The Dead Man's Hand

My last article about the threat of a nuclear war generated a lot of responses. People certainly aren’t comfortable with the United States government having this kind of life-and-death control over their lives. In fact, they have had this type of control over us for quite some time now. The United States government parades the ultimate Orwellian hypocrisy before the eyes of the world with this “freedom” label that has less truth to it than a bogus weight loss plan.

The United States government has the power to use nuclear weapons when it sees fit to do so without any neutral oversight or third-party control verifying we are under attack. In addition, there is no third-party than can order the government to cease and desist from a course of action that could lead up to a nuclear war, such as this brinksmanship gambit with Russia. This is simply too much power to be in the hands of one man or woman or even a group of them all dedicated to some vague military/political objective that does not involve immediate self-defense. I can actually argue self-defense with nuclear weapons is theoretically impossible since knowing you will die in self-defense is not self-defense. It’s more of a kamikaze type of retaliation of “taking you with me”. The United States government has pulled the ultimate scam on us, selling us on these nuclear weapons as “defensive”. Great Again: How to Fi... Donald J. Trump Best Price: $1.36 Buy New $8.61 (as of 03:40 EST - Details)

The government can be seen as entirely undedicated to the safety and well-being of the American people it allegedly represents. In fact, at last, we have arrived at the truth: They do not represent the American people. They represent themselves alone and their objectives do not concern the American people. Indeed, who would knowingly volunteer for the world’s biggest kamikaze mission called a nuclear war? The American people assume that the government can be trusted with these weapons and will only launch them if we are attacked. This is a serious mistake. In fact, a deadly one. Why?

The actual “plan” that NATO had to “defend” Western Europe against a Soviet invasion was totally reliant upon the “nuclear deterrent”. The plan was this: If the Soviets invaded Western Europe, NATO conventional forces would bottle them up at places like Fulda Gap and so on. Once the Soviet armored, motorized infantry and artillery units were bunched up, NATO would use Pershing missiles and other tactical nuclear weapons to stop the Soviets since NATO was massively outnumbered in tanks and men. What the American people don’t realize is this plan has not changed insofar as what must be done should NATO get into a war with Russia and begin to lose that war, which it will. Why? Because NATO is, again, massively outnumbered in tanks and men.

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The United States government and NATO stubbornly hold on to the false notion that a “theater nuclear war” involving tactical nuclear weapons will remain so. But let’s say someone supposes a Russian tank division holed up in a Russian city is a legitimate military target and uses a tactical nuclear weapon. The Russians will, of course, retaliate against a European city. Now, the United States government and NATO thinks that anti-ballistic missile system sitting over in Romania will stop that possibility. However, the Russians are developing a tactical nuclear weapons system capable of evading the ABM system the United States has installed. Plus, since when has an American defense industry weapon actually worked right in the last 50 years? Obviously, as per usual, the United States system will be discovered to be highly flawed much too late.

Trump: The Art of the ... Donald J. Trump, Tony ... Best Price: $5.63 Buy New $8.22 (as of 10:41 EST - Details) Everyone besides the United States government and NATO know you cannot “contain” a nuclear war to a certain area. What, the fallout will fall in predictable patterns over unpopulated areas? What if some crazy general orders up a strike on some Russian command center that turns out to be the “brains” for the Russian Perimitr “Dead Hand” doomsday device? Perimitr needs to get a command every so often so it “knows” everyone at the command center is still alive and not dead in a pre-emptive nuclear “decapitation strike”. If it does not get commands, within a given amount of time, it decides everyone’s dead and launches everything they’ve got left. Now, the United States government knows less about Perimitr than they think they do. They think it may not even exist, or it has been disabled. You guys sure about that?

The United States government cannot successfully ascertain the possible future consequences of a given military action it engages in. This has been seen time and time again since World War Two. For example, what were we told about the Iraq War in 2003? Right, that Iraq would be a beacon of democracy for the entire Middle East and there would be an era of peace and prosperity in the whole region. In fact, the entire region has seen conflict unparalleled since the Yom Kippur War. Iraq is hanging on by a thread, the Syrian Civil War has caused the greatest human migration since the Vietnamese Boat People, and Europe cannot successfully defend itself against terrorist attacks encouraged from the Middle East. The United States government cannot foresee the very serious consequences of provoking the Russians, who, by the way, still have most of the nuclear weapons they inherited from the former Soviet Union. And have, in fact, recently built and deployed more because of NATO provocations.

Suppose the Baltic nations think they’ve got the sand to start really poking at the Russian bear because NATO backs them. Perhaps a series of border skirmishes lead to the Russians retaliating. So NATO responds by sending, even more, divisions into the Baltics than they already recently have in order to “defend” the region. Russia sees this as the prelude to an invasion and begins arming for war and prepares to launch an attack to “use them or lose them”. This is exactly a very similar scenario to something that actually happened in 1983 during a NATO exercise called Able Archer. The Soviets interpreted the massive build-up of NATO forces for that exercise as the prelude to a first- Crippled America: How ... Donald J. Trump Best Price: $1.48 Buy New $8.97 (as of 03:40 EST - Details) strike. That war game nearly resulted in a very real nuclear war. Soviet bombers were spooling up on the tarmac before Reagan got scared enough to stop the exercise.

Understand this: If the United States government and NATO are right, the Russians will back down no matter what crisis unfolds. They will be awed by NATO military power which has been so successful over in Syria. They will be awed by the ability of American and European military might to defeat a guerilla army in Syria that hasn’t got an air force, navy, or strategic weapons. Russia will do whatever they are told, up to and including Ukraine being pulled into NATO. But if the United States and NATO turn out to be wrong, Russia will not back down. Then what? Well, if Russia is not intimidated by conventional weapons, the United States and NATO will threaten the use of nuclear weapons. Perhaps blockade Russia from sea and air traffic coming in or out. And if Russia doesn’t back down then? This is where being wrong turns out to be lethally wrong. This is where the ICBMs are on “launch on warning” with a hair trigger.

Again, the United States has not successfully predicted the outcome of any military action since World War Two. It cannot successfully predict victory, nor achieve it. It cannot say with certainty that something it is doing will have positive results. It cannot say with certainty that what it is doing in regards to Russia will not lead up to a nuclear war. It tells us the Russians must be “stopped now”. Oh? And this is based upon what? Another scenario where stopping the Russians ushers in another era of peace and prosperity as we have witnessed in the Middle East? I daresay the American people better start building fallout shelters now and avoid the rush later with these veritable Solons and Pericles’ in charge. I suppose that if the United States government tells us a nuclear war will absolutely not happen, we better start getting our affairs in order and completing all those things we wished to do before death.

What we are living in is not just an evil regime bent on an “all or nothing” poker hand with the Russians, but a kamikaze regime. We have a government that likes to play poker, but the Russians are chess players. That is why the United States government cannot think ahead. They can only think of winning this one hand and what is the probability of drawing that third ace to fill a full house. But the Russians are thinking ten moves ahead and what they’ll do if they manage to capture the American queen and both rooks off the board in a series of gambits planned in advance. The United States thinks it’s got another ace coming. But do we? I’m not seeing it. I think we’re holding aces and eights over here. The Dead Man’s Hand.