The Bloodiest Ramadan Month on Record: What’s Coming Next?

The bloodiest Ramadan month in modern times has just come to an end. With relentless, near daily attacks, the world’s largest terrorist organization has proudly and defiantly proclaimed full credit for committing heinous acts just to strike terror into the hearts and minds of the planet’s 7.4 billion humans. This unprecedented month of holy terror that commenced at sundown on June 5th through July 5th witnessed an enormous spike in terrorist attacks like no other before it, violently marring the 30 days of religious fasting, charity and prayers for over 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide joining their families and friends in celebration. ISIS made a clear, in-our-face statement that all the globalized antiterrorist efforts to end the scourge of Islamic State terror are both too feeble and too futile to stop the carnage. Terrorists’ ultimate objective is to inflict fear and terror into people’s daily lives so that in no corner of the globe can feel safe.

Back in May a full three weeks prior to the start of Ramadan month, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohamed al-Adnani pronounced the rally cry to warn the world:

Ramadan, the month of conquest and jihad. Get prepared, be ready to make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers, especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America.

In the twisted Islamic State terrorist version of Ramadan, Allah favors martyrdom-sacrifice during the holy month and opens the gates of heaven to those who die for their Muslim cause. On the 27thday of Ramadan, celebrated as the Day of for Mohammed’s first writing of the Koran the worst attacks occurred

A brief timeline of the lethal damage caused by their month-long attacks:

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* June 5th Afghanistan: MP murdered by bomb near home in Kabul also wounding 11 just hours after Taliban stormed courthouse south of capital killing 7 and injuring 21

*June 12th US: ISIS took credit for alleged lone jihadist gunman, an Afghan-American who perpetrated America’s deadliest mass shooting in history and worst terrorism on US soil since 9/11 during early morning hours at Orlando, Florida gay nightclub allegedly killing 49 and wounding 53 according to official false narrative

* June 13th France: Islamic jihadist stabs police officer and then later his wife in a Paris suburb in front of their son

* June 13th Philippines: ISIS-linked terrorist group beheads a second Canadian citizen being held, hostage

* June 20th Kenya: Islamic terrorists from Somalia’s al-Shabaab group attacked a police vehicle with a rocket grenade launcher killing 5 policemen wounding 4 others

*June 20th Afghanistan: Waves of multiple attacks in Kabul 14 deaths claimed by ISIS and 11 by the Taliban that includes police cadets as well as Nepalese security guards; interior ministry stated 30 total dead and 58 injured

* June 21st Jordan: A suicide truck bomb exploded at an army post killing 7 soldiers wounding 13 near refugee camp along Syrian border, the worst act of terrorism in Jordan in years

* June 27th Lebanon: Two waves of suicide bombers attack and kill 5 men and injure dozens in a Christian town

* June 28th Malaysia: Suicide bomber launches a grenade attack injuring 8 patrons watching a soccer match on the nightclub bar television, marking first known ISIS attack in Malaysia

* June 28th Turkey: 3 suspected ISIS suicide bombers opened fire then blew themselves up at Istanbul airport killing 45 and wounding more than 250

* June 29th Yemen: 43 are killed by four bombs going off at checkpoints in a southern Yemeni city claimed by ISIS

* July 2nd Bangladesh: 7 gunmen kill 20 hostages and 2 police officers at a bakery in capital Dhaka frequented by foreigners

* July 3rd Iraq: IS truck bomb goes off destroying multiple shops in upscale, relatively “safe” Shia neighborhood killing 250 and injuring  as the deadliest bombing in Iraq since 2003

* July 4th Saudi Arabia: Series of three ISIS suicide bomber attacks strike sacred mosque in Medina where Prophet Mohammed is buried killing 4 security guards and a Shia mosque in Qatif while earlier another bomber attacked US Embassy in Jeddah

* July 5th Indonesia: ISIS suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside a central Java police station injuring one police officer, marking the second ISIS attack in Indonesia after incident on January 14th in Jakarta killed 4

Virtually all of the above violence is linked to the Islamic State caliphate. Hitting multiple targets spread around the globe in so many countries is designed to send the message that no person on earth is safe or can be protected from terrorism. It also defiantly demonstrates that regardless of how advanced or sophisticated international counterterrorism measures may be or become, no national state authority can adequately defend its own citizens, be they Muslims or infidels alike. The holy month’s final global body count is 421 dead and 729 wounded. If murdered civilians and police in such war-tore nations as Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq (in addition to the 250 killed in the one incident) are also included in the tally, over 800 innocent victims of terrorism were slaughtered in 15 different countries from the US to the Philippines. Every group became victims, Westerners, Christians, Asians, Sunnis, Shias, and Arabs.

