to cram his agenda into place by force. This is exactly what he is doing now. Using executive power to retaliate against the American people for voting in a way he didn’t like. That’s what happened last time and that’s what’s going on now. Except for this time, the consequences could be far deadlier: The very real threat of war with Russia.

Look, where is the proof that Russia hacked this election? If the United States has a genuine case, why is it afraid to take it to an international court? Let’s let the entire world see the evidence and a tribunal of impartial, international judges decide this case. This will never happen because there is no evidence. Once again, Obama acts and leaves the mess for us all to deal with. Just like Syria where, again, nothing was proven so far as this being an issue that concerned us. Let me say it again: If the United States has a case, then let it be heard in an international court of law!

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How many times must we, the American people, have our lives put into jeopardy by these fools playing with fire?! I daresay that if these idiots get us into a nuclear war one day, we need a plan for the few survivors. That plan? Someone needs to go dump hundreds of tons of concrete from our destroyed cities over the escape entrances to the bunkers the politicians will be hiding in. Entomb those monsters in there so they can’t get out. It was simple foolishness that these monsters were willing to kill us all over the difference in an economic system between us and the Soviet Union. But risking us all over his ego and Hillary losing the election?! Are you kidding me?! No president in the history of the United States was ever so insane.

See here, America. I’ll tell you why Hillary lost the election. History proves that you cannot win an election once you start blathering on and on about gun control. Which Hillary, as we all know, did several times. That’s what lost her the election in several states. You cannot have a country where there has been two major terrorist attacks using guns, riots in cities, and ISIS on the loose and then tell the American people it needs to become harder for them to defend themselves. That will lose you an election every time, dummies. Wake up and quit whining. Whether or not you believe in gun ownership, enough people do that you better just turn loose of that hot potato if you want to win elections.

Be that as it may, we are not being threatened by Russia in any way to justify sanctions. People! Sanctions are an act of war. We put economic sanctions in place against the Japanese and it led directly to Pearl Harbor. And the Pacific Theatre of the Second World War and how many American dead? What was it, over 6,000 dead on Iwo Jima alone? We lost almost the equivalent of the Iraq War dead in one battle to take one island alone! And what started this maelstrom of carnage? Economic sanctions against the Japanese. Right, we sit here and act like we were just little innocents minding our own business, sitting on our tuffets, and eating our curds and whey. The reality is we provoked the Japanese into attacking us. They didn’t disappoint us, did they?

Here we are now provoking a nuclear-armed power. Here sit the Democrats with the peace symbol stickers on their cars supporting this madman. Now, had this been Ronald Reagan that did this during his last days in office, the interstates and highways leading out of every major city would be jam-packed with people fleeing. Store shelves would be bare. Even the pimento loaf would be gone from the deli section and only the threat of Armageddon does that, as we all know. Los Angeles would look like a ghost town and you’d have seen people selling not “Maps to the Stars” there, but Maps to the Outside of Fallout Zones. No one sees this. No one in the press sounds the alarm about, hey, why are we provoking a nuclear-armed power over this? Again, had this been Reagan, they’d have demanded he prove the allegations in an international court. Not risk us all in a nuclear war over it.

This proves that the news media is in the pocket of the government. And the liberals? Ha, ha, ha, don’t make me laugh! They’re only against wars “their guys” don’t start. Not one of them is going, “Say, wait a minute! We can’t just punish another country without an international court of law! That’s extrajudicial punishment! And besides all of that, we’re provoking a country that has several thousand nuclear weapons! This isn’t sane!” No, instead, these liberals go, “Hooray! Obama is giving us revenge against the basket of deplorables, Trump, and Putin all at the same time! Isn’t he swell? We can’t win, but we can get even!” No protests, no anti-war marches, no anti-nuke demonstrations like we saw every time Reagan so much as equipped wrong about the former Soviet Union.

I say again, if you have the evidence, then let’s take this to an international court of law where BOTH sides can present evidence and defend themselves. Let’s appoint judges from countries the United States doesn’t control. And let’s sweeten the pot. If the United States loses, the United States government will be legally bound from passing ANY sanctions against ANY country for ANY reason for a period of 50 years. What’s more, if it violates that judgment, then it will face economic sanctions itself for ten years. Plus an international naval board-and-search of all vessels coming and going. Isn’t that what we did to Iraq? Let’s put the star-spangled shoe on the other foot for a change. Let the United States government put its money where its mouth is: PROVE what you say about Russia.

However, whatever doctored evidence is provided, I am still unwilling to be vaporized because Hillary lost the election on her own lack of merit. These clowns haven’t proven the allegations about Russia, but they have proven they’re a bunch of fanatics who are in control of nuclear weapons. They’re worried about Iran getting nuclear weapons?! My word! We have much deadlier and crazier fanatics with about 6,000 nuclear weapons they’re in control of right here! They’re called the United States government! Only fanatics threaten the entire world over losing an election. If this is not “Hitler in the bunker” taking everyone down with him, I don’t know what is.

ISIS and al-Qaida combined cannot threaten the world like the fanatical United States government can. At least ISIS and al-Qaida have a wrong view of religion they base their fanaticism on. That can be somewhat understood as a motive. But what excuse does the United States government have for its terrorism and fanaticism? Their egos! We’re all sitting ducks on Ground Zero because of the egos of American politicians. I’m sorry, but the world’s deadliest fanatics are here, not over there in the Middle East.