Who Says the US is Shifting away from Israeli-Saudi Alliance while Normalizing Relations with Iran?

If you think that the geopolitics chessboard with US Empire hegemony historically ruling the roost has been shaken up in recent months whereby such longstanding US allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia have been thrown under the bus by the Obama administration in favor of warming relations with longtime enemy Iran since the P-5 nuke deal, think again. Despite Congress’ end-around in March 2015 defying US law requiring any foreign leader’s entrance to the US to be cleared by the standing US president, Netanyahu’s grandstanding performance wooing multiple ovations from an adoring AIPAC-bribed Congress on Capitol Hill designed to embarrass Obama and sabotage his Iran nuclear agreement failed in the end and the longtime negotiated deal with Iran was congressionally ratified last September, much to Bibi and AIPAC’s chagrin.

This unprecedented development marked a discrete break from previous US Middle East policy where the US always knuckled under to do whatever bidding Israel wanted or demanded (including fighting two costly proxy wars for the Greater Israel Project in the region, the longest running wars in US history still being fought). Meanwhile, Iran was always deemed the incorrigible, heavily sanctioned enemy ever since US puppet dictator the Shah was overthrown by an Islamic fundamentalist Khomeini government back in February 1979. And ever since the Bush-Cheney 7 nation regime change list, Iran, and its defense pact ally Syria remain the final two notches on Empire’s imperialistic gun.

The neocon fabrication called the war on terror since 9/11 has cost the lives of 1.7 million Iraqi civilians and over 4 million Muslims in all. And these numbers don’t even include the over half million Iraqi kids under age 5 who died from the first Gulf War under George HW. To this very day in Iraq US bombs are still raining down on civilian populations, destroying not only thousands more innocent lives but essential food production and storage facilities, Iraqi water treatment plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, schools, infrastructure all needed to sustain life are still being heartlessly targeted by Empire bombs.These life preserving resources continue piling up as so-called “collateral damage,” endless casualties demolished by America’s endless war on terror through its air strikes in Mosul this last week under the all-too-familiar pretext of going after ISIS. The Empire of Chaos and Destruction never ceases in its bloodthirst killing of fellow humans.

And to think that in recent months it actually appeared that Washington was finally doing something right in switching sides to join a growing number of Western nations that have become increasingly critical toward the apartheid Israeli government’s unconscionable ethnic cleansing policy against another Muslim population the long-suffering Palestinian people. At the same time, it also seemed the US was finally finished waging continual economic warfare and threat of military war against Tehran. With the nuclear agreement and the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran, it appeared for a minute or two that in the interests of promoting a safer peaceful planet the Obama administration was finally coming to its senses. Despite perhaps the most miserably destructive presidency in US history characterized by the Manchurian president methodically fulfilling his destined demonic role to bring down America from within, it appeared that one bright legacy might still yet emerge in the first black president’s otherwise ever so dark days in office… or so we thought.

Last week the US Supreme Court ruled that $2 billion worth of Iranian assets frozen by economic sanctions should be designated as compensation to the families of the 241 US Marines killed in the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing attack alleged to have been committed by the Shiite Lebanese Hezbollah. Then with absolutely no evidence that Iran ever played any part in the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil on 9/11, a New York City federal district court judge recently ruled that Iran should pay $7.5 billion in damages for its non-involvement in the death of nearly 3000 9/11 sacrificial lambs that in fact the Cheney-Bush neocon gang along with Saudi and Israeli governments conspired to murder. It’s shamelessly absurd that the US judicial system continues to demonize innocent parties in order to protect the obviously guilty culprits.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif cited the sheer hypocrisy when US Empire has an extensive history of crimes against humanity that give victims every right to seek reparations, adding to the list of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq thousands of Iranian victims cold-bloodedly murdered by the brutal intelligence service set up by the CIA during the US-backed Shah’s reign of terror after the US overthrew Iran’s democratically elected leader in 1953. Zarif concluded:

The Supreme Court is the Supreme Court of the United States, not the Supreme Court of the world. We’re not under its jurisdiction, nor is our money.

Iran’s leaders are accurately stating that the US is violating the Joint Cooperation Plan for Action (JCPOA) by controlling, pressuring and even blackmailing Western banks to keep Iranian assets frozen, or have banks, companies and private investors engaging in any international business developments with Iran. The US lifted the economic sanctions on paper only and then began laying more new sanctions on Tehran. Right after Iran tested ballistic missiles, which it has the right to do in self-defense, a whole new rash of sanctions were levied. Secretary of State John Kerry went on record bragging about how only $3 billion in Iran assets were released, a smidgen of what he expected to be $55 billion. The Iran nuke deal was US trickery, a mere ploy that the US never had any intention of honoring. The US has a long history of deal making and deal breaking, agreeing on one thing and then doing another, being onetime allied buds, using them up and then stabbing ex-allies in the back.

The part of the deal that Iran believed it had gained by forgoing military nukes – the lifting of sanctions, is the very part that the US now is balking and playing games with, adding more sanctions and limiting Tehran’s economic growth on the international arena. Hardliners in Iran watching the Empire renege on another promise are goading Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with “I told you so,” calling on him to declare the accord “null and void.” Further, the sleazy unfair ways the US operates is designed to purposely sabotage Rouhani’s chance of getting reelected next year knowing with him gone it would kill the deal. Israel, the neocons, and Zionist-loving Congress have once again gotten their way. And the rest of the world takes note never to trust fork-tongued America ever again.