Mainstream consensus is quick to report that ISIS terrorists are attempting to make up for their recent battlefield defeats resulting in 47% lost ground territory in Iraq and 20% in Syria by unleashing its global war on infidels through stepping up terrorist attacks around the world. With Russian air support, the Syrian military has made steady progress defeating the ISIS stronghold in northern Syria and Aleppo, moving in for the kill in the ISIS de facto capital Raqqa. And Iraqi and Kurdish forces with help from Iran have made strides beating back terrorists in Falluja and holding Mosul under siege. IS leaders have been killed by coalition airstrikes and growing numbers of defectors in the ISIS ranks have fled the war zones. The recent terrorist payback in Baghdad killing 250 Iraqi citizens is no doubt a direct consequence of those battlefield losses. And now that Ramadan is over, ISIS is still going at it. After a mortar attack on a Shia shrine near Baghdad on Thursday, three suicide bombers entered the mausoleum to blow themselves up and killed 36 and injuring 40 more Iraqis. By going on the offensive with multiple deadly acts of global terrorism, ISIS hopes it can rebound its sagging recruiting numbers as well.

Some MSM articles and commentators suggest that Orlando, the Istanbul airport and most recent Saudi attacks are all acts of revenge towards the US-Turkish-Saudi coalition’s “renewed” fight against ISIS dubbed “Operation Inherent Resolve.” But it’s apter to be a camouflaged smokescreen designed to convince former doubters that these nations long promoting and protecting Islamic State terrorists are now actually uniting with sworn enemies Russia, Iran and Syria to destroy them. That notion seems at best a far-fetched joke.

What remains different over these last 30 days is, on its month-long rampage, ISIS apparently decided to bite the very hand that feeds it the most, namely the US-Turkey-Saudi alliance. More than any other countries on earth, these three nations have proven to be the prime financiers, trainers, suppliers and lifeblood maintainers of this Wahhabi Takfirist brand of terrorism. Turkey’s President Erdogan has long dreamed of leading a second Ottoman Empire and the House of Saud for decades has envisioned ruling over an Islamic Sunni caliphate extending to every continent. ISIS fits well into their delusions of grandeur. After all, the royal Saudi family sees itself as the “custodians of Islam,” defending the two most sacred mosques in its backyard in Medina and Mecca. But the Medina attack delivered the royals their wakeup call, letting them and the world know they’re not doing such a swell job. Yet as a ground force alongside AQAP, ISIS terrorists and the Saudi air force fight hand-in-glove committing Yemen war crimes. And of course with the US Empire secretly deploying militant Islamic jihadists as its go-to proxy war allies in over half dozen countries for nearly a half century now, the biggest staged bloodbath [albeit no visible evidence] in US history is still using ISIS to wage its forever war on terror (and let’s not forget regime change, Assad).

Yet Islamic State made it an exclamation point this Ramadan 2016 by specifically targeting its foremost pseudo-secret allies – the United States, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Only Israel as a secret ISIS admirer continues to escape Islamic State’s deathly wrath (although a few Palestinians were active over Ramadan shooting or stabbing a few Israelis trying to make up for the genocide against them). So why now have the trio of biggest covert supporters of global terrorism suddenly become Islamic State’s biggest targets? This presentation explores a plausible, if not probable explanation by peeling away the mainstream propaganda.

