Next From the Bush Crime Family

The story of the Bush crime family doesn’t end with good ‘ol Jeb Bush.  In fact, there seems to be an inheritance of elitism and criminality in the “SON OF JEB.”  That could be the title of a horror movie, and it would be better if it were.  Alas, the truth is always darker, especially when digging around the Bush family.  

I mean, of course, George P. Bush.  The “P” stands for Prescott. Yes, George P. is named after his grandfather Senator Prescott Bush who made the family fortune financing the Nazi war machine and who’s Union Bank was seized by the Roosevelt Administration for treasonous activity in 1942. I laid this in my new book Jeb and the Bush Crime Family.

I looked up young George P. in Wikipedia.   Born in Houston, Texas in 1976, he attended Gulliver Prep School and earned an undergraduate degree from Rice University.  In 1998, he became a public school teacher in Florida and later went to law school in Texas.  In 2007, the United States Navy Reserve announced the selection of Bush for training as an intelligence officer.  He served for 8 months in Operation Enduring Freedom and returned to the U.S. in 2011.  In 2012, he announced his intention to run for state office.  By January 2013, Bush filed a campaign finance report stating that he had received $1.3 million in contributions.  This was due to his father, former Florida Jeb! and the Bush Crim... Roger Stone, Saint Joh... Best Price: $0.49 Buy New $7.48 (as of 05:15 UTC - Details) governor and wannabe President, Jeb Bush’s massive e-mail campaign.  Yes, the Bush privileges keep on rolling.  It seems Jeb sent out emails requesting that donors support and donate to young George P in his bid for Texas Land Commissioner.  By June 2013, Bush had raised $3.3 million.  I guess father Bush’s e-mail campaign worked.  Who would think of turning down Jeb Bush?  That there was no Democrat candidate running against him, and barely a Republican opponent (David Watts), I would say that the $3.3 million was enough to win him the election.

What’s missing from the Wikipedia story so far is a little item that happened while George P was attending Rice University.  In 1994, George P was investigated for burglary and criminal mischief related to an attempted break- in at the home of his ex-girlfriend Cristina Cohen.  According to Miami-Dade Police Department reports, at 4 a.m a neighbor saw a half naked man trying to pry open a window at the Cohen residence.  An argument ensued and awoke Mr. Cohen.  The window was to the bedroom of his daughter Cristina.  In a mad dash to escape, George P ran and jumped into his vehicle and fled.  Twenty minutes later he returned and drove his car across the Cohen yard damaging about 80 feet of pristine lawn.  The police had been called and when they arrived they identified George Prescott Bush as the perpetrator.  Young Cristina told police that George P had been stalking and harassing her since she broke up with him almost two years ago.  Although he should have been arrested immediately, he was not. 

 In a suspicious turn of events, the Cohens elected not file charges and even signed a non-prosecution form!  Did Daddy Bush had persuaded the Cohen’s that it would be in their best interest to let the matter rest? Was there an out of court settlement?

George Prescott’s record as Texas Land Commissioner has come under well-deserved scrutiny.  Texas taxpayers pay George P a salary of $137,500 a year to run the Texas General Land Office.  According to the Houston Chronicle, George P missed nearly half his work days while his father was campaigning for the GOP nomination. In addition, the Chronicle revealed that George P had “dramatically remade the GLO by ousting a majority of its longtime leaders and replacing many of them with people with ties to his campaign and family.”  Former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said that the firings represented “a purge of the best agency in Texas government and a purge of people who have done wonderful things.”  Although a Bush spokesperson denied the allegations, a list provided by the GLO themselves tells the truth.  The list contains the names of at least twenty person’s hired with connections to George Prescott’s campaign, his law school, or his family. 

In other recent Bush events, the Texas Land Commissioner is joining a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management.  It seems, according to Bush, that the government is wrongfully claiming that a certain 113-acre tract along the Red River is public land.  Bush contends that it is owned by private landowners.  The boundaries fluctuate according to the changing courses of the river.   Bush stated that “Whether it’s the EPA, the BLM, or the Endangered Species Act, they believe bureaucrats know better than landowners.  Now they’re messing with Texas.”  The matter has not yet been resolved.