Western State Sponsored Terrorism: False Flags Spreading Islamophobia, Race and Religious Wars and New World Disorder

“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.  – Josef Stalin

Western national governments using their intelligence communities to collectively manufacture, orchestrate and stage violent world events promoting their endless war on terror and then employing their bought and paid for MSM propagandists to subsequently shape public opinion and perception has increasingly been the twenty-first century’s go-to menu utilized by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be. This presentation will provide a dot connecting overview that examines this unfolding process in detail showing how the US government and its Western vassals have deployed the Hegelian Dialectic to systematically create crises, and then implement a so called solution in order to gain maximum control over the global population to divide and rule the planet. Ultimately the globalists’ objective behind all these disturbing events and developments is leading humanity towards their New World Order tyranny of a one world government.

The biggest pivotal game changer since the JFK assassination has been 9/11, when a handful of powerful Zionist neocons in Washington deploying CIA, FBI and Pentagon collaborators worked directly with Israel and its Mossad along with Saudi intelligence to cold-bloodedly murder 3000 Americans in their much needed “new Pearl Harbor” event in order to pull off the manufactured launch of their war on terror. With the deep Bush-bin Laden family connection going way back as both business and terrorist crime partners, globalist George Bush senior then acting as CIA director and Jimmy Carter’s foreign security advisor-fellow globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski employed a rag-tag group of Saudi Wahhabis called the mujahedeen to fight as US proxy terrorists against an overextended Soviet Army in the notorious empire graveyard Afghanistan in the late 1970’s. Brzezinski went on public record bragging that he had enticed President Carter to “sign the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul” a full half year ahead of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979. That’s how callous the psychopathic architects of war are to think nothing of starting a proxy war that lasts a decade and kills a million Afghans. Thus the bloody origins of this unholy marriage between US Empire of Chaos and its proxy war ally the Islamic jihadists still going stronger than ever today can be traced as far back as June 1979.

Playing the same demonic mastermind role that Dick Cheney later commanded during George W’s reign of terror as the real power behind the executive throne, throughout Reagan’s 1980’s then Vice President George Bush was busily funding, arming and training Islamic extremists led by up and coming Osama bin Laden to ultimately defeat and help destroy the crumbling Soviet Empire. Bush was also the central figure behind the Iran Contra scandal coordinating the enormous CIA cocaine smuggling operation that financed arms supplied to Central American death squads that the actor in the White House affectionately called his “freedom fighters.”

Next came redeployment of Osama’s al Qaeda brand of terrorism again acting as US proxy mercenaries throughout the Bush-Clinton years of the 1990’s to help balkanize Yugoslavia into a half dozen broken pieces. Enter the neocons think tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC) formed in 1997 and its treatise “Rebuilding America’s Defense” that became their “Mein Kampf” playbook on how to conquer and control the world. Thus the stage could be set to create the fabricated storyline of Osama bin Laden “directing” from his Afghan cave his “vast” al Qaeda network of terrorists to act once again as CIA hired guns posing as the 9/11 box cutting patsies. For decades al Qaeda as a US terrorist creation has served the exact same purpose that Islamic State’s been providing Empire the last three plus years in Syria as America’s number one anti-Assad proxy war ally.

Thus by the time the manufactured attacks on the Pentagon and Twin Towers went down in September 2001, Washington had already been maintaining an enduring, cozily active partnership with Islamic terrorists for more than two decades, nearly twice as long as the DC cabal’s secret partners-in-crime relationship with al Qaeda/Islamic State since 9/11. And now at this very late hour with 2016 knocking on our door, Americans need to urgently realize and ultimately accept that key policymakers in our own treasonous crime syndicate government have been in bed with terrorists since they created their Frankenstein monster nearly four decades ago. To this very day the criminals in Washington and the West have misused Islam as their scapegoat to turn ignorant, dumbed down Westerners against Muslims worldwide in order to promote a war that never ends for the benefit of the ruling elite, its central banking cabal, the military industrial complex, the security-prison industrial complex and the pathway towards a one world government. Manufactured wars manufacture failed state wastelands in the Middle East and North Africa that in turn manufacture mass migration crises in the West while manufacturing cold war 2 hostilities against Russia and China manufactures the pretext for WWIII – all by globalist design to implement New World Order tyranny.

Every false flag event of the twenty-first century involves state sponsored terrorism, including all the most deadly mass shootings and bombings carried out in both North America and Europe. 20-year Marine Corps military intelligence and CIA officer David Steele had this to say in a TV interview earlier this year:

Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.

The CIA and FBI operate as rogue forces unto themselves regularly engineering false flag shootings like the one earlier this month in San Bernardino. The US used the international intelligence community to pull off last month’s false flag in Paris. The elite’s public servant puppets are traitors betraying the trust of their own citizenry by using national security and counterterrorism as their standardized excuse to enslave the Western population enforcing draconian laws obliterating our freedom, civil liberties and rights to privacy. Though most Westerners might agree that their freedoms have been compromised, they still resist dealing with the fact that their own governments are using them as pawns by murdering their own people in ruthless pursuit of deep state’s obsession for absolute control.

The tumultuous events of 2015 have brought the ruling elite’s endgame scenario into operation as the perfect storm of co-occurring disasters that are creating dire enough conditions necessary to ignite another manufactured world war – but this time against nuclear powered Russia and China – while the elite’s manufactured house of cards, debt-based economy is totally collapsing and the divisive effects of the elite’s manufactured mass migration crisis triggers widespread civil, religious and racial unrest and violence to simultaneously usher in martial law conditions throughout Europe and North America. According to the globalists’ diabolical design, out of the ashes of death and destruction will emerge a “sustainable,” drastically reduced global population of a half to one billion human inhabitants living out the rest of their days on earth in total bondage serving a genocidal power elite ruling over what’s left alive on the planet with its fully operationalized one world government.

Recently I’ve presented how this endgame scenario is manifesting through an analysis of the destabilizing and polarizing geopolitical eventsunfolding in the last couple years resurrecting cold war 2 hostilities between the East and West, also how the ruling elite’s been utilizing its divide and conquer strategy to achieve its wicked ends. But this current examination will unveil the common systematically applied patterns of how Western oligarchs have been exploiting Islam through relentless major false flag operations intended to create religious and race wars by fomenting Islamophobia and xenophobia. The common elements blaming Muslims in numerous false flag operations will be examined linking the February 1993 first World Trade Center bombing, the 9/11 attacks, the 3/11 Madrid train attacks, the London 7/7 subway attacks, the 1/6/15 Paris Charlie Hebdo shootings and last month’s Friday the 13th attacks. These state sponsored terrorist attacks that became Spain, UK, and France’s 9/11 false flag massacres have been designed to spread panic throughout the Western world in order to enflame an artificially created war on terror at the expense of Muslims worldwide, us and our freedom. The so called terrorists are mere extensions of the Western crime cabal murdering its own people for the sake of New World Order tyranny and control.

A number of smaller scale attacks that likewise smack of false flag operation serve the same function to keep terror alive, move toward domestic gun confiscation and convince Americans to willingly sacrifice their freedom and civil liberties for increased deep state surveillance and control under the false pretense of national security. The domestic mass shootings allegedly committed by Muslims in the last half dozen years will not be covered here. However, in another installment common patterns of smaller scaled state sponsored terrorism perpetrated on US soil using Muslim patsies could be further linked. Among them would be the first Fort Hood shooting in 2009, the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, the May 2015 Garland, Texas aborted attack, the July 2015 Chattanooga shootings and the recent December 2nd San Bernardino killing spree. The increasing frequency of these alarming attacks only conditions the populace toward accepting deep state tyranny as a necessary sacrifice in exchange for a false sense of security that only equates to a deeper state of insecurity, fear and terror.

1993 First World Trade Center Bombing

The earliest major terrorist event on US soil blaming Muslims with often overlooked false flag implications was the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing a full eight years ahead of 9/11. An October 28th, 1993 New York Times article reported that the FBI well in advance of the World Trade Center bombing was aware of plans that Muslim extremists were making bombs that would be used to blow up a number of targeted sites in New York City. Former Egyptian army officer turned FBI informant Emad Salem apparently was able to secretly infiltrate the bomb making group and a plan was in place for him to substitute a non-explosive powder. According to Salem a supervisor from the New York FBI office called it off and the mammoth Trade Center truck bomb explosion proceeded unhindered, killing six people, injuring over a thousand and causing over a half billion dollars’ worth of structural damage.

