President Trump: The Anti-Globalist USA Champion or just another Con Man Riding a Trojan Horse?

Trump the Anti-Globalist Champion of the People?

Many Americans who’ve been supporting President-elect Trump see him as the populist leader who will save America from ruin. Trump supporters have been unfairly marginalized and pigeonholed by the MSM broad stroke as white supremacy extremists bent on plunging America back into a new Jim Crowism era and a second Civil War along with a growing number of angry, uneducated, disenfranchised blue collar, mostly white male redneck loser types. Despite a spike in racist graffiti and vandalism since the election, this gross overgeneralization is the Hillary/Soros/Rothschild/MSM’s desperate attempt to discredit Trump’s victory while Soros continues funneling money into paid agitators bussed to US city “war fronts” to foment violence, chaos, and national crisis. The other desperation move is the sudden push to change the electoral system as their last chance to steal the election on December 19th. It completely leaves out the real story – that a majority of Americans are so done with the fake war on terror, the policies designed to destroy America, the nonstop lies and corruption, and the last three dozen years of Bush-Clinton-Obama elitism that has humanity teetering on the edge of self-extinction.

Though Trump’s appeal has attracted a fringe element of racists within the US population, another quieter, far larger element historically referred to as the silent majority of Americans has by design purposely been overlooked and unacknowledged by mainstream media coverage throughout this year’s election. But this far larger base of Trump supporters comes from the libertarians, the Constitutionalists, former Bernie Sanders supporters, anti-war proponents, 2nd Amendment activists, veterans and American patriots. They have witnessed the neocons within Washington’s shadow government remain entrenched in power from the Bush-Cheney administration seamlessly on through the Obama regime. Against the people’s will and interests, this oligarchic criminal cabal is being exposed like never before. A growing silent majority is no longer silent in response to this shadow government’s collusion with Israel and Saudi Arabia to perpetrate their inside 9/11 job in order to exploit a manufactured “endless war on terror” launched in Afghanistan and Iraq on behalf of the Greater Israel Project that together sponsors global terrorism that’s obliterated our constitutional rights and ushered in the present New World Order’s military-security-police state prison complex.

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And to these Americans so sick and tired of permanent war that’s recast Russia and China as our cold war enemies on the way to World War III, and the corruption (survey one month prior to election found corruption Americans’ #1 fear), criminality and cancer of big government, this rising segment of the American populace sees Donald Trump as leading a second revolution to restore the Constitution as America’s rule of law while draining the swamp of dangerous traitors in Washington, kicking them all out to face trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity. Against all odds, they see Trump’s ascension to power as their last hope to ward off the globalists’ century-old mission to destroy America in favor of one world government tyranny. In the face of this revolution, the neocons’ worn out lies behind their global war on terror, al Qaeda/ISIS terrorism, the global warming hoax and even a fictitious ET alien invasion to push through their global governance agenda is simply no longer working. We have ultimately reached the tipping point of critical mass when enough of the people finally get it, demanding that the crumbling cabal be brought down once and for all. A transformation shift is in the air.

America’s Amnesia Every Eight Years

In the wake of the election results with Trump as president, this is what anti-globalists want desperately to believe is happening right now. And to some extent, it may be. But there is a darker, more sinister cloud facing the prospect of a Trump-Pence administration looming over the White House and nation in the months and years ahead. First of all, as we painfully learned the last time out eight years ago, anticipated relief and elation springs forward after another disastrous eight-year run by another lame duck incompetent at the helm of the Empire of Chaos and Destruction. It automatically sets up a sigh of mass relief each time a newly elected president promises much needed positive changes in response to the blatant failures of the outgoing administration.

Hence, Obama was the perceived antithesis to Bush when so many Americans were taken in by the Manchurian Candidate preying on our hope for change. But no sooner was he occupying his figurehead puppet role in the White House, his promise to end Bush and Cheney’s unwanted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq predicated on lies and his promise to be “the most open and transparent president in US history” both went right out the window. After his first term, the liar even had the audacity to claim it was true, “This is the most transparent administration in history.” Trojan horsed, fork-tongued Obama has only delivered more lies and unending continuation to this day of those same disastrous neocon wars, with renewed aggression he’s added another one in Syria and reignited another cold war with Russia and China. On top of that, all throughout Obama has proven to be the most secretive, deceptive, least transparent president in US history.

