Hi! I’m Jocelyn! I’m Passionate About Cloud Storage!

NEW YORK—Hi, I’m Jocelyn, and I’m passionate about cloud storage!

As founder and CEO of MeCloud, I’m excited to be bringing a consumer-facing enterprise team to application design while using my 35 years as a Certified Life Transformation Coach to establish a soul connection between digital technology and the divinity dwelling inside your hidden Truth Spirit.

What we do at MeCloud is take a large variety of codebases and use them to drill down into all cognitive and fiscal aspects of your current life, employing Oprah’s SuperSoul litmus test to turbocharge your results strategy. The cost of the initial two-day workshop, taught by leading low-carb branding influencer Vicki Wolverton, is $199, and we also provide a 20 percent discount on Wisdom Keeper journals that will last a lifetime, or at least until they’re uploaded to your personal asteroid address on MeCloud!

My purpose is to put your creative track on steroids. After Vicki’s boot camp, you’ll be encouraged to express your unique inner power by writing poems, songs, lyrics, and prayers about the god-in-you and then releasing those spirit-investments into the world by sharing them in an online forum moderated by Ramakant Patel, a MeCloud Associate Life Strategist and internet marketer known for his miracle work with digestive diseases in the Dominican Republic and the reduction of opiate use in ninth-grade special-needs children. Ramakant’s DSL Forum (Discover Share Learn) is moderated 24/7 by Happiness Sprinklers who make sure your contributions are not demeaned or diminished by negative-energy wellness vampires.

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[Please note: If you are asked to leave the DSL Forum, you will be redirected to a free diagnostic conference with certified Strategic Interventionist Wanda Van Hasselbeck, who holds advanced degrees in Reiki Energy Healing and Guided Meditation. Wanda can prequalify you for participation in teaching modules for misery-free weight loss, smoking cessation through use of the metaphysical sciences, executive burnout stress counseling, anger management channeled through iambic pentameter sonnet writing, and a special course for victims of narcissistic abuse who learn to become survivors through neuro-linguistic uses of the Tibetan Healing Arts.]

As a single mom who had to learn to love my own parenting challenges while managing a professional dance career, then becoming the only nurse in Calhoun County, Iowa, to be certified to administer intralipids through a double-lumen catheter, I eventually obtained a master’s degree in Facebook marketing and feel that I’m now uniquely positioned to manage MeCloud’s palette of transformational therapies, including UPA (Unlimited Potential Awareness), IPA (Identify Process Achieve), and TOTET (Take Out the Emotional Trash). To do this, I’ve put together a team of intuitive spiritual counselors and small-business consultants who redefine the word “innovation”:

(1) Ngapoi Nga-Wang Jigme, a Bhutanese priest who achieved unparalleled results in his native country while treating fibromyalgia and developed those techniques into an acclaimed acupuncture therapy for professional Scrabble contestants.

(2) Theresa Fillmore-Chang, the San Francisco Realtor who invented holistic dining.

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