Fixing The Problem

And yes, it is a problem.

Whether you are a “law and order” type or otherwise. In fact, especially if you are a “law and order” type. Because, simply put, cops are not subject to the same law and order as the rest of us – and that is a problem.

For them as much as us.

For them, because it has created an arrogance – a recklessness – that encourages the extra-legal excesses that we’re seeing on video almost every day (these videos probably capturing only a small slice of what actually goes on every day).

For us, because we are increasingly threatened by these excesses.

It is worrisome and very dangerous – for everyone.

They fear and loathe us and we return the sentiment, with predictable results.

They escalate, making retaliation as inevitable as fall coming after summer.

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This is not to condone much less encourage but rather to explain. And – hopefully – fix.

People – not just “blacks” – are angry. With cause. It is not good.

How to dial it back?

One simple measure would be to apply the law equally to everyone. Especially to law enforcement. It is madness that this is currently not the case.

An example of which is this video, which shows the final moments of a chase. The man surrenders. He gets on his knees, then on the ground. He is totally submitting and obeying at this point; there is no Threat to Officer Safety. But two officers beat the man regardless while other officers stand and watch and do not arrest the officers perpetrating a physical assault in broad daylight. This was – as the ancient saying had it – a Kodak Moment.

Actually, a video moment.

Were it not for the video, the two cops administering the beatdown would probably never have been charged (as they subsequently were, no doubt with great reluctance by a DA who had no choice because of the video, which was shown on live TV). But that is not the take-home point. The take-home point is that if you or I had rained punches on some other person in plain view of a cop, we’d have been immediately arrested and handcuffed and taken to jail.

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