Campaign Promises Come Cheap

Campaign promises always come extremely cheap by the elite’s preselected hustlers who tell voters whatever they want to hear to get themselves elected. So after the disappointment and devastation that smooth lying operator Obama inflicted on America like clockwork his antithesis has emerged in “make America great again” Trump. Donald has vowed to appoint a special prosecutor that will put Hillary behind bars. Let’s see if he follows up on that. He has promised to partner with Putin in Syria to destroy the terrorists that Obama and Hillary created and continue supporting. Trump has promised as an America firster to promote world peace as a noninterventionist, at one point stating he will withdraw the US from NATO, then three months ago revising his stance claiming he would work with NATO to defeat the terrorists. But the newly elected president has expressed a desire to curtail Empire’s role as the military policeman interfering aggressively around the world as the hegemon. Internally Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” of treasonous Washington fixtures whose policies have been destroying America, including undoing everything that Obama the destroyer has built his legacy on, targeting the repeal of Obamacare, scrapping the climate accord and Iran agreement. Trump has promised to deliver a record that will save our national sovereignty, killing the TPP, TTIP, and all globalist trade agreements.

Donald Trump has promised to restore and protect America’s constitutional rule of law, including repealing all of Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders. He has promised to fight against the carbon tax and the scientific tyranny promoting the global warming hoax. He has promised to curb the harmful use of vaccines, vowing to never make them mandatory for children or adults, unlike Obama who just signed another executive order enforcing globalized vaccination (along with proposed microchips) in every person on earth. If Trump is like every president before him, all these very ballsy, noble anti-globalist stands are mere empty false promises self-servingly used to get himself elected. His biggest challenge will be to defy the pressures and demands from the ruling elite directly opposing all his election promises. As one person in a figurehead role, his power is limited to the extent that the cabal will try and thwart his every turn that Trump makes to follow through on his vowed promises to the people.

The last time a US president actually challenged the shadow government controlled by the ruling elite got himself assassinated 53 years ago this week. The international crime cabal has been regularly getting away with targeting and murdering perceived threats to its status quo evildoing for a very, very long time. Cheney carried out a secret executive assassination ring. And as the president who plays God, Obama has even made his assassination policy of democide public. So the question becomes is the Donald, like every other president elected on false promises, just another con man willing to say and do anything to reach his ambitions? Or is he for real and actually going to fight the far bigger, far more powerful, corrupt and broken system that the cabal has owned, operated and controlled for centuries?

The crime cabal is presently in the fight of its life refusing to relinquish power in a changing, hegemonic, no longer unipolar world. The earth’s secret rulers fear losing control in the face of an awakened global masses determined to hold Satanic worshipping elitists accountable for their despicably horrifying crimes against humanity and their human genocide agenda.

Every eight years the ruling elite gleefully keeps executing its divide and conquer strategy ad nauseam, taking turns placing into power a new president that appears to be the antithesis of his predecessor. The elite simply alternates its presidential selections from one party to the next to conceal the fact that it owns and controls both parties. It’s been playing this diversionary game in the US for a long time to a dumbed down, amnesic American audience that never seems to realize every eight years it’s being bamboozled by the same malicious con game. And Trump as their potential latest con man to take center stage may be as slick as any before him.

Trump’s Shady Con Man Past

Let’s take a look at Trump’s historical roots which by elitist design during this election year has largely been unexamined and kept under wraps. Donald Trump as a boy grew up in Queens, a middle-class other-side-of-the-tracks New York borough adjacent to the Big Apple’s prize Manhattan. His father was a flourishing real estate developer operating primarily in Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island whose attorney, local fixer and close friend was a notoriously crooked Jewish kingpin. In 1954 the US Senate investigated father Fred and his attorney for alleged improprieties and corruption involving HUD. Both father and son were always strong supporters of the Jewish state and Zionist cause. Today that still remains intact:

The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to Israel is me. The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was loyal to Israel before me.

