Socialism’s Community Organizers: Training Grounds of the Lunatic Left

Back in the 1980s, some conservatives began distinguishing between old-school, New Deal welfare statists like a Ted Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey or a Lyndon Johnson and the “Lunatic Left,” the hardcore Marxist Left that had emerged from the universities in the 1960s.  The former group “only” wanted to tax and regulate capitalism; the latter group wanted to destroy it and replace it with as much totalitarian government control and domination that they could get away with in American society.  They wanted the Sovietization of America, in other words.  Indeed, many of them traveled to the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and other socialist hellholes and returned to write books and articles about what a great utopia they had witnessed, as documented in the book Political Pilgrims by Paul Hollander.  Unlike the old New Deal Cold Warriors, they were anything but anti-communist.

James Bennett and I wrote a 560-page book, published in 1985, entitled Destroying Democracy: How Government Funds Partisan Politics that discusses many of these characters, including one Robert Creamer, who has been all over the news recently for being videotaped bragging about how he orchestrates election fraud for the Democratic Party (See “Project Veritas”).  The book was about the illegal use of tax dollars to subsidize mostly (but not exclusively) left-wing political pressure groups.  The government gives them tax dollars under some noble-sounding guise like fighting poverty, helping the elderly, etc.; they use the tax dollars to lobby and agitate for bigger government, more regulation, and higher taxes instead; when they succeed the government then shares the loot with them and the cycle repeats itself.  And it is all illegal. Political Pilgrims: We... Paul Hollander Best Price: $29.97 Buy New $45.10 (as of 08:10 UTC - Details)

Chapter II of the book, which I wrote, is about the “tax funded political network” of “community organizers” and political trainers of the Lunatic Left.  This is the world that Barack Obama emerged from. It is also an important part of Hillary Clinton’s political roots.  Both Obama and Clinton are slavish devotes of the Chicago communist radical and “community organizer,” Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his now-famous book, Rules for Radicals, to “Lucifer.”  Hillary Clinton, who is also from Chicago, wrote her senior college thesis about the book and communicated directly with Alinsky during that time.

Regarding those “Project Veritas” videos, in them Robert Creamer and a sidekick (who have both supposedly been fired from the Clinton campaign) brag about hiring mentally-ill homeless people to engage in acts of violence and vandalism at Trump rallies to make it look like Trump supporters are a bunch of, well, street thugs who behave like mentally-ill homeless people.  They also bragged about how, for decades, they have organized a Democratic Party effort to illegally send busloads of people across state lines to vote in elections where they are not legally entitled to vote.  They get away with this, said Creamer, because there are a lot of Republican governors who they know are too “soft” to prosecute them.  In other words, they are professionals in the dark art of election fraud.

Creamer was imprisoned for bank fraud in 2006 but nevertheless made 340 visits to the Obama White House according to Wikileaks, and began his career as an election fraud engineer by working directly for Saul Alinsky.  As an Alinsky protégé, Creamer set off on his own and ran various left-wing political “training” organizations including Citizen Action, Illinois Public Action Council, and is on the board of the Midwest Academy, all of which were discussed in Destroying Democracy some thirty years ago.  This is the “community organizing” network that spawned the likes of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, a self-described communist and Obama appointee Van Jones, and many other luminaries of the Lunatic Left who have occupied the executive branch of the U.S. government for the past eight years.

That a man like Van Jones could be appointed as Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” and work in the White House speaks volumes about the success of the capitalism-hating, America-hating, constitution-hating, eminently deceitful, hardcore Marxist Left that has emerged from Alinsky’s network of “community organizing” leftists.  For Jones is a self-described communist and founder of a “communist revolutionary organization” called Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement or STORM.  Jones’s organization claims that its main influence is “third-worldist Marxism,” which sounds a lot like Barack Obama’s intellectual outlook as well.  STORM’s literature claims a Destroying Democracy :... Thomas J. DiLorenzo Best Price: $0.49 Buy New $39.00 (as of 06:40 UTC - Details) “Maoist orientation” and boasts of being very active in the “community organizing” movement of Obama and Clinton.  Jones was forced out of his White House job in 2009 after some of his praise for communism became public.  He is now a high-profile commentator on CNN (Commie News Network?) where, after the third presidential debate, he utilized his background and experience to announce to the world that Donald Trump was a “turd.”

Thirty years ago they did not hide the purpose of all this well-funded political “organizing” and rabble-rousing.  James Bennett and I quoted a Midwest Academy brochure, for example, as saying that their mission was to “begin the job of redistributing social wealth” and to “destroy” what they called “capitalist control” of the U.S. economy.  Straight out of The Communist Manifesto.

The longtime head of the Midwest Academy, where Creamer sits on the board, was one Heather Booth, who is quoted as saying that her purpose was “to combine Alinsky’s methods with some of the goals of the ‘60s Left” along with a “common anticorporate program.”  A training manual describes what kind of “training” young lunatic leftists are given. “Give people a taste of blood,” it advises.  And, “you may want to assign some people to be inciters.”  This is one of the things Creamer and his sidekick bragged about in the Project Veritas video – getting the mentally-ill homeless people they sent to Trump rallies to try to incite violence.