Throughout his couple years of undercover work for the FBI, Salem had secretly taped hundreds of hours of meetings with FBI personnel and eventually some of the tapes were turned over to the NYT. The article makes reference to Salem’s anguish, guilt and upset over not being allowed to thwart the Trade Center bombing. An FBI agent identified as Susan Floyd attempted to console him, “Hey, I mean it wasn’t like you didn’t try and I didn’t try… you can’t force people to do the right thing.” At one point Salem wanted to take the matter to the highest level, registering his formal grievance against the New York FBI to the higher ups in Washington but was dissuaded by FBI supervisor John Anticev who told Salem that the New York office wouldn’t want “things… to go to Washington DC.”

Once the WTC bombing took place, the FBI swooped in to arrest four Muslims charged with the crime, all tried and convicted within a year. After interviewing a fifth man accused in the bombing, Abdul Rahman Yasin was strangely released by the FBI and allowed to fly back to Iraq in 1993. According to a May 31, 2002 CBS article entitled “The Man Who Got Away,” the FBI let Yasin go because he “was so helpful and cooperative, giving the FBI names and addresses, that they released him.” Unless Yasin was on the FBI payroll like Emad Salem holding potentially damaging evidence that could become a major liability for the FBI in its role in the bombing, a terrorist would never be allowed to leave the country. 

While the FBI was touted for its quick work in bringing to justice the “guilty parties,” in fact the FBI was complicit in aiding and abetting what amounts to state sponsored terrorism that killed a half dozen Americans and injured 1042 more that it could have and should have easily prevented but chose not to. Not surprisingly, despite the New York Times article, the FBI’s gross criminal misconduct was never pursued by either the mainstream press or the Department of Justice. Had they, 3000 American lives at that same World Trade Center could have been spared from the biggest mass murder on US soil a few years later, along with over 13000 Americans who’ve died fighting the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and the millions who perished in the Middle East and North Africa that should all be alive today. The sinister truth was never followed up because the crime cabal government led by President George HW Bush just one month out of office at the time was already executing US state sponsored terrorism for his New World Order takeover on the exact same 9/11 spot using Muslim stooges much the same way eight years later his son used 19 more. It’s no accident that Bush made his New World Order speech to Congress on 9/11/91, exactly one decade to the day in advance of 9/11/01. Author of Fifty Years of the Deep State Mark Gorton concluded George senior was the mastermind behind both the 1993 forerunner as well as the big 9/11 killer:

The purpose of the 1993 WTC bombing was to create a rationale for a “security upgrade” of the WTC complex.

At a cost of a half billion the Port Authority director of New York and New Jersey brought in Kroll Associates led by Rand counterterrorism expert Brian Michael Jenkins to perform a “complete security analysis.”

Another 9/11 inner circle player was the future Secretary of Homeland Security (2005-2009). In 1993 Michael Chertoff was the United States Attorney for the district of New Jersey. His neocon affiliations resulted in a meteoric rise in his legal career into a national security tsar. Another Zionist holder of dual Israeli-US citizenship, Chertoff wrote a substantial part of the unconstitutional Patriot Act, Bush-Cheney’s illegal torture practice and draconian laws that permitted detainment of hundreds of Muslims in the US. For one month in 2000 our future Homeland Security director was both defending an accused terrorist financier linked to supplying arms to Osama bin Laden while appointed by Bush to head Operation Green Quest, a multiagency initiative investigating terrorist funding sources. By corrupt design, an unbelievable conflict of interest that of course attracted no press.

Just like Dick Cheney who went from Secretary of Defense under Bush senior to CEO of Halliburton and then onto VP with Bush junior awarding enormous no bid contracts to his old company bilking billions off the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars, their forever war on terror and Homeland Security… or the Bush family’s deep state connections to the bin Ladens and the Carlyle Group. Our shadowy international crime syndicate government is trademarked by high level cronyism constantly floating shady players in and out of public life, revolving doors between government, think tanks, Fortune 500 corporations, and special interest lobbyism. As a typical example, Michael Chertoff is now teamed up as a partner with former NSA director General Michael Hayden in a private security consulting firm for the government, just like Hayden’s NSA successor General Keith Alexander.

In a post-9/11 interview former station chief of the Dallas and Los Angeles FBI offices Ted Gunderson stated that he believed the CIA and FBI are ultimately responsible for most acts of terrorism. He quoted a statement made by a Department of Justice attorney back in the 1980’s who had just authored the antiterrorism legislation that eventually would become the Patriot Act, “People will have to be killed for this to pass.” Then came the first Trade Center Bombing in 1993 where only six people died and it failed to pass muster with Congress. So the ante was upped big time with the next inside job – the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 Americans including many women and children to put homegrown terrorism on the USA map to stay but also ensured that Clinton’s Antiterrorism Act of 1996 passed. However, the end product signed into law was a watered down version from the original legislation. So leave it to the neocons to come along a couple years later with their PNAC to pen their infamous plot calling for a “new Pearl Harbor” event to jump start their twenty-first century’s hegemonic conquest and war on terror, and as they say the rest is history, unfortunately still being scripted and staged today by either those same neocon traitors or their protégés.

The 1993 twin towers attack paved the way for the 2001 monster attack to finish the job, more than likely vaporizing the towers with a Tesla scalar weapon in combo with prepositioned demolition explosives inside the three buildings. In the same way the Boston Marathon bombing provided the dry run for a major US city lockdown, likewise, this year’s Paris attacks served the same purpose for France and the Jade Helm Operation as the beta test for US military massively deployed over nine states amongst the civilian population, all incremental steps tightening the NWO security noose moving the West toward full blown martial law tyranny coming soon to your neighborhood with perhaps the next false flag or two. 


So much has already been written on 9/11 exposing the dozens of in-our-face gaping holes in the deep state’s false narrative. Again the US had created Osama and al Qaeda and had already been effectively deploying them as allies on two separate proxy warfronts (Afghanistan and the Balkans) in back-to-back decades by the time fake planes flew into the towers and Pentagon. The CIA was busted handing out free passports in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia so that 15 Saudis amongst the 19 box cutting 9/11 stooges could freely travel back and forth from their native homeland to America. Former Consular General Michael Springmann maintains he was “repeatedly ordered to issue more than 100 visas to unqualified applicants.” Despite the boldface lies coming from Bush and his national security advisor Condoleezza Rice, “I don’t think anybody could have predicted that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile,” the facts speak for themselves. As far back as the mid-90’s it was known that Islamic extremists were taking flight lessons in America to strategically blow up key buildings on US soil.

Like every major terrorist act this century, the CIA and international intelligence community have a long history of already knowing the whereabouts of closely monitored terrorists. The lead 9/11 hijacker said to have flown the flight out of Boston into the North Tower, 33-year old Saudi Mohamed Atta, turns out was not an Islamic fundamentalist at all but a hard drinking, coke snorting, bar hopping, party hardy animal. Evidence shows he was a protected multi-lingual intelligence asset that met and knew CIA and German security personnel. Additionally, two years prior to 9/11, it was reported that a Pentagon employee was ordered to remove all documents indicating Atta was a terrorist. While living in Naples, Florida Atta was connected to a notorious CIA run Venice Municipal Airport making frequent trips to South America for cocaine. Three of the four alleged hijacking pilots on 9/11 were graduates of that same Venice airport aviation school. The CIA facilitated flying lessons for Arabs entering the US in 1999 in a number of states including California, Arizona, Oklahoma and Florida. Concerted efforts were made by FBI headquarters to sit on reports coming in from field offices at the time alerting that Muslim foreign nationals were suspiciously taking flying lessons. So we absolutely know federal authorities allowed several alleged 9/11 terrorists into the country through unauthorized obtained passports and set them up in aviation schools across the nation including a CIA drug connected one in Florida despite awareness since the mid 90’s of terrorist plans to fly planes into US buildings. The “new Pearl Harbor” in the making.

