Amazing Drone Footage Shows Sinkhole Damage to California Coast

Devastating sinkhole damage caused by severe coastal erosion at Pacifica, California has been captured in stunning drone footage.

The shoreline at Pacifica is constantly being battered by giant waves and erosion poses a severe threat to the buildings dotted along the cliff edge.

The new sinkhole, which emerged last Saturday, destroyed a large chunk of pathway and closed access to a popular beach. It’s believed to have been caused by some of the biggest waves of the year, known as the King Tides.

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High tides and stormy weather have also slowed attempts to repair the damage.

Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow said during the week that an apartment complex that sits on the edge of a cliff in the area will be demolished as it poses “a clear danger.” The property was evacuated in January after El Nino-related storm erosion. In a statement at the time, Tinfow said that “worsening conditions on the bluffs posed an imminent risk to residents and left the structure unsafe”.

In March, a neighboring apartment building was also demolished after it was declared hazardous.

Speaking to CBS news after the latest erosion and sinkhole damage, local resident Rick Ghilgliazza said: “I have memories of when I was a child here and I take my wife out here now and try and find the places where my dad and I fished years ago, they’re gone.”


Reprinted from RT News.

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