Wake Me When It’s Over

The election will be held on November 8.

That doesn’t mean that the election will be over on November 8.

In the Constitution, we read that the president is to be elected by the “Electoral College,” with state electoral delegations meeting in their various capitals to cast their ballots and forward them to the president of the United States Senate.

Those electors, and not the voters of the various states, will elect the next president.

Unless they don’t.

Electors are apportioned to reflect the number of Senators and Representatives of each state. That number totals 535.  Add three for the District of Columbia, and you have 538, which is why the winner of the election must have 270 electoral votes to be declared the winner.

Now when do the electors vote? The meeting of the electors takes place on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December after the presidential election., which this year falls on December 19th.  Let’s focus on those electors.

If Trump wins, by no matter how great or small margin, we cannot expect what he calls the “Corporate Media” and the Obama-Clinton Machine suddenly to capitulate, admit defeat, promise to behave from now on, and dutifully report the steps taken by the Trump transition team in anticipation of Inauguration Day.

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No. To coin a phrase, they will try to “Rig the Election.”

These critters thrive on chaos, and they will foment more of it. And why not? If Trump wins, November 9 will find ClintonWorld reeling at the edge of the abyss, badly losing in the last battle of an apocalyptic war. They will fight back fiercely and fraudulently and feel no compunction in using any and all means to find a Star Trek escape hatch as the air runs out on the flight deck.

Their first line of attack will be the Electoral College. Like the card sharks in Central Park, they will stack the deck, create a new narrative, and begin a drumbeat – both public and private – to turn Trump’s electors.

Let’s say Trump wins with 279 electoral votes. For Hillary’s “sh*t agitators,” that means 279 juicy targets.

Over the years, most electoral slates comprise dependable backers of their party – which is the problem that the media will immediately create, and then exploit.

Now let’s suppose, that, on the day after the election, all those electors firmly intend to cast their vote for Donald Trump.

That doesn’t mean that they will.

After all, many of those hard and party activists constitute the very establishment that Trump ran against in the primaries as well as the general election. Well, they might be persuaded to have second thoughts.

The identity of electors is public knowledge.

The Clinton Sh*t Kickers can take a variety of approaches to persuade electors in the various Trump states to come to their senses, reconsider, and either vote for Hillary (on the basis of new, “shocking” revelations regarding Trump), or throw their vote away and throw the election into the House of Representatives, safely run by Paul Ryan or Nancy Pelosi.

In those forty days before December 19, an avalanche of “public” (read: Establishment) pressure will focus on a small number of people who will be totally unprepared and unprotected.

But even that campaign might not work. So what other avenues of persuasion are available?

Enter Obama.

In this enterprise, the National Narcissist will not stand idly by. He has the key to that escape hatch. It’s called the NSA.

Don’t think for a moment that the man who corrupted the “incorruptible” FBI cannot corrupt the NSA, which is full of criminal hackers recruited by clandestine overlords who routinely and secretly break the law simply because they can.

Quickly, the digital dossiers of those 279 Trump electors will be on the desk of Michelle Obama’s library in her private White House quarters, the same desk on which over 100 FBI files of those on Hillary’s Enemies List mysteriously turned up some 20 years ago.

279 electors. “All we need is ten,” David Axelrod might observe: he might even say so in public, sending a simple message to those electors: “is there anything in your past that you might want to keep private? We have it all, you know.”

Ah – but let us further suppose that the GOP has fielded 279 resilient and stalwart citizens who refuse to be blackmailed, who have nothing to hide.

Okay, enough of that.

On reflection, the Sh*t-Kickers might not even need the actual NSA material. All they need is for the electors to fear that they might have it.

“Want to have a happy, peaceful life,” they will ask.

“Want to have a life at all?”

All they need is ten.

In the disputed election of 1876, in which Republican Rutherford Hayes defeated New York Governor Samuel Tilden by one electoral vote, one James Madison Wells, who was responsible for returning Louisiana’s Republican electoral votes to the Congress, tried to sell them for $1,000,000 to Congressman Abram Hewitt, Chairman of the Democratic party, and to Tilden.

A tidy sum in those days. But Hewitt and Tilden refused.

Would Hillary? Or Saudi Arabia? Or George Soros?

The dream didn’t die in 1876. In the disputed election of 2000, Al Gore campaign operative Bob Beckel admitted on Fox News that “I’m trying to kidnap electors. Whatever it takes.”

No one disputed Beckel’s assertion when he said, “The Constitution gives me the right to send a piece of mail to an elector.”

“Whatever it takes.”

Fast forward 16 years – past the Patriot Act, past Eric Snowden, past Wikileaks – and consider David Axelrod sending a more current version of such a letter to a selection of Donald Trump’s electors.

And what if that letter merely read, “We know where you live”?

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