Ample anomalies further cast doubt on the official story. Airline manifest lists providing complete passenger names and seat numbers onboard the four 9/11 planes were obtained from the trial of the alleged 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui arrested just weeks prior to 9/11. These lists indicate that none of the identified 9/11 terrorists were even onboard those ill-fated flights. The question then becomes how did they get onboard the planes or they never were on those flights to begin with. Backing up the latter conclusion, confirmations have surfaced that a handful of the false flag Muslim patsies are still alive. As many as ten have been reported in various locations after 9/11 with several threatening to sue the US government for personal damages.

Then there’s that deep layered fine ash and rubble strewn for blocks around what used to be the two tallest buildings in the world and lo and behold within a couple days after the attack suddenly an intact, unblemished passport belonging to a suspected 9/11 terrorist was miraculously found a block away from ground zero. Recovering instant ID’s so that the mainstream media hype can spin to pin instant blame on those violent Muslim terrorists is a common theme running in nearly all false flag operations where the demonic Western crime cabal quickly points the finger at practitioners of Islam religion as the world’s twenty-first century bogeyman.

Bush-Cheney’s overt delays and sabotage of an investigation getting started finally yielded to their initial first choice heading the commission none other than fellow globalist war criminal Henry Kissinger. But since that was met with a brick wall of resistance, they settled on cherry-picking implanted shills to stack the 9/11 commission to ensure another whitewashed cover-up just like the JFK Warren commission was secured. Contrast that with the blinding speed at the crime scene to rapidly dispose of all non-powdered rubble of steel fragments shipping it all off to China prior to any forensics analysis. Willful destruction of evidence where thousands died in itself is a crime of the highest magnitude but it too was swept under the filthy carpet. Yet the criminal Bush-Cheney regime stole two elections and started two illegal costly wars killing millions with complete impunity and they’re still walking around free. Slowly their tons of blood soaked karma are catching up to them. A three judge panel earlier this year ruled that foreigners can sue members of the Bush administration for racial profiling and other charges after the feds swept up visa violators who were Arab or South Asian and detained them for months after 9/11. Though it’s not for war crimes or treason, it’s at least a start.

On 9/11 Cheney made sure that all the air defense systems on the East Coast of the United States were ordered to stand down, and that the US military defending our shores happened to be participating in live action drills far enough south in North Carolina to not be available to defend the capitol until after 10:45AM. Meanwhile a major military exercise Global Guardian normally scheduled every year in October mysteriously got moved up a month, no doubt to not interfere with the neocons’ false flag agenda. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Henry Shelton who was not among the conspiratorial insiders was conveniently sent away flying over the Atlantic to a meeting in Hungary when the towers were struck, allowing his vice chairman General Richard Myers who was an insider to within days replace him as Chairman.

Another key 9/11 architect was Paul Bremer who two years later would disastrously lead the grand theft looting of Iraq during the first US occupation phase. It was Bremer’s shortsighted decision to disband Saddam’s 400,000 man security force that became the single biggest catalyst for creating a new formidable enemy insurgent that would cost thousands of American soldiers’ lives. But on the morning of 9/11, instead of attending a scheduled meeting at his workplace in the South Tower, he was among the first talking heads on TV pointing the finger at Osama while 200 colleagues in his company were being slaughtered. But then that’s the kind of heartless psychopath with blood on his hands that gets to rule the world.

And how can we ever forget that premature announcement by the infamous BBC reporter while Building 7 was still standing 47 stories tall right behind her a full 20 minutes before it fell. Its less than seven second freefall cannot be explained away by one little smoldering fire observed in a small section after the demolition order “pull it” was heard by Larry Silverstein the World Trade Center lease owner who’d just bought an insurance policy against airplanes flying into his buildings  for an $4.6 billion payout. 

Then there were the hundreds of witnesses who distinctly heard countless loud explosions like a controlled demolition caught on tape prior to the sudden collapse of the tall buildings defying all laws of physics. The thermite debate of conventional demolition explosives versus what likely was a strike by a scalar pulse weapon delivering directed free energy technology unfortunately has bitterly splintered the Truther movement into two camps – the free energy Dr. Judy Wood proponents and the Architect and Engineer crowd. Dr. Wood maintains that the sheer volume of a million tons of steel from 110 story buildings would produce far more bulk volume rubble than the fine powder lack of volume dust. She also cites the lack of seismic activity that buildings with that much mass would produce. Her latest book “Where Did the Towers Go” attempts to answer how so much massive steel and concrete could be instantly vaporized by the controversial Tesla free energy technology. Those more conventional scientifically minded challenge her theoretical hypothesis accepting that all that steel and debris simply was propelled by the controlled demotion into falling over a wide area. What all doubters of the 9/11 Commission’s fake rendition know is that fires on the uppermost tower levels could never have produced sufficient enough heat to melt into molten steel much less bring down the tallest buildings in the world. And it doesn’t take hundreds of architects and scientists telling us it’s impossible even though they did.

Then there’s the Mossad connection to 9/11 whose fingerprints invariably are left on virtually every false flag operation. It was no accident that the Washington Times ran an article on 9/10/01 reporting that a group of 60 US Army officers had just released their Fort Leavenworth study calling Israel’s intelligence agency a “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.” Less than 24 hours later the Mossad made good on that prophetic warning playing a key role in murdering 3000 Americans. Evidence includes the van full of Israeli Mossad agents posing as movers caught attempting to blow up the George Washington Bridge. They were detained but then mysteriously released even after police dogs detected traces of explosives in their van. A few weeks after 9/11 another moving van of Israeli agents were stopped in Pennsylvania possessing a video of Chicago with zoomed up shots of the Sears Tower. The local police contacted the FBI and soon enough they too were let go. Then there were the Israeli “Mossad art students” who had rented out an entire floor in one of the towers for months leading up to the attack all the while stockpiling prepackaged explosives. And of course we can’t forget those dancing Israelis whooping it up in the New Jersey park celebrating their victory watching the fruits of their labor come crashing to ground zero.

The fact that no body parts or actual authentic crash site in Pennsylvania of Flight 93 was ever found indicates yet more cover-up. It was a small area that appeared staged with very little debris, nothing like any other plane crash. Evidence that at least one of the four “hijacked” airliners flew to Westover Air Base in Chicopee, Massachusetts and the strong plausibility that those so called cell phone conversations were actually recorded from the ground inside a Westover hanger and not from the air is highly probable.

The little bombshell announcement the day before 9/11 that went unnoticed uttered by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld that his Pentagon could not track $2.3 trillion in its spending. Since 1996 that squandered unaccounted for pile of taxpayer dollars has soared to an incredible $8.5 trillion dollars. The Pentagon is the only government organization that hasn’t even been audited in this century. Rumsfeld of course was off the hot seat the very next day purposely timed since he was one of the original PNAC “new Pearl Harbor” planners. And then Building 7 housed all the accounting records for the IRS, the Defense Department and the CIA. How convenient to rip America off and then destroy all the evidence. The criminal malfeasance was off the charts. But with 3000 Americans dead, who bothered to notice? Speaking of financial criminality, how about all those millions made on the stock market just prior to 9/11 by inside traders who just stole unaccounted for taxpayers’ money – a double rip-off. Then like the JFK coup de taut, “mysterious” deaths started surfacing of witnesses who began talking truth exposing deep state lies. The precedent of falsely blaming Muslim terrorists for an inside job was already established eight years earlier using the exact same crime scene after a half billion dollar “security upgrade.” The inside job was finally done.

Then there’s that missile sized hole left in the Pentagon where an airliner would be impossible to fit through. Interestingly, in late October 2000 less than a year prior to 9/11, there was a simulation exercise of an airliner crashing into the Pentagon. Meanwhile on the morning of 9/11 just when the US fired one of its own missiles into the Pentagon building, a few miles away sat NWO ringleader George HW meeting at theRitz Carlton with his favorite Saudi family the bin Ladens. A little later while not one plane was seen in the sky over America, only the bin Ladens were free to safely fly US airspace home. Bush even authorized a special plane to pick up two dozen bin Laden relatives in ten different US cities while America it remained a no fly zone for the rest of us. Aside from excessively close ties with the Saudi family, such preferential treatment for relatives of an accused murderer of 3000 Americans strongly suggests that Osama had nothing to do with the attacks.