While the young Donald was in his mid-twenties, in a ritzy Manhattan club in 1973 Trump met high-powered lawyer Roy Cohn who quickly became his attorney, mentor, and longtime friend. Two decades earlier Cohn had risen to fame prosecuting the Rosenbergs, the alleged Soviet spy couple that were executed. Roy Cohn was also Senator Joseph McCarthy’s chief counsel during the senator’s Communist witch hunt in the early 1950’s. That night in the club Trump shared with Cohn his family’s pressing problem. The Nixon Justice Department was charging the Trumps with discrimination against renting to African Americans. Cohn took on Donald’s case and executed an aggressive million dollar countersuit against the DOJ that eventually settled the matter quietly out of court.

For the next 13 years, Cohn represented Donald in a series of high-profile lawsuits. Years later describing his infamous attorney friend and mentor, Trump stated that Cohn was ruthless in his loyalty toward him. Cohn was so enamored by the Queens upstart that at one point he refused to even charge Trump for his legal services. Essentially owning New York with his connections to all the major New York players and moguls including Mayors Abraham Beame and Ed Koch, Cohn became the needed bridge and launching pad for the young, ambitious Donald to expand his real estate interests into prime turf Manhattan and eventually own casinos in both Atlantic City and Florida. Organized crime totally controls the US gaming industry, and with Roy Cohn the consigliere representing all five New York mafia dons, the Don T. became the local real estate and gambling tycoon who regularly partnered and made many shady deals with gangsters.

So for most of his life 70-year old Trump has run with the Manhattan and Palm Beach high rolling powerbrokers that loot through organized crime and loot through Wall Street banking as legalized organized crime. In essence, Donald Trump is clearly not an outsider at all to the established East Coast financial robber barons and shares a checkered past steeped deep in both gangsters and banksters. Trump filed for bankruptcy four times yet keeps bouncing back with an estimated current fortune worth $3.7 billion. Not in this America do you possibly end up the Republican nominee and president-elect if you are truly an outsider. Nor when the financial stakes are so sky high are you truly independent as always at that elevation strings are attached. Both mainstream and alternative media have falsely portrayed Trump as the brash maverick who’s fiercely independent and always his own man, supposedly despised by the ruling elite. This persona and image have been fashioned to give the American public a false illusion that Trump is operating independently from big corporate special interests as a self-made man and champion of the lowly working stiffs.

Hence his appeal to America’s downtrodden, forgotten, disenfranchised working class poor when in reality despite not being the GOP’s first choice (failed cabal dynasty heir Jeb Bush was), nor second choice, Donald Trump nonetheless is every bit an insider with strong ties to the 14th richest man in America who the last few months has been bankrolling his rise to the presidency. Israel firster Sheldon Adelson, the Vegas casino magnate is also a devout backer of war criminal cabal thug Bibi Netanyahu. Even during Trump’s ass-kissing pandering at the AIPAC conference last March, the closeted insider stated he was neutral on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But right after Adelson committed to his campaign, suddenly Trump was all in on apartheid Israel over Palestinians’ longtime legitimate claims. Instead, Trump was pledging to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and remove the two-state solution from the Republican platform. Of course, to a standing ovation, Trump also promised in that AIPAC speech to tear up the Iran nuke deal on his first day in office. That was more than enough for Adelson to throw his money and weight behind Trump, reportedly up to $100 million to influence the election outcome in favor of this year’s “surprise” winner.

A Rigged Election?

Make no mistake, Donald Trump has always been an insider regardless of his media portrayal as the longshot Beltway outsider suddenly emerging from the pack of wannabes as the GOP frontrunner. Donald Trump may be the elite’s secret Plan B mole covertly supported as the presidential standby when Queen Hillary’s crime scandals proved too much liability. And the rest is history – globalists have always backed both sides to every war just as they back both sides to every presidential race. That way they never lose… control.

