LRC's Top 10 Articles for June 2016

1. Confirmed: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to ‘Informants’
Tony Cartalucci on the unraveling.
2. 5 Reasons To Question the Official Story
Of the Orlando shooting, from Brandon Turbeville.
3. I’m Skeptical About Orlando
Give me more than pressitute claims, says Paul Craig Roberts.
4. The Left Is Imploding
Get out the popcorn, says Gavin McInnes. NB: adult language.
5. The Orlando Gay-Bar Shooting
Linh Dinh on what it really means.
6. Hillary’s on the Ropes
When’s the KO? Article by Andrew P. Napolitano.
7. Giving the Bureaucrats a Taste of Their Own Medicine
You can use this tool, too.
8. Brexit Wins!
The betting sites were wrong. The polls were wrong. Enoch Powell was right, says Gary North.
9. Trump and the La Raza Judge
Clearly Donald is right, says Patrick J. Buchanan.
10. War With Russia Is Coming
As the US and its NATO militarily provoke the Russians. Article by Eric Margolis.

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