Then there was George junior looking as confused and feeble-minded as ever playing classroom Patti-cakes in his brother Jeb’s state of Florida when informed that America was under attack. Our commander-in-chief sat there frozen for an additional “eight or nine minutes” nervously twitching as though he’d seen that movie before… because in fact he had, the government had been practicing simulations of planes flying into the World Trade Center for months prior to 9/11.

As a matter of fact, as standard operating procedure in every false flag operation including the big one on that 9/11 morning, within minutes that the US government was sending mock passenger airliners crashing into the twin towers and a missile later photoshopped into an airplane piercing the Pentagon building, a live simulation exercise involving planes flying into buildings was actually being conducted at the CIA Reconnaissance Office in Chantilly, Virginia. Though the drill was not reported until it leaked out at a Homeland Security conference nearly a year after 9/11, AP picked the story up describing the drill as “a pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building.” George W merely shirked off the suspicious timing with his characteristically smug smile calling it “a bizarre coincidence.” One would have to be as moronic as George himself to not accept the fact that every single false flag terrorist event is accompanied by a government exercise that invariably goes live with every state sponsored terrorist attack on record.

After just scratching the surface here, the list of sloppy 9/11 anomalies is seemingly endless. Finally with any act of terrorism, the first question to ask is who stands to gain the most with both the motivation and means to pull off a false flag operation on such a large scale? Definitely not some bushwhacking Bush friend in an Afghan cave dying of kidney disease. Nor any Muslims in the Middle East, North Africa or anywhere else on the planet maliciously used by Zionist conspirators as convenient scapegoated targets. Only longtime US Empire partners-in-crime Israel, Saudi Arabia and the PNAC power pinheads were “gifted” by 9/11’s readymade villain for their endless war on terror. Only those three governments comprising the real axis of evil in this world stood could gain so much by the preplanned events orchestrated on 9/11 and really no one else. Noted intelligence analyst George Friedman writing for a known CIA website stratfor.com on the very same day as 9/11 made it explicitly clear:

The big winner today, intended or not, is the state of Israel. There is no question that the Israeli leadership is feeling relief.

Friedman already knew that this “new Pearl Harbor” would result in US Empire fighting Israeli proxy wars in the Middle East to eliminate any potential Arab opposition while elevating Israel’s regional hegemony to unprecedented heights.

3/3 Madrid Train Bombings

Then exactly 911 days after 9/11 came Spain’s turn for its 9/11 when ten Madrid train bombs ripped apart four fully occupied passenger cars in moving in different locations transporting morning commuters comprised mostly of a lower class immigrant population killing 191 people and injuring 2050 more in the worst terrorist attack in Spanish history. One million Spaniards had protested vehemently against the Iraq invasion the year before despite the right wing prime minister’s support for the war architects meeting with George W. Bush and Tony Blair just three days prior to their Iraq invasion a year earlier. Moreover, with the attacks occurring just three days prior to Spain’s national election, its timing was intended to instantly enflame the wrath of the Spanish citizenry to turn from being against the war to seeking revenge against al Qaeda Islamic terrorists. But instead the public astutely interpreted the attacks as blowback for the incumbent prime minister’s pro-war involvement that had defied the will of the people. After 3/11 nearly 30% of Madrid’s population of 11.4 million residents took to the streets, and the socialist challenger Luis Zapatero won a landslide victory two days later and within the week declared a Spanish troop pullout of Iraq.

This heinous operation had all the earmarks of a highly professional hit job on the Spanish people by Mossad. But its intended purpose completely backfired. The press was persuaded by early arrests of North Africans to rule out initial perception that it was the work of Basque separatists that Spain’s rightwing prime minister adamantly accused as perpetrators of the ghastly crime. As the investigation dragged on with so many botched, changing and conflicting errors and revisions, the press gradually grew divided, split over who the real culprits were though it eventually became clear that no real link to al Qaeda was ever established despite all the planted false flag evidence Mossad had purposely left behind.

From the very start to the verdict finish the police and prosecution engaged in criminal misconduct resulting in growing public suspicion of planted police evidence, witness and evidence tampering, record falsification and extreme incompetence. Similar to 9/11, a top down decision to immediately remove critical crime scene evidence ensured that all four train cars were destroyed within two days after the 3/11 blasts. This marks a historic pattern of deep state willfully committing the blatant crime of destroying crucial evidence and thereby circumventing the possibility of the full truth from ever being uncovered. Recall the 9/11 rubble quickly shipped off to China preventing forensic investigation. That those in the highest echelons of governing power in Western nations would so flagrantly and repeatedly conceal the darker truth of their own criminality speaks volumes.

Another virtual constant in false flag operations is ensuring suspects cannot talk by simply killing them. Conflicting and altered police accounts of how a gang of seven prime suspects were tracked down to an apartment in a Madrid suburb (similar to the recent Paris attacks) three weeks later where all were purported to have blown themselves up along with one policeman in a dramatic suicide act only further muddled the case. The police claimed the group made calls to family just prior to the explosion yet no evidence other than a supposed brother to one of the dead suspects was called as a witness and he maintained he did not believe it was his brother he spoke to.

Moreover, the bomb squad handled the initial chemical explosives analysis instead of the normally better trained and equipped forensics experts to further obscure the actual contents of the bombs that killed so many train victims. Years went by before the chemical analyst even divulged a list of chemicals and her explanation of as to why that critical information was withheld so long – because no one explicitly had asked her for it. Because the investigation was so mishandled clearly by design to intentionally hide the truth, the trial was delayed by three years and in the end only one conviction resulted despite lack of any real solid evidence pinning him to the deadly blasts. What seems most apparent is more Muslims were used as patsies in a failed attempt to link the terrorism directly to al Qaeda. Those fingered were amateurs purposely utilized as fall guy decoys to facilitate the real terrorist professionals – the Mossad – to easily get away with mass murder [again just like 9/11].

7/7/05 London Bombings

As part of a PSYOPS operation, on May 16, 2004 the government-controlled BBC aired on its BBC ONE Panorama broadcast “a what if” script imagining a terrorist attack striking three underground tube subway stations and an above ground bus simultaneously. The panelists were discussing the need for the government to be able to control how the media would present this “hypothetical” terrorist attack. Little more than a year later on 7/7/05 three tube subway bombs exploded underground followed less than an hour later by a blast on a two decker bus in London killing a total of 52 people and wounding hundreds. Immediately afterwards on the same day UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw mimicked past false flag terror events connecting 7/7 to Muslim extremists, “the attacks bear all the hallmarks of al Qaeda.”

As if the BBC broadcast a year earlier outlining in detail the future terror come true isn’t enough to arouse suspicion that 7/7 was another preplanned false flag operation, just like 9/11 and 3/11 before it, another scheduled crisis drill was taking place at the exact same time and places as the real terrorist events. Former senior Scotland Yard counterterrorism expert Peter Power acting as managing director of Visor Consultants, the private security firm contracted with London Metropolitan Police happened to be conducting a live terror exercise in the same subway stations where the bombs exploded and was soon providing a live BBC interview.

Many parallels unfolded between the London bombings and 9/11. Whereas all the air defense systems on the East Coast were shut down on 9/11, hundreds of surveillance cameras within the subway stations were strangely turned off or out of order on 7/7. An Israeli security company called Verint Systems happened to be in charge of all those nonfunctioning surveillance cameras inside London’s underground subway system. Also based on both witness testimony and physical evidence, at least some of the bombs were not carried in backpacks by alleged suicide bombers but planted underneath the train. The metal flooring where the bombs went off ripped holes pushing adjoining metal upwards to indicate the blast came from below.