Another emerging piece of evidence backing up this reality requires a cursory look at the difference between exit poll numbers and the final vote counts in key swing states like North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida that proved to be Trump’s crucial electoral margin of victory. The error margin in all these states went from Hillary winning each state according to exit poll numbers but in the final tally losing all those states. The winner takes all Electoral College votes in these states alone are enough to have changed the election outcome. In North Carolina, the discrepancy between exit poll and the final count is 2.8%. In 10 states the margin discrepancy between exit poll and final count swung at least 5% or higher in Trump’s favor, none in Hillary’s. For there to be so much discrepancy between exit polls and final counts that shift so many state results positively for Trump and Republicans in recent elections, it can best be explained by voter machine manipulation.

The black box GEMS election management system software that counts 25% of all votes in America minimized Democrat votes by counting a certain percentage as fractions instead of whole numbers, thus fixing the outcome for Trump. Preprogrammed electronic machines installed with the GEMS program have been increasingly utilized in precincts across the nation and exclusively in every precinct in four states by the Republican Party and GOP secretaries of state to steal a growing number of elections this century. Invariably GEMS are skewing results to hand the presidency over to Trump and other Republicans in various races.

Another gaping anomaly raised by veteran journalist-author Greg Palast is a system called Crosscheck whereby Republican state officials have been systematically eliminating large bundles of votes belonging heavily to Democrat-voting minorities. As a result, Palast estimates that over a million votes were not tallied in swing states in this year’s election, enough to tip the outcome in Trump’s favor. Mounting evidence confirms that elitist controllers are fixing elections. Despite every election cycle this century clearly showing rising incidence of fraud with both rigged and faulty antiquated paperless trail voting machines, because the system is so pervasively corrupt and costs to remedy the crisis substantial, the political and moral will of our nation to invest in rectifying this egregious problem sis till too lacking. The United States is a pathetically sad joke, no longer having any credibility as a democratic republic because it’s degenerated into a festering lawless cesspool of dog-eat-dog, shameless thieves and robbers.

In any event, as Trump’s biggest influencer, one of the first playbook tactics Roy Cohn taught Trump is the stratagem that your best defense is a potent offense. For all his reckless mouth and arrogant behavior, Donald Trump has used this brutal tactic virtually his entire adult life. It’s no accident that Trump repeatedly made charges that this election is rigged, even refusing to accept the results if his opponent won. And it’s no accident that every mainstream media player got the election predictions completely wrong at 90-98% certainty that Hillary would win. And Of course, the Donald was absolutely correct in pointing out that this entire debacle exposing the criminal corruption of the US political system (just like its economic system) is completely rigged. But it appears to have been rigged in the so-called “outsider’s” favor, not Hillary’s.

The planet’s rulers forcing their FBI stooge Comey to reopen the Hillary investigation just 11 days prior to Election Day definitely played a part in the final week helping Trump close the alleged gap… especially after it was revealed in the alternative press that Bill and Hillary are pedophiles and that both the Clintons as well as Trump and Anthony Weiner whose laptop allegedly contains all this cabal damaging evidence were all frequent flyers on registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express for pedophiliac R& R time on his Caribbean sex slave island. It appears that this election has been rigged in favor of Donald Trump to set him up as the elite’s fall guy for when the global economy crashes, blaming him for America’s next great depression that with its tsunami ripple effects will soon be rocking worldwide.

Elite interests very likely busily rigged this election on both sides. Hillary cheated her way to winning the nomination but her team wasn’t quite as skilled cheaters as Trump’s. As the elites are further exposed, perhaps under increasing pressure and changing global dynamics shifting power, the elites are beginning to turn on each other. We know that the US Empire is headed for a downfall, and Western oligarchs are feeling the global balance of power and control shifting both geopolitically and economically more dramatically away from the West toward the Eastern powers of Russia, China, and Iran.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Russian-led the Eurasian Economic Union have both invited Iran to join, plus China’s New Economic Silk Road corridor as One Belt, One Road and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the rising BRICS alliance, all of these merging developments reflect a strengthened unity of vast nations consolidating their own power in response to the failed, overextended US Empire aggressions intended to encircle, isolate and weaken both Russia and China.

