Taking Back Our Country From the PC Police

Our interview with Jesse Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal blew up the Internet this week. I’ve appeared on Greg Gutfeld’s show as well as Red Eye, Dana, The Buck Sexton Show, and even Alex Jones’ Infowars. Virtually every major news source has written about it and the American press seems to get it right the most. The New York Post called the PC police “cowards” and asked, “who wants to listen only to music that has been OK’d by a bunch of spineless liberals and their culture of censorship?” At the other end of the spectrum, we have U.K.’s The Guardian publishing a letter to Jesse from an Arab claiming, “All you fucking bigots and your fairytale shit stories are the problems.” I’ve noticed the Muslims have a very condescending tone when it comes to their religion and usually approach the problem with instructions such as “educate yourself” and “get to know a Muslim.” I’d like to return the favor with a homework assignment for them and insist they look up how many Muslims think suicide bombing is “sometimes or often justified.” You can’t really fault the Muslims for pushing tolerance after an attack like this. Lying is a basic tenet of their religion. What makes my skin crawl is the ethnomasochism of the West.

Jesse Hughes had 89 of his fans murdered by Muslims. Nine were shot right in front of him, including one he was screaming at to get out of the way. A woman’s face was blown off inches from where he was standing and human shrapnel shot into his cheek. He has a scar on his face where a woman’s tooth pierced it. She is now dead and he can say whatever the hell he wants. I don’t care if he thinks Jews are lizard people and the terrorists were actors hired by the Amish Mafia. You get a pass when you’ve been through something like that. Fortunately, the conclusions he’s drawn are not even remotely crazy. Steve Sailer once said, “Political correctness is a war on noticing,” and that’s all Jesse did. He never said anything bad about Muslims. He said he suspects these guys had someone on the inside helping them. He came to this conclusion from some pretty irrefutable truths. First, he recognized one of the shooters from earlier in the day. Anyone who’s been on tour knows how regimented venues are about people being in the club early. Ticket sales are how they make their money and they can’t afford to let people drift in and out without paying. They also have to worry about sound ordinances, so bouncers are Nazis when it comes to keeping the back door closed. On the night of the shooting, the staff couldn’t care less about the door. He also noticed it had been propped open during the shooting. Since our interview, I’ve heard that several bouncers didn’t show up that day and none were killed in the attack. I have no doubt we are about to see arrests involving the staff and Jesse will be vindicated.

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