It’s been determined that the four suspected suicide bombers the authorities maintain were responsible for 7/7 were hired as role players testing subway security and had no idea that their MI5 handler was setting them up to be sacrificed victims in a state sponsored terrorist plot. Moreover, according to Charles Shoebridge a London Metro Police detective and terror expert, the supposed 7/7 ringleader of the group was a paid informant working for MI5 at the time. The four young men aged 18 to 30 were apparently duped by British intelligence into becoming UK’s 9/11 Muslim patsies.  Another terrorist expert and former Justice Department prosecutor John Loftus told Fox News that the 7/7 mastermind Haroon Rashid Aswat was an MI6 asset protected by British security prior to the bombings. Other evidence points to a convicted US terrorist who as an informant was let out of prison after only four and a half years of a possible 70-year sentence to train the lead London bomber. A New York judge described the terrorist Mohammed Junaid Babar’s service as “exceptional cooperation.” Babar’s probable role as a US informant while training the 7/7 fall guy and his extreme lenient treatment by the US only adds more weight that the London bombings were entirely staged state sponsored terrorism. And just like in both WTC bombings as well as the 3/3 Madrid bombs, accomplices of the crimes were set free.

It turns out that Visor Consultants were also part of a larger US Homeland Security sponsored Atlantic Blue joint security exercises in the same London underground subway system in April 2005. The US Homeland Security Secretary at the time Michael Chertoff, previously involved in both the 1993 and 2001 WTC incidents as well as defending a known arms peddler linked to supplying weapons to al Qaeda, contracted with Britain’s counterpart to run the mock terror drill that went live.

Adding further indication that 7/7 was a preplanned event, the Scotland Yard contacted the Israeli Embassy in London warning of an impending bomb attack prior to the explosions. Israel’s Finance Minister at the time Benjamin Netanyahu was advised not to attend an economic conference organized by the Embassy, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Deutsche Bank. The conference was scheduled at the Great Eastern Hotel located very near the Liverpool Street subway station as one of three targeted tube stations. Former New York City MayorRudolf Giuliani of 9/11 fame happened to be staying at that same Great Eastern Hotel at the time the 7/7 bombs went off. After his politician run, Giuliani started his own security corporation and was a colleague of Peter Power. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Along with confirmed evidence of pre-knowledge of the false flag terrorism, numerous links between Netanyahu, Giuliani and Peter Power within the Western intelligence community have fueled speculation of both 9/11 and 7/7 involvement. Additionally their striking parallels reinforce the case for another inside job. Just as Bush resisted a 9/11 investigation, so did his British war crime partner Tony Blair. And the usual anomalies of changing false narratives, deep state secrecy enshrouded by withheld and/or omitted key evidence prohibiting full investigative disclosure, obstruction of justice, known intelligence involvement, immediate linkage by both government and media to al Qaeda as perpetrators and the same means and motive were present for both 9/11 and 7/7.

Three weeks prior to 7/7 the Telegraph announced a UK plan that by the end of 2005, battalions of British soldiers would begin coming home from Iraq. With a majority of Britons favoring pullout, support for the Iraq War was already sagging. So the criminal cabal represented by the US-Israel-UK realized to give its war on terror a shocking jolt, a “new 9/11” British-style would need to be injected. And since preparations had long been in the works that entire year preceding 7/7, the diabolical elite ordered the greenlight for the already scheduled training exercise to suddenly go live. Thus the US, Spain and Britain each had to endure its own “new Pearl Harbor” to ensure the ruling elite’s endless war on terror would stay endless.

January 7th, 2015 Charlie Hebdo Paris Attack

In early December 2014 France made its bold move to formally recognize the Palestinian state. At the same time it also sought lifting Russian sanctions led by the US. When you piss off the big boys of the world, the heart of the ruling beast the international crime cabal led by US Empire of Chaos and its Zionist masters, use of either false flag attacks or scalar technology producing unnatural “natural” disasters are a usual form of punishment. The biggest global bullies have been increasingly using those covertly sinister weapons to intimidate, pressure and threaten other less powerful nations for a quarter century now. And no sooner did the French government take the moral high ground, it was promptly hit with its turn to suffer the French version of 9/11, of course falsely blaming the 21st century villain – Muslim terrorists.

The three Charlie Hebdo patsies – all French citizens – who allegedly attacked the satirizing cartoonist office killing seven and then went on a three day shooting spree killing ten more people before dying in police shootouts were all very much known to French intelligence for an entire decade. The Kouachi brothers had arrived back in France fresh off the battlefields in Syria fighting against Assad forces that of course are completely backed by the US and its NATO allies. Thus they had been armed and trained as the West’s proxy war terrorists. And France is a NATO member and active player in the bombing and terrorism that took down Gaddafi in Libya as well as a strong supporter of terrorist groups fighting in Syria that the Hebdo participants belonged to. Thus France’s aiding and abetting the Hebdo terrorists automatically makes them culpable for killing its own citizens. French intelligence and security forces apparently had been tracking the Hebdo terrorists for many years with one of the jihadists actually arrested twice for terrorist activities in 2005 and again in 2010 and another one for an attempted jail breakout of a fellow terrorist. French authorities were all too aware of both brothers’ extremist leanings, the appeal that joining al Qaeda to fight and die for their violent cause and their professed desire to fight against what they observed were American injustices occurring daily in Iraq.

Both of the Kouachi brothers were reported by US and French officials to have spent time in Yemen receiving arms training in 2011. The older brother is reported to have even briefly lived across the hall from the Nigerian “Underwear Bomber” years earlier in Yemen prior to his Christmas day 2009 arrest at the Detroit airport. That the Hebdo terrorist is directly connected to the Nigerian terrorist is significant in that US intelligence was caught planting the Underwear Bomber with a fake bomb and was allowed to board the plane without a passport for false flag purposes to create another scare in the air in order to panic America. Just more PR lies reinforcing fear of Muslim terrorists lurking behind every corner was busted in another staged incident to promote US state sponsored terrorism and its war on terror. It provides preexisting context for government deception that preys on vulnerable young Muslims as war on terror assets in a long history using false flag terrorism. As an aside, the false flag underwear bomb was used to sell invasive body scanning equipment to TSA aggressively being peddled by none other than Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff who happened to own large shares in the body scanning business. More conflict of interest by a morally corrupt, treasonous, high powered public official getting richer off more false flags promoting his fake war on terror that inflicts so much death and suffering on others.

The older Hebdo brother Said was also alleged to have received his terrorist marching orders in Yemen from the US born, radical Islamic preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, who before Obama’s drone strike assassinated him in 2011 and then his innocent Colorado born 16-year old non-terrorist son two weeks later. Awlaki was a who’s who celebrity amongst the terrorist world as he apparently was invited to dine at the Pentagon shortly after 9/11. He was questioned about his connections to three of the alleged 9/11 terrorists, and been confirmed to have met with the Underwear Bomber and shared known links to the Islamic psychiatrist Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan responsible for the 2009 Fort Hood shootings. Insightful US historian Webster Tarpley has even gone so far as to classify Awlaki as “an obvious US double agent who has been used to give the al Qaeda seal of approval to dozens of terrorists.” That would explain why Obama chose to kill an American citizen without arrest or trial. The Hebdo terrorists never operated as lone wolves but were part of a much larger cell of terrorist networks connected to al Qaeda and/or ISIS, although the affiliated al Qaeda branch was not known to team up with ISIS. In any event, the underlying connecting hub is undeniably the creator – US Empire and its NATO allies along with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Gulf State monarchies.

So with such a long terrorist rap sheet as veterans of US foreign supported wars, for the world to simply accept the Paris authorities’ bogus claim that there are just too many potential terrorists in France to keep close tabs on is not to be believed. French security forces are tasked with daily monitoring over a thousand identified jihadists that are known to have fought in Syria, Iraq or Yemen and returned home to France. Yet the official line that such high profile seasoned terrorists that embarked on the killing spree last January in Paris somehow as of late spring 2014 just simply vanished off France’s radar screen is preposterous. If we’re expected to swallow that line, we’re also supposed to buy that 9/11, 3/11 and 7/7 weren’t really false flags at all. Or that the Western crime cabal never supports nor uses known terrorists to commit terrorist acts in the Middle East, Africa, North America, Europe or wherever. And Western governments never lie, cheat or steal, nor commit criminal offenses engaging in state sponsored terrorism to strip away civil liberties for more invasive surveillance and control over the global population. You can pull the wool over the eyes of some of the dumbed down masses for only so long before a growing segment finally starts to wake up to deep state’s dark sinister truth. And we’re waking up now.