In the face of the rising East, the Western elite knows its global control is slipping away. And due to its diabolical nature, it will go down fighting, attempting to wreak as much havoc and destruction worldwide as possible. There is no unified monolithic malevolent force but growing competing factions. Perhaps as a result of the ongoing power shift, the Western elite is now splintering. Rockefeller money may well be victoriously aligned with Trump and the Rothschild fortune still backing sore loser Hillary.

Team Trump’s Cabinet and Policymakers

More revealing bad news for us is coming from Trump’s closest team members in the process of selecting individuals to the various cabinet post “choices” and key advisor positions. The quotes are used because those selections aren’t as often made by the president but are selected for him by the same elite that chose him. No doubt it happened with Obama and it’s happening again with Trump. Powerful oligarchs make such good “suggestions” that the president just can’t refuse.

As an example, Trump’s Vice President, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, is a longtime Republican insider and globalist who played a very shady hand during the 2002 anthrax scare that killed five people. Overwhelming circumstantial evidence points to yet another Bush-Cheney top down inside crime just a year after their 9/11 false flag launching their war on terror, this time using the anthrax letters as their weapon. Falsely blaming Saddam with biological WMD’s, Pence made the preposterous claim that al Qaeda terrorists sent the white poison to two critical Democratic senators that posed the biggest obstacles to getting the pre-9/11 written Patriot Act passed, in effect threatening all members of Congress should they choose to not pass the landmark legislation aimed at crushing America’s constitutional rights in the name of national security.

Without any evidence and echoing Cheney’s terrorist finger pointing, Congressman Mike Pence maintained that Saddam was behind the anthrax attacks, claiming he used a highly potent weapons-grade strain untreatable by standard antibiotics. Such detailed leaked disinformation propaganda was completely refuted by all scientific investigators involved, indicating that the first term congressman was eagerly earning his cabal stripes as a co-conspiring insider. Pence was simply playing his scripted role as a minor cog in another big false flag wheel executed by the evil Bush-Cheney gang. And as a result, without even reading the Patriot Act, an intimidated Congress fearing for their lives nearly unanimously signed off on the Patriot Act that like the PNAC neocons’ “new Pearl Harbor” executed the year before, again worked like a charm.

Also as a pro-trade deal, neocon globalist, Pence holds exactly the opposite views from Trump on virtually every major issue. Aside from the TPP and TTIP that Pence is for and Trump’s against, the VP favors the warmongering status quo, strongly opposing both Putin and Assad and calling for the US no-fly zone over Syria that amounts to war against Russia.

In all likelihood, the Republican establishment made a deal with Trump that in order for him to become president, he must accept Pence as his running mate. Having a globalist as the next man in charge should Trump suddenly go down doesn’t bode well if Trump actually means what he says and says what he means when he promises to “drain the swamp.” If he actually follows through on making efforts to fulfill his anti-globalist campaign promises that helped get him elected, he risks being murdered just like JFK. If he turns out to be just another skilled con man, bought and sold already, he is playing out his scripted role as yet another Trojan horse puppet used by the planet’s psychopathic rulers.

Similar to the previous pattern where presidents wield less power than their vice presidents as during both the Reagan years with HW in charge and the Bush regime with Cheney calling the shots, Pence could be the globalist operative behind inexperienced Beltway front man Trump who’s already hinting that his New York City ivory Trump Tower may remain his primary residence rather than the actual White House. Another hint of what’s to come is a headline stating that after meeting with Obama, Trump never realized the exhaustive daily duties of a POTUS. Thus, it makes sense that he may soon be delegating his to-do list items to the inside insider Mike Pence. Or that may already be the elite’s arrangement as Trump in his 70’s may just relish playing the front man.

To assist the president-elect in filling his top positions in his administration, Trump has recruited insider lobbyists from Goldman Sacks, Koch (brothers) Industries, Aetna and Verizon as his transition team. Does that sound like he’s draining the swamp? Trump’s rumored cabinet posts and closest advisors don’t get any better, consisting of a cast of neocon has-beens, bootlicking GOP hangers-on and elitist insiders, offering little hope for the home team Americans he pledged to fight for.

In the running for US Attorney General or Homeland Security boss is 9/11 conspiratorial insider, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani. This means Trump’s ready to hire a US traitor in a crucial position to oversee our national security or justice system. Another hopeful for the AG job or any job, potentially the Commerce Secretary is the first and among the only fallen GOP presidential candidates to endorse Trump – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who was slated to lead the White House transition team until Trump perhaps thought twice over blowback from Christie’s infamous Bridgegate scandal that proves he’s a bullying liar. Instead, globalist VP Mike Pence will head the transition team.

Former House Speaker, fulltime globalist, failed 2012 presidential candidate (bankrolled by Sheldon Adelson) and Trump cheerleaderNewt Gingrich has been talked about as Trump’s Secretary of State. What type of lecherous scandal hasn’t this been in? A poly-adulterer with younger women while each successive wife was ill, a lying corporate lobbyist, and a House banking scandal when he wrote 22 bad checks on government money, Newt personifies sleaze politics.

Another disastrous contender for Secretary of State is a twice neocon Bush-man and former UN Ambassador John Bolton who thrives on war and is another bona fide dual Israeli plant that’s been fixed in Washington for way too long. And considering that Trump claims to be a noninterventionist, this guy’s an interventionist from way back who’s never seen a Third World country he wouldn’t like to bomb. To gain an edge in his quest for more power, Bolton submitted a piece for the Times of London urging that with UK’s Brexit, UK can work with the Trump administration to expand NATO membership into a global force inviting Israel, Japan, Australia and Singapore to join. Makes sense for a globalist lobbying for control over US foreign policy prepping for World War III against the Eastern powers.

Steve Mnuchin has been mentioned as Secretary of Treasury. Why? Because he is a 17-year Goldman Sachs executive, a globalist central bankster if there ever was one. But that’s not all, his next job was at Soros Fund Management. Another Treasury candidate is notorious bankster bandit Jamie Dimon, president and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, who played a starring role in the 2008 bailout. In the grossest of conflict of interest cases, Dimon was a New York Fed board member while top dog at JPMorgan Chase, helping himself to $391 billion worth of taxpayer bailout money. A sly Trump tactic to make Goldman-Soros connected Mnuchin head of the Treasury Department may be to float Dimon’s name out there.

Yet another private sector candidate for the Interior Department is 74-year old oilman Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil who will hardly have his eye on protecting America’s vast interior. With shale drilling a top Trump priority, he’s found the right guy to devastate what’s left of our natural environment.

Perhaps strongest consideration for Defense Secretary goes to Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions who has been among Trump’s earliest supporters in Congress and a close Trump advisor throughout his campaign. Though Trump has claimed to be a noninterventionist, he intends to beef up the military forces by adding $55-60 billion a year to the current budget while Sessions favors the existing cap on defense spending.

As Trump’s chief military advisor and confidant, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn who has been a highly visible supporter on Trump’s campaign trail is most likely in line for National Security Advisor. Recall that against General Flynn’s advisement, the former Defense Intelligence Agency Director Flynn outed Obama’s willful decision to back ISIS as Empire’s primary regime change ally against Assad in Syria.

Fresh off announcement that Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, will be Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, the highest ranking employee at the White House where the president lives, suggests that “outsider” Trump’s constantly reported to clash with party establishment must not have been that unfriendly. Or perhaps it was all for the show.

The latest from the Trump inner circle is Priebus is already in a “knife fight” with Stephen Bannon, former Breitbart News head, and Trump campaign chairman, and now his chief strategist, after coming together on their brand news jobs on Sunday, the two are already at loggerheads over who will become the next Secretary of State, John Bolton or Rudy Giuliani, both nightmarish choices for our future.

Have you noticed a consistent pattern here? Just like Obama’s “choices” were likely from a list handed him from up above, every single one of these individuals on Trump’s list of his closest advisors and policymakers are full fledge elitist insiders. So can we really expect anything different from the closet insider dubbed “outsider” Trump presidency? Very doubtful because the White House occupant is just a pond who is controlled by the longtime owners of the globalist system. So don’t get your hopes up too high believing that Trump will be fighting hard for us little people as Washington under Trump is looking more every day like “same as the old boss” and oligarchy business-as-usual.