Solving any crime mystery always starts by answering the critical question who stands to gain the most from such widespread, seemingly indiscriminent slaughter of innocent human beings around the world. Answering that question addresses basic motives for committing such lethal atrocities. Another question is, beyond the local militants committing the crimes and their leaders allegedly sending orders from the Syrian battlefield, who or what organized entity has the international means and resources of carrying out such heinous actions over such a wide geographical area of the world? ISIS may be the biggest terrorist group on earth, but the vast international security-surveillance apparatus spanning the globe possesses the technological capability with facial recognition and biometrics breakthroughs to track virtually every electronic and phone communication on the planet as well as the known whereabouts of virtually every ISIS member.

In the past law enforcement intelligence always seems to be overly familiar with the jihadists that invariably are identified soon after their dirty deed, often accidentally on purpose leaving their terrorist calling card by way of passport or ID at the crime scene, which in and of itself more than invites suspicion wafting a foul smelling false flag. If the deep state actually wanted to apprehend these terrorists prior to their acting out, with both the means and the will, the deep state could. But the deep state continues allowing, or more aptly orchestrating from behind the curtain an ever-rising number of these terrorist attacks.

Every national and international intelligence agency in the world was well aware of the advanced three-week notice calling for this year’s Ramadan month to be the most violent month of holy terror on record. Combine that fact with existing irrefutable evidence that global terrorism is a direct manifestation of the US, its Western allies along with Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf State monarchies, engineered by invisible handlers from the international intelligence community – most often the CIA, FBI, Mossad, MI6 and others, and you have the bloodiest Ramadan month on record.

By linking the skyrocketing incidence of terrorism to Islam’s holy month perpetrated by yet more Muslim extremist patsies, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have effectively reinforced worldwide Islamophobia and religious hatred, driving a terrorized global population into yet more distrust and bigotry against 1.6 billion Muslim scapegoats. Secondly, fear of future violence from more murdering Muslims rises while justifying deep state’s increasing security lockdown and authoritarian enslavement over the global masses with yet more surveillance and draconian measures of absolute control. Thirdly, in the eyes of the world, murdering their fellow innocent Muslims only vilifies the ISIS terrorists even more. Fourth, its effect on terrorized citizens will compel a growing percentage of them to be more accepting in seeking safety and security through centralized global governance, which falls right into the New World Order agenda. Deep state wins, humanity loses, all due to the hired thugs deployed by the ruling elite.

Taking all this into account while destabilizing geopolitical events and developments continue unfolding worldwide at the accelerated breakneck pace throughout 2015 and 2016, a clearer glimpse of the bigger picture should begin to emerge. Polarizing militarization is dividing the Western and Eastern alliance into facing off as separate enemy camps driven by over-the-top US-NATO belligerence presently lined up in unprecedented numbers at the Russian border flanked by missiles aimed at Moscow, while mounting hostilities and tensions are building in the Asian Pacific around China, all demonically and premeditatedly provoked by increasing Western aggression, and we now find ourselves but a matchstick away from igniting World War III. Simultaneously, deep security state oppression and tyranny through divide and conquer-induced fragmentation of both American and Western populations are intentionally instigating growing mass civil disturbance, spreading violence and police state brutality at an alarming, war zone rate.

Meanwhile, the paper printing funny money out of thin air can only kick the house of cards can down the road so long before all of these disastrous converging developments implode on each other to totally collapse the fast crumbling global economy. Finally, growing evidence of a large celestial body creating havoc throughout our solar system is impacting every planet with far-reaching effects and changes never before observed. The gravitational and electromagnetic disturbances caused by this massive intruder into our solar system that some call Nibiru/Planet X is casting an ever-darkening shadow foretelling a potential mass extinction level event with a high probability of enormous meteors and comets as hurtling projectiles toward earthly collision. This, of course, is one possible doomsday event that NASA and the federal government have refused to warn Americans about. Meanwhile preparing for the worst, both Russia and China have been building subterranean respite for sizeable portions of its populations with either a possible nuclear Armageddon or earth knocked off it’s axis scenario while US elites have only selfishly readied their underground luxury dwellings for themselves, damning the rest of us above ground as sitting duck targets. Thus, this bloodiest Ramadan appears to be just a microcosm of the macro-disasters to come. As Betty Davis would say, “Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”