A question of a third possible Hebdo suspect remains unanswered. This is another common occurrence, confusion over identifying the patsies from their handlers. Some eyewitnesses claimed that a third terrorist drove the getaway car after the Hebdo office attack. An 18-year old brother-in-law of one of the Kouachi brothers who did not participate in the attack turned himself in when he saw his name flashed all over the news as the third gunman due to his identification papers suspiciously found in the terrorists’ getaway car as a standard false flag calling card. Strange considering he was not part of the attack at all and was subsequently released from police custody two days later. Recall the miracle find right after 9/11 of the passport belonging to one of the terrorists. This immediate linkage following a false flag terrorist event with instant identification and association of more guilty Muslim terrorists has become cliché in false flag-ology and it’s another malicious weapon in deep state’s arsenal against Islam.

As with virtually all the so called terrorist acts allegedly committed by “Muslim extremists,” Western governments represented by their intelligence agencies actively plan, recruit, coordinate and execute state sponsored terrorism that receives further spin by mainstream propaganda controlling the official false narrative to manipulate and shape public perception and opinion, in effect brainwashing the North American and European populations into associating Muslims with terrorism even more than associated with it being a religion. Tony Blair, Bush, Cheney, Obama all have carried the torch advancing elite’s divisive agenda convincing citizens to fear Islamic extremism as violent, bloodthirsty terrorists desiring to kill every last one of us infidels in this world. False flag terrorism leads the way to promote fear and hate. The bottom line reality is that over 90% of terrorist acts in America have been committed by non-Muslims.

Another noted peculiarity without closure occurred at the kosher Jewish deli where the self-proclaimed ISIS terrorist was killed in a shootout with police after he murdered a policewomen and five deli patrons held hostage. It was initially reported that he had an accomplice inside the deli grocer believed to be his common law wife but then it was later confirmed that she had already fled the country and seamlessly slipped through the Turkish border into Syria. So what happened with that other phantom player? Was he or she a handler or just a prop as part of the larger false flag backdrop? In any event, the deli outcome left none of the known terrorists alive, which of course is extremely common in false flag operations since dead men can’t reveal the truth. It also turns out that back in 2009 the deli terrorist met in person then French President Nicolas Sarkozy after obtaining employment in a local factory. By itself this could well be pure coincidence but when taken into account with all the numerous circumstantial anomalies as part of another false flag, it becomes one more factor to weigh in and consider.

Then just a few days later one of the lead Hebdo investigators shows up suddenly dead in his office with the official storyline that he committed suicide. This very strange twist of sudden mysterious deaths cropping up after a false flag however is extremely common and almost always points to silencing those who knew too much and were unwilling to support the false flag narrative covering up the truth. That this odd development was treated with near media blackout only casts more doubt and suspicion that his death was caused by foul play and not suicide.

Yet another coincidence or anomaly – the day before the Hebdo attack the French aircraft carrier quietly set sail to the Middle East to fight ISIS. Deep state has a long history of using false flags to whip up anger, revenge and war lust amongst populations that may be reluctant or opposed to war. But terrorism never fails to entice an instant majority that otherwise might be hesitant and wavering to fervently get behind any military intervention. Recall that this was the signature calling card in Mossad’s filthy fingerprints left all over the 3/11 Spain tragedy that fortunately backfired.

The first reaction to such an egregious assault as terrorism is to most often automatically produce a public surge to seek immediate emotional revenge through retaliation. As a recent precedent, when French citizens objected to getting involved again in more fighting in Iraq, suddenly ISIS released on YouTube their beheading of the week featuring a Frenchman and that eliminated any reservation. And some of those graphically violent videos have already been proven and admitted to being staged events for shock and awe theater. Of course since Hebdo has all the trappings of a false flag, leaving the day before a staged terrorist attack actually occurs on French soil might be just another indicator of inside pre-knowledge. French President Hollande was planning to make what would have likely been a controversial announcement to send the naval fleet on January 14th, but sending the weapon of mass destruction complete with fighter planes and a submarine off to combat and vanquish those evil Middle Eastern terrorists became a done deal.

As a follow-up to Hebdo, noted Islamologist Kevin Barrett who maintains close ties with Muslims on the ground in France and North Africa writes of the brutal totalitarian oppression currently underway in NATO ally France. He calls these two false flag attacks on both Parisians and Muslims more Gladio operations engineered by the international Anglo-Zionist crime cabal. Keven both translated as well as recently posted the original account written by Algerian-French citizen Mohamed Boutiche. As a Hebdo witness holding damning evidence that it was another inside job, Boutiche has revealed that the Kouachi brothers were French intelligence assets used as Muslim patsies on 1/7. Mr. Boutiche’s disturbing plight as a persecuted witness details the criminal transgressions the French thug overlords posing as the French government have been resorting to in their determined efforts to silence him one way or the other. The national government’s security apparatus has been cracking down with ironclad fist to squelch freedom of speech, dissent and all efforts exposing the criminal truth regarding deep state-sponsored terrorism. Sadly, what’s happening to Mohamed Boutiche is happening to honest hardworking citizens throughout the Western world who see grossly criminal injustice being customarily swept under the rug. That perfect storm of world war the ruling elite’s been brewing includes not just fighting other global powers that oppose the senseless violence and destruction perpetrated by US Empire-led West, but war against both Islam as well as all humanity. Every citizen of the world who dares to stand up to the evil and speak the truth is now being targeted as enemies of deep state. Mohamed Boutiche’s battle is our battle.

November 13th, 2015 Friday the Thirteenth Paris Attacks

Again timing is everything when it comes to false flags. October saw Putin shocking and rocking the boat making an enormous dent indestroying ISIS infrastructure and with the Syrian army cutting off Islamic State’s vital supply line from Turkey into northern Syria, an ISIS longtime stronghold. The US policy of protecting the terrorists in its pretend war was abruptly turned upside down. Obama’s status as a world leader was badly upstaged and humiliated at the September 28th UN meeting when Putin outed him as a fraud and liar and again weeks later when he exposed the fact that the US and the West including France were the chief ISIS financiers and the only reason why the terrorists have been steadily winning, growing stronger and spreading their violent plague far beyond just the Middle East and North Africa. Putin was radically changing the geopolitics chessboard, threatening to destroy the West’s no longer secret terrorist ally and Assad was successfully averting US Empire’s regime change operation.

Moreover, the political tide was dramatically turning. European nations like Germany and France were recognizing Putin’s strengths as a dynamic, take charge kind of world leader that stood in total contrast to Obama’s feeble lack of leadership and his subversive deceit and destruction. The US led wars created the massive refugee crisis Europe is and will be reeling from for years to come. The US led sanctions against Russia were and are hurting Europe more than Russia. Italy is now pushing back against EU sanctions. The phony US led allied air coalition against ISIS was in total shambles. Saudi Arabia announced it was pulling out. With the nuke deal over Iran, the US-Israeli juggernaut controlling the West was crumbling. France, Germany and Italy have been experiencing serious misgivings over the increasingly volatile mess the US had created in both Syria and Ukraine. Europe does not want to be dragged into World War III against nuclear-powered Russia and China. Yet with reckless abandon the US-NATO appear hell bent on igniting a global war fought in Euro’s backyard. France and Germany were increasingly weary over further involvement with their Empire puppet role. Status quo as set and controlled by US Empire of Chaos and Destruction was fast falling apart. France was ready to jump ship just as the damn was about to break.

