Catholics, Cash, Corruption, and Collapse

God damn America!

– Words Obama lives by

In every subculture Obama has lived in, he has been taught to hate America. Like many pliable and fatherless narcissists, he always wanted to please his groomers and willingly submitted to their manipulation.

Spending the first years of his life in Suharto’s Indonesia, a bloody dictatorship that had become a way of life for Indonesians, Barry Sotero, along with billions of others in the Third World, was raised in a culture that taught that the plight and poverty of his neighbors and friends were the fault of the United States.

America was the enemy.

In his adolescent years, Barry grew up seeking a father-figure. He wound up being groomed by a communist friend of his mother not only to hate America but to embrace the goal of destroying it. This combination of social, moral, and educational impoverishment proved to be deadly.

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Having consented to be the vehicle of the destruction of evil America, he suddenly found his future path open wide, leading through a pampered adolescence and education, free of any responsibility and focused on deepening the bond between his flowering ego and the goals of those who used him.

We write this not because the man is interesting–frankly, he is a one-dimensional cypher, an empty crucible of ideological ingredients brewed by the usual suspects to awe the world and to drive the country into oblivion.

The important factor is his lawlessness. Like that of his recent predecessors, his crimes are boundless. Bill Clinton’s crimes were myriad but banal; George W. Bush’s crimes were fewer but fundamental, almost infinite in their potential to destroy what was left of our republic.

Obama picked up the criminal bludgeon handed to him by Bush and finished the job. He imported his useful idiots – in the words of the Clinton campaign, “unaware and compliant” Third-Worlders who had been brought up, like him, to hate the United States – defying the law and destroying the institutions designed to preserve and protect it.

This malevolent enterprise is what Donald Trump refers to when he says, ”the system is rigged.” And he is right.

The rigging took a while: for eight years, Obama invited millions of illegal aliens into the country and supported them with taxpayer funds.

Now, with perfect timing, Obama is demanding his price: from this day forward, the illegals must invade our polls and destroy our Republic, all without any fear of legal or criminal retribution.

Their Dear Leader has spoken.

Of course, that makes each one of them a criminal, and thus forever fearful, under Hillobama’s threatening thumb.

But, more to the point, their criminal compliance will assure the collapse of what has become a very fragile fabric of freedom in what is left of our republic.

All this is so well known that I can turn only to one dimension that is escaped wider notice.

Catholics, Cash, And Corruption

That dimension is the unique role that the Catholic Church in America has played in fulfilling Obama’s destructive dream.

Perhaps unwittingly, certainly witlessly, America’s Catholic bishops have paved the way for this destruction.

Long ago, Obama’s first grant for “community organizing” came from the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago. Ever since the Catholic bishops of the United States have cheered on this strategy of infiltration and inundation. They embraced the welfare state of FDR and LBJ and gave it their invaluable and coveted imprimatur.  In return, they were rewarded with untold billions of taxpayer funding for their nonprofits, what had once been truly independent Catholic charities, schools, and hospitals.

In fact, these once-honorable institutions have become just another gaggle of NGO’s – non-government organizations competing for federal money.

And they earn every penny, in subservience and silence.

Confronted with a secular culture of corruption and collapse, both financial and moral, our bishops chose not to combat it with the hard truths of the Gospel. Instead, they chose to endow it with what was once the priceless seal of approval of the Church.  As leading bishops now admit, they were repeatedly silent about the moral issues they were consecrated to protect. Meanwhile, the political factions whose agenda targeted those moral principles kept the bishops silent with their filthy lucre.

“What?? All of them??” you ask. Well, no: there were, and are some noble exceptions. But their opposition, if they could manage it at all, didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Like us, they were ignored.

So Obama has succeeded in his campaign to eviscerate our liberty. But that victory could not have come to pass without the acquiescence, and often the support, of America’s Catholic Bishops. Witness the pirouetting Joe Biden and Tim Kaine, pro-abortion “Catholic” ornaments on the corrupt and rotting Democrat tree, who flaunt their faux faith in the face of a stunning silence on the part of Catholic prelates.

Well, haven’t Catholics noticed this? Yes, many have, usually in small doses. And they have acted. Thirty million Americans now call themselves “ex-Catholics.” They constitute the second-largest religious denomination in America. Millions of them left out of disgust, to be sure. But millions more left because they had been disdained and abandoned.

And the bishops don’t seem to care, confident that “Hispanic Americans,” those “unaware and compliant” newcomers, will fill those empty pews. In fact, an official of the Bishops’ conference in Washington tells me they have never even bothered to conduct an inquiry into why a third of the faithful have simply disappeared.

Moreover, the bishops know that they can take the truly faithful Catholics for granted. They know that we won’t leave no matter how corrupted our prelates become – after all, history demonstrates beyond a doubt that things have been a lot worse.  No matter how bad it got, great saints persevered.

And it will get worse.

So Lenin’s fateful phrase looms once again: “What is to be done?”

Today, what are faithful Catholics to do –abandoned by the men who are supposed to be their shepherds and left to fend for themselves to raise their children in the faith, lead virtuous lives, and get to Heaven?  Hard times demand that they prayerfully to brace themselves in the face of the coming massive assault on their faith, their families, and their institutions.

But don’t flee to the mountains: take a page from the Patriarchs of Iraq, who urge their fellow Christians, “do not abandon your fatherland or your faith. Your family needs you, your neighbors need you. Do not let the faith be eradicated here in its birthplace. After all, the Mohammedans have been trying to push us out for 1400 years!”

And what about our own domestic corruptos?

Relax. They are only Ozymandias knockoffs.  They have their reward.

In the hard times to come, I will never be ashamed of being a Catholic. But even as we pray for them every day, we have to admit that it is a shame indeed how our bishops, with precious few exceptions, have contributed to and even cheered on the collapse of America.

[This is the first of a series on the role of the Catholic Church in the decline and fall of the Republic].