What’s extremely clear during this US presidential election year is the powerful pro-Israeli-anti-Iranian interests within Washington that have treasonously forsaken America in their never-ending loyalty to Israel were fuming when JCPOA was ratified by Congress, vowing to join with Israel to do everything in their power to stop it. The two leading candidates for the corrupt two party system Trump and Clinton while swooning at the AIPAC conference vowed to kill the deal with renewed vigor to aggressively provoke a showdown with Tehran inevitably leading to world war as the cold war stakes against both Russia and China have been ratcheting up to unprecedented tensions. Clinton did not mince words in her promise for war against Iran, “If I’m president, we will attack Iran… we would be able to totally obliterate them.”

The feds’ latest reprehensible subterfuge comes on the heels of the classified 28-pages missing from the whitewashed 9/11 Commission’s official lies covering up to protect the actual perpetrators behind the 9/11 crime. And with even mainstream media reporting those conspicuous pages incriminating such longtime top Saudi government officials as Prince Bandar Bush (dubbed for sharing the same diabolical bed of inequity with the Bushes and the other favorite Saudi family the bin Ladens), the Riyadh government has subsequently retaliated with a threat to sell off its three-quarter trillion in US Treasury bonds as blackmail if US Congress passes the bill that would allow foreign governments to be liable for terrorism on US soil.

An oil summit in Doha, Saudi Arabia was the timely excuse for the elite’s lackey Obama to immediately slither over to Saudi Arabia to kiss the Kingdom’s ass, pledging he’ll do everything in his power to ensure the throw-the-House-of-Saud-under-the-bus bill doesn’t pass his veto. Our treasonous president’s showing his true sleaze ball colors protecting the evil Saudi kingdom over his own citizens represented by the 9/11 families seeking justice and retribution against their loved ones’ killers. The Obama visit also nixed the plan that the Saudis were about to announce an OPEC drop in oil production but that would have risen oil prices and ruined Empire’s long-term objective to bankrupt Russia that’s simply not working. The annual Saudi budget debt was near $100 billion in 2015 because of the chronically low oil prices but Empire put the kibosh on the House of Saud.

A quick look at the Saudi connections to the Clinton Foundation especially while Hillary was Secretary of State and we see that she is basically owned by powerful foreign interests as yet another traitor to America. Despite the Saudi government being the exporter of Wahhabi terrorism and being among the most corrupt brutal regimes on the planet for violating human rights with regular beheadings of political dissenters and stoning of women accused of adultery along with supplying 15 of the 19 alleged 9/11 terrorist patsies, it turns out the Clintons are in bed with the Saudis even deeper than the Bushes ever were in terms of bribery dollar exchange.

While with the State Department, Hillary arranged an enormous $29 billion arms deal with the House of Saud that even made Israel jealous and resentful. In exchange for millions in bribes, Hillary approved of an unprecedented total of $165 billion in weapons deals to 20 high rolling donor nations that amounted to 80% more than arms sales to non-donor nations. The Saudi warplanes currently being used to commit war crimes in Yemen are compliments of Hillary’s arms peddling. As a reward a year after her colossal war-making deal, the Saudi king gifted Hillary a half million dollar necklace, the most expensive gift given to any government official in 2012. So it’s self-evident why the Saudi royals have their money on Madame Hillary’s house of ill repute engaging in an orgy of corruption and warmongering that guarantee the next world war’s coming sooner than later.

And the money pot kept rolling in for Hillary not just from oil-rich Gulf State ISIS-supporting dictatorships but from arms makers themselves. Two months prior to the sweet Saudi deal Hillary’s Foundation received $900,000 from Boeing. And why not, all the top military industrial complex corporations received ungodly amounts of business totaling $163 billion while Hillary was heading the State Department (2009-2012). The Obama-Hillary regime outsold arms sales by 143% over the previous war criminals the Cheney-Bush duo.

No wonder Hillary refuses to comment on those 28 missing pages that point the finger at her bedfellows. The rather lame, feeble excuse Obama cited as his reason for opposing the bill making the Saudis liable was that it would jeopardize the legal safety of US personnel serving abroad in the military, government and corporations which is a polite way of dodging the bullet that would open a torrential floodgate of litigation to rightfully hold US Empire accountable for all its heinous crimes against humanity in places like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan racking up a war kill of up to 30 million people just since World War II.

And if the United States killing machine’s not evil enough, Empire’s favorite partner-in-crime Israel is about to receive its largest military aid package in history. With the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that spells out the yearly amount of US taxpayer dollars to be doled out over the next decade set to expire in 2018, the Obama regime reacted to increasing pressures from Israel, AIPAC, and the US Senate with a White House spokesperson declaring:

We are prepared to sign an MOU with Israel that would constitute the largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history.

So much for holding apartheid murderers accountable. Though the exact figure has not been released yet, Israel has been demanding the annual aid package to be raised from $3.1 billion to a whopping $4-4.5 billion so that more Palestinians can be massacred in its ethnic cleansing policy. In a global system where evil only gets rewarded, the ruling elite has everything now meticulously in place, the scam of the UN climate change accord fostering world governance signed by 171 nations now, the two latest trade agreements (TTP and TTIP) quietly being pushed through, the Western nations militarizing and preparing for a global war against the militarizing Eastern powers of Russia, China and Iran all timed perfectly to explode when the global economy collapses.