Since the temporary war mongering effects from last January’s Hebdo attack had long been evaporated and with Putin’s unanticipated monumentally decisive sea change shaking the balance of world power, Empire of Chaos and Destruction desperately knew it had to reassert itself if its unipolar world hegemony was to be salvaged. The war in Syria and ISIS were both being rapidly lost, once again outsmarted and defeated by grandmaster Putin. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Enter CIA Director John Brennan who goes fast to work to come up with a plan to hatch a far more potent, “new 9/11” inside France. On October 29th Brennan hosts a conference meeting with his French counterpart along with a former Mossad director and an MI6 consultant and came up with Friday the 13th‘s Paris II false flag attacks. On the second day of their conference a Russian airliner flying over the Sinai was suddenly blown up killing all 224 Russians onboard. At the time the US and Israel happened to be engaging in a nearby joint military exercisewhile their Islamic State terrorist ally most likely snuck the crude bomb onboard the Russian plane while parked at the Egyptian airport. Take that Putin! The Empire strikes back!

Two weeks later 130 people in Paris were suddenly dead and hundreds more fighting for their lives in nearby hospitals in the worst attack on French soil since WWII. A large scale, highly coordinated and well-organized Friday night massacre was simultaneously launched at multiple locations. The Friday night massacre was totally preplanned. If you don’t believe me, just ask Brennan himself who was already playing Monday morning quarterback the following Monday when he readily admitted to the press that the international intelligence community had long seen this attack coming. Like Hebdo, 9/11 and all the rest, the Muslim fall guys on the 13th had been monitored for months and years in advance as well. Former antiterrorist Judge Marc Trevidic interviewing French jihadists back in August alerted the French security forces that ISIS was planning a hit on a Paris concert venue.

In an assault and siege at the Bataclan Theater where the Eagles of Death Metal band was performing a live concert, three alleged gunmen opened up firing off hundreds of rounds with their assault weapons into a defenseless, unsuspecting audience of 1000 killing 89 concertgoers. The one theater photo of the deadly crime scene released to the public showed bloodstained carpet streaks clearly indicating the bodies had been dragged and carefully laid into place just for this single photo with the conspicuous absence of any first responders and EMT’s tending to the bodies or crime scene. That alone makes it highly suspect. With 1000 concertgoers carrying hundreds of iPhones, not one other photo or video of the actual crisis in process, except one very poor quality, darkly lit footage lasting all of several seconds leading up to the alleged first gunshots. The video shows nothing and proves nothing except that authorities have chosen to withhold from the public massive amounts of evidence which of course only generate more reason for suspicion that the staged attacks were anything less than just more of the same old, same old – state sponsored terrorism willfully slaughtering its own people and then amateurishly engaging in yet another half-assed cover-up.

Also similar to 9/11, two months prior to the November attacks, the Jewish family that had owned the Bataclan for the last forty years decided to unload it, reminiscent of Larry Silverstein’s WTC lease and insurance policy. Mainstream press have recently made claims that the terrorists had targeted that particular venue because the owners were Jewish. As of 9/11/15 the current owner is the monarch from Qatar, the wealthiest of all Arab nations per capita and among Islamic State’s biggest Gulf State financiers. In the inside world of international terrorism comes Obama bud-Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s brother who booked the Eagles of Death Metal band to play at the Bataclan on last month’s fateful Friday the 13th.

Not far from the theater, from the first drive-by shooting to the third drive-by shooting for 11 straight minutes a black car with spoke rimmed wheels leisurely drove around the city rapid firing bullets into three different cafes and restaurants in touristy upscale District 11 killing dozens more. Strangely enough during this 11 minute killing rampage, the entire time the police were nowhere to be found as the car was allowed to freely navigate the Paris streets unobstructed to complete its deadly drive-by route without any law enforcement interference or presence. Already aware that a terrorist attack was eminent, it appears the authorities made a decision to simply let this savagely mounted second false flag assault on Paris this year just happen.

Meanwhile, other bizarre, red flag anomalies went down not far away from that concert hall. Three suicide bombers were busily blowing themselves up outside the Stade de France where France was playing Germany in a soccer match. Oddly only one pedestrian who happened to be passing by one of the bombers was killed, suggesting that these alleged suicide bombers could have actually been victims, either that or they foolishly failed to purchase tickets in advance. One was reported to have been prevented from entering the stadium by a Muslim guard. The whole purpose of a terrorist putting on a suicide bomber vest is to take out as many nearby victims as possible which would have obviously placed them all inside the crowded stadium where even French President François Hollande was a spectator. A true terrorist who hates the West and all our “freedoms” would have at least made better attempts to get closer to the French president before blowing himself up.

Immediately after the attacks the media announced that a Syrian passport was found on one of the three dead suicide bombers. Now all that fearmongering warning us of terrorists covertly posing as refugees coming to kill Westerners has now been predictably played out. We knew this was coming and of course expect more. Have you noticed how terrorists’ passports are incredibly durable? Recall the 9/11 passport that survived a vaporized WTC hit, and now this one showing up after a bomb goes off. Then the ID papers of an 18-year old brother-in-law who had nothing to do with the Hebdo attack mysteriously left in the gunmen’s getaway car.

From the beginning the agenda is for mainstream media to spread the news that another terrorist attack has been perpetrated by more Muslim terrorists. This dirty trick of “planting false evidence” is to instantly register in people’s minds the world over that the guilty murderers behind every heinous act of terrorism are Muslim terrorists. It’s become another standard false flag fixture. Even before any investigation has the chance to start, MSM ensures that it shapes worldwide public opinion and reality as judge, jury and executioner.

Speaking of which, no accident that President Hollande became a crowd witness to the explosions near the stadium, just as no accident that before the crime was even completed the French leader was declaring to the world that France was at war, and then kept repeating his “France-at-war” mantra over and over again. Thanks to the false flag formula before the smokescreen even cleared, the world was already convinced that more Muslim terrorists were murdering over a hundred innocent people who look just like you or me, that we [the West] are now really at war against those barbaric MENA monsters. No more Obama fake job war, this time the West really means it when they say we’re at war with those bad guy terrorists. And within an hour or so angry citizens in Calais began setting fires to a Syrian refugee camp as “righteous” retaliation against the twenty-first century enemy of all decency and white bread.

You can’t have a false flag without a co-occurring government exercise training or drill that goes live. This is the one constant that’s present in every false flag. And it’s always a bottom line giveaway that whatever event or crisis, however tragic, in actuality it’s preplanned. Patrick Pelloux is supposedly an emergency medical services specialist and a first responder in last month’s Paris attack as well as January’s Hebdo attack. What are the odds of that? But for all his “valuable experience,” he’s most likely a crisis actor, not an EMT. In any event, he was sure quick to book a radio spot interview confirming that a live drill had been conducted that very same morning on the 13th.

There was even a BBC-Building 7 prophetic touch or two during and even before that Friday the 13th evening when a Twitter account posted a description of the attacks two days in advance of the event. And then Wikipedia two hours into the attacks already had a completed and detailed summary of the night’s happenings including footnotes specifying “this is for Syria” mentioned by a witness, “5 or 6 terrorists” and “3 suicide bombers.” But the clincher was when Wikipedia specified that Hollande would make a televised statement declaring a state of emergency nearly a whole hour before he actually did! Can’t get any more preplanned than that folks. Our governments are killing us for their war on terror and to keep their secret ally ISIS going.

Let’s talk about motive and means that capitalize from such horrific events at our expense. Definitely not the Muslim refugees in Calais whose home got burned down. Nor any of the migrants in Europe or North America, or for that matter no ethnic Middle Easterner or North African regardless of how long they’ve been European or North American citizens. The whole lot of them undoubtedly are only being resented, distrusted and hated even more so by many who feel their native countries have been invaded by unwelcomed outsiders that are destroying their native cultural identities.

The ISIS terrorists would stand little to gain if in fact Hollande’s war and bombs are really dropping on them and not Syria’s infrastructure, ormilitary or civilians like so many US and Israeli bombs seem to target. Again, the only true winners in all these diabolical bloodbaths are the murderers themselves, and I don’t mean all the dead Muslims patsies posing as deep state KIA actors who can’t talk about their CIA or Mossad handlers. I’m talking about the ruling elite and their Western governments.

What did the Paris attacks do? The first thing Hollande did was shut down the French border, locking down Paris into martial law conditions and declaring a national emergency that’s since been extended another three months. Like clockwork, it’s unleashing yet another round of draconian antiterrorism laws and raids intended to enslave the population even more. It also ensured that the one world government conference, I mean that UN Global Climate Change Conference, didn’t attract any unwanted visitors who would have protested that global warming is one big NWO hoax. So no one could show up in Paris to demonstrate or call attention to the truth and the ruling elite got their way once again, bringing their one world government one giant step closer for psychopaths. After all, to them, what’s 130 people dead if they’re not inconvenienced by a bunch of raggedy malcontent protesters?

Friday the 13th massacre was the crime cabal’s attempt to steal Putin’s thunder with a bloodthirsty renewed vengeance to expand the war in Syria in order to wrest control away from that wily Putin and re-secure Empire of Chaos’ full spectrum dominance and global hegemony. And the winner is…the war on terror, fully reignited and recharged. Within 24-hours France was once again dropping bombs over Syria, but now bombing like they never bombed before. Obama and his neocon cronies also are winners. Just when they were losing their war to Putin and Assad, now they enlisted on board the war zealot from France followed one by one with the UK, Germany and Italy. Whatever ground was being lost before in waning allied interest for war was instantly regained in spades by the Paris slaughter.

NATO was so gleeful and emboldened by the 130 dead that with Obama’s greenlight, a mere week and a half later they authorized fellow NATO member Turkey to commit an act of war against Russia by shooting down its fighter jet killing the pilot for simply flying inside Syria’s sovereign airspace at the request of its sovereign leader. And then lest we forget Israel and its Mossad, the undisputed masters of False Flags-R-US. Allied proxy wars against Muslims in the Middle East never fail to bring a big shit-eating grin to genocidal war criminal Netanyahu and his fellow Zionazis. The real reason terrorism struck Paris last month was to jump start US Empire’s failing regime change war against Assad and Putin in Syria. The same global fixation to maintain its unipolar prowess and hegemonic control at all cost is the same reason the US refuses to share a global balance of power with Eastern nations Russia and China. Bottom line, the globalists want war and terror and Empire dadgummit better deliver.


Though with each passing terrorist attack comes more anti-terror laws giving deep state unlimited power to track citizens’ every move on this planet, have you noticed it doesn’t seem to be making any difference? After each deadly attack we learn the identified terrorists had been known to the authorities for months and even years in advance. Clearly despite all their sophisticated technological means and usurped legal authority to track and monitor, both the frequency and magnitude of terrorist incidents just seems to be skyrocketing, and the disturbing facts presented below confirm this public consensus. This suggests that neither the hi-tech tracking mechanism nor the increasing legal authority for invasively unlawful surveillance is working for us at all, or much more sinister and probable, deep state intentionally authorizes and manufactures terrorism at will. And since governing Western powers have been proven beyond any doubt to finance, control and have long been in bed with the terrorists all along, the naked truth is that our own crime cabal government is killing us in more Gladio-type operations every year.

Another grim reality, we citizens are perceived by our totalitarian government as mere expendables, as longtime globalist guru Henry Kissinger has not-so-fondly referred to us as “useless eaters.” Moreover, this kind of increasing contempt and animosity has also been reflected in how our own Israeli trained law enforcement officers operating in police state USA have come to both view and treat us average everyday Americans. And then for years such high profile globalists as Bill Gates and Ted Turner’s bogus misadventures have been casually calling forthinning the human herd down by 90%. With this all too sobering, bigger picture perspective, state sponsored terrorism is indeed very real… just another hard kill method in their unlimited WMD arsenal.

A few factoids: The most recent global terrorism index (GTI) released a month ago reports that last year in 2014 the number of human lives lost to terrorism around the world rose by an astounding 80%, the highest it’s ever been. The neocons who actually invented their war on terror out of thin air back in 2000 when they devised their nightmarish vision for this century, there was little terrorism to speak of, at least compared to today’s global terrorism that their diabolical policies have currently led us to in 2015. Since 2000 and the Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld PNAC, the number of people dying from terrorism has soared to nine times what it was. Deaths from terrorism in the Middle East from 2002 to 2014 have spiked 4500%. Prior to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, there were zero suicide attacks in Saddam’s WMD-free zone. Since then there have been 1892. In the 14 years prior to 9/11 only one suicide attack was recorded in Pakistan. But since 9/11 where the US has been fighting its undeclared drone war for the past 14 years now, Pakistan has suffered 486 suicide attacks. Last year alone saw more civilians killed in Afghanistan at 2643 than ever before since the US 2001 invasion despite our military occupation and war lasting over a decade still raging on with no end in sight. So much for America’s war on terror when all it has produced in this world is more war and more terror. But then that’s never really been the Bush-Obama objective. All along the real US Empire agenda has only been to increase terror around the planet. After all, terrorism-R-US. More terror, more fear, more control.

Globalists have long known that keeping humans afraid in the dark living daily in fear is the easiest way to control them. Despite more 9/11-like terrorist attacks impacting the West, 78% of 2014’s terrorist attacks occurred in just five countries, the very ones that have been most destroyed by US wars – Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and Nigeria. That fact only reinforces the earlier point, that wherever America fights its global war on terror always produces the most terrorism. As the world’s worst violator of state sponsored terrorism, it only makes sense that nations the Empire of Chaos and Destruction chooses to fight are where terrorism most flourishes. So much for our boys [and girls] in uniform being the good guys of the world. This reality check also proves that the US military is not the global force for good as the propaganda commercials have always claimed.

It’s finally time we stop with the phony pious platitudes “supporting our troops” when we need to face the dark truth that the fruits of their labor have only made us less safe in a far more dangerous world. If you love our servicemen and women in uniform, remind them to honor their sworn constitutional oaths by protecting our nation and citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic. Tell them not to fight in any more foreign wars but protect us from a criminal government that increasingly shows signs it plans use our own military to harm us. Though volumes could be written on how our government is on course to do us grave harm, one simple question can suffice to illustrate that point. Why else would US Postal Service and the Social Security Administration be buying up billions of rounds of hollow point bullets? Perhaps one day they’ll deliver a bullet with our name on it instead of our mail. Or when we retire we automatically report to the SSI office where they line us up before a firing squad.

When it’s the governments engineering the state sponsored terrorism killing their own people that’s then used to justify more antiterrorism laws and more surveillance, the more is better syndrome is a trap, a deceptive excuse to imprison humans in tyrannical deep state misery. Plus even the experts who worked years at NSA emphatically unequivocally warn that more tracking simply doesn’t work to keep us any safer. Former NSA head of global intelligence operations Bill Binney believes the more is better syndrome actually interferes with trying to stop terrorists:

I am calling all these attacks a result of “Data bulk failure.” Too much data and too many people for the 10-20 thousand analysts to follow. Simple as that.

In conclusion, first the US Empire created the al Qaeda/ISIS Frankenstein to promote its perpetual state of global terror, and then took turns replicating its “new Pearl Harbor” over and over and over again, first on 9/11 in the US, then on 3/3 in Spain and then on 7/7 in the UK. Tragically with last month’s bloodbath, two more this year have been added in France. Then just three weeks after Paris, another false flag hit us much closer to home in San Bernardino killing 14, the biggest mass killing on US soil since the Sandy Hook false flag. As a result,Americans’ fear of terrorism has never been this high since right after 9/11, dreading that only more terrorist violence is on the way since it’s clear the government cannot, or will not protect us, especially since own our government is the perpetrator. By design all this false flag terrorism is guaranteed to brainwash people into fearing Muslim terrorists when the actual murderers terrorizing all us citizens on this planet are our own treasonous governments, not their Muslim patsies.

The world needs to wake up and hold accountable the demonic, guilty architects inflicting so much blood, sorrow and terror on all of us. We can no longer afford to stick our heads in the sand hoping the problem will go away on its own. It won’t. Nor can we allow the ruling elite and its government errand boys and girls to continue killing us with impunity while deceitfully blaming the Muslims that only foments increasing hostilities, ignorance and hatred. Spreading the seeds of distrust and hate only assists the globalists’ agenda to divide and conquer the human domain handing them absolute power and control over the entire global population. The only sane and moral choice is to stand up for humanity and the truth in the face of the real enemy out to destroy us.