Some Criminals are More Equal Than Others

Well, well, well…check out former politician Dennis Hastert. Evidently, the man was doing to teen boys what him and his political co-workers do to the entire country. Not to minimize the crimes for which this former member of the political overlords has been convicted, which are disgusting, horrifying, and deserve a lot more jail time than this fat cat got. Evidently, former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert “earned” the dubious honor of being one of the highest-ranking politicians in American history to be sentenced to prison. As if this dude got a REAL prison sentence for the crimes!!! Hastert pleaded guilty last fall to trying to BRIBE someone with a whopping $3.5 million to keep the sexual abuse of teenage boys a secret. He was sentenced Wednesday to 15 months in prison, sex offender treatment, two years of supervised release after his time behind bars and a $250,000 fine that will go to a crime victims fund. Oh, boy, yeah, he’s really going to rot in jail, what? People get longer jail terms for having less than an ounce of weed in some states and they haven’t harmed so much as a gnat. I bet the feds jail a person longer for allegedly cheating on their taxes.

The 74-year-old Illinois Republican was the nation’s longest-serving GOP speaker and was second in the line of succession to the presidency. Hey, is it just me? Or does it seem like the desire to run for president, or being in the succession to become so, might be the deep-seated expression of a need to dominate and abuse people in a criminal way? Ok, so there’s that. But has anyone noticed that some animals are equal than others in this here barnyard? Right, if this was just some shmoe of the streets, they’d have socked that joker away for fifteen years. Or at least more than 15 frickin’ months! I mean, ol’ “Full Nelson” over there can do fifteen months standing on his head. What, they’ll put him in with the general population? Nope! He won’t even see a genuine holding cell. He’ll go off