“Make what the opposition is doing or not doing sound scandalous,” the manual says.  The Lunatic Left seems to have learned this lesson particularly well: For the past several months every single thing Donald Trump has said is labeled as “sparking outrage” somewhere according to the sock puppet media.  As this is being written the media are pretending to be outraged by Trump’s statement in the third debate that if he loses the election he will wait to see if there was widespread fraud before he accepts the results.  Although Al Gore did exactly that and did not accept the results of the 2000 election, bringing litigation all the way to the Supreme Court, the media have been largely ignoring this history and pretending that Trump’s position is “outrageous.” It is as though their slogan has become, in the age of Obama, “we are all community organizers now.”

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“Stunts can help,” says the manual, as can “civil disobedience,” such as “having several hundred people cross a strategic street corner at rush hour.”  This reminds one of how “protesters” blocked highways to prevent people from attending Trump rallies.  A textbook “community organizing” stunt.

Creamer’s Illinois Public Action Council organized a demonstration against President Reagan when he traveled to Chicago in 1981, although it was not as violent as the recent visit to Chicago by Donald Trump, who had to cancel his speech there because of the threat of Lunatic Left-organized violence. In the Project Veritas videos Creamer and his sidekick bragged about how it was their mentally-ill homeless “employees” who were causing the violence. Rules for Radicals: A ... Saul D. Alinsky Best Price: $2.74 Buy New $6.25 (as of 02:45 UTC - Details)

Bennett and I documented through Freedom of Information Act requests to federal agencies that, some thirty years ago, during the Carter administration, the Midwest Academy was receiving about $600,000 a year in federal grants.  It is impossible to believe that all of these Lunatic Left political training organizations have not been lavishly funded at taxpayer expense during the past eight years with Obama as Community Organizer in Chief.  As mentioned above, Wikileaks documented that Creamer himself made 340 visits to the Obama White House, including 45 one-on-one visits with Obama himself.  Creamer’s wife, Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, probably helped arrange for her husband’s government funding.   So it is not likely to be just George Soros and other mega-rich leftists who have been funding these shenanigans and election fraud exploits.  It is you and me as well.

The hardcore Marxist Left has always been Hillary Clinton’s crowd.  Her idol and inspiration, Saul Alinsky, was not a Ted Kennedy New Deal welfare statist but a hardcore communist who wanted to destroy American capitalism in particular and much of the rest of the American civil society in general.  She was reportedly kicked off the Watergate committee staff as a young Yale Law School graduate because of her serial dishonesty.  She also flunked the D.C. bar exam, but a few years later weaseled her way into the position of chairman of the board of the federal government’s Legal Services Corporation (LSC) during the Carter administration.

The LSC was supposed to provide free legal assistance to the poor in civil cases, but it spent much of its time and resources on things that had nothing whatsoever to do with helping the poor with divorce cases, landlord disputes, etc.  Instead, it subsidized political “training” of left-wing activists in the Saul Alinsky mold and filed lawsuits that would advance the political agenda of the Lunatic Left.  For example, among the LSC lawsuits during Hillary Clinton’s tenure were the following:

  • Montana, Iowa, and Connecticut were sued to force them to use tax funds for sex-change operations.
  • The University of California was sued to stop research to improve agricultural productivity because it would supposedly cost farmworkers’ jobs.
  • A Texas lawsuit sought to establish a “right” to free public education for illegal aliens.
  • A New York lawsuit established the legality of making welfare payments to illegal aliens. The Problem with Socia... Thomas DiLorenzo Best Price: $9.49 Buy New $11.93 (as of 06:45 UTC - Details)
  • Tampa, Florida was sued to prevent the city schools’ requirement of a functional literacy test as a condition of graduation from high school.
  • Numerous lawsuits sought to give alcoholics Supplemental Social Security benefits.
  • One lawsuit sought “disability payments” for homosexuals under the assumption that homosexuality was a “disability.”
  • Schools in Newburg, New York were forced to make expulsions subject to racial quotas.
  • An LSC lawsuit prevented a Connecticut “workfare” program from suspending welfare payments to able-bodied people who simply refused to look for work.

In addition to all of this, Republican members of the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resources committee found that millions of dollars were also diverted for left-wing political “training” and “legislative advocacy” during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as chairman of the board of the LSC.  The LSC was funneling taxpayers’ funds to all the Alinsky-style political rabble-rousing groups.  This occurred despite the fact that Congress had passed a law stipulating that no LSC funds may be used “to support or conduct training programs for the purpose of advocating particular public policies or encouraging political activities . . .”  (Section 1007(b)(6) of the Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974 [42U.S.C. Section 2996f(a)(5).  So we had a Yale Law School educated lawyer in charge of the government’s Legal Services Corporation blatantly and knowingly breaking the law.

Such behavior is a chief characteristic of all Lunatic Leftists:  a sanctimonious belief that they are above the law; that they have a “right” to rule over all of our lives; and that their ends justify any means.  It is this totalitarian mindset that distinguishes them from the old-guard Democratic Party of Hubert Humphrey, “Scoop” Jackson, and even Ted Kennedy (who was always primarily interested in boozing and womanizing anyway).  Should Hillary Clinton be elected president, she can be expected to thumb her nose at anyone who criticizes her for employing dozens of Van Jones style “community organizers” in her administration as “czars” in charge of regulating and regimenting more and more of American society.  The Lunatic Left will have assumed governmental powers that have accumulated over the past several hundred years.