A Mindset Immune to Reason and Love

There is a bestselling book entitled MAGA Mindset, accurately described on Amazon as “an overview of the cultural forces that have propelled Trump forward while using the example of his candidacy as a case study for your own life,” in effect a modern day Power of Positive Thinking. I mention it—and recommend it—because I recently encountered an entirely different mindset, what I would call the Clinton Mindset.

Weeks ago, I had a telephone conversation with a retired colleague; he always was thoughtful and helpful to his younger coworkers and recently recovered from a grave illness and had become a widower shortly after he retired. He’s moved to a “Red State” while I live in a Blue State. He is a fervent NPR follower and actually we never discussed politics at work. Yet I mentioned my very real concern that if Hillary Clinton is elected a war with Russia is inevitable and a nuclear war would be disastrous. Didn’t he worry about the risk to his grandchildren? Son of Thunder: The Sp... Yvonne Lorenzo Buy New $12.00 (as of 04:45 UTC - Details)

He responded by asking me if I knew about Stephen Hawking and said that he was a genius. I didn’t think to discuss at that moment the fact that my research and own interests have convinced me Hawking’s position on black holes is untenable and I had concerns about his character. Instead, I said let’s agree he’s highly proficient in mathematics.

He said, “Hawking used to think humanity had three hundred years left before becoming extinct, that’s why we have to colonize space as soon as possible. But now he’s changed the clock to fifty years. Look, nuclear weapons are going be used one day. You can’t escape it. So, if we’re lucky, human beings go from seven billion down to seventy-five thousand. And we’ll come back from there…”

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Shocked, I asked, “Are you saying to vote for Hillary because it’s better sooner than later?”

He cleared his throat. He then said we should pool our money and give her a donation so that she might listen to us. I replied I thought the problem with Ms. Clinton is she already has too much money. Then I said the next time we The Cloak of Freya: Th... Yvonne Lorenzo Buy New $14.00 (as of 04:45 UTC - Details) speak let’s keep it to movies and avoid politics.

I sent him a link to a movie I thought he’d enjoy (although goodhearted, it seemed to me the shedding of crocodile tears by those who participated in the emasculation of men): The Intern, starring Trump Hater Robert De Niro.

He didn’t reply.

Then, not out of spite, but out of concern given the latest revelations, I sent him links to this YouTube by Paul Joseph Watson on Podesta’s Spirit Cooking and this article on the “occult elite.” The hashtag #PodestatheMolesta is amazingly popular on Twitter.

He didn’t reply.

And to tell the truth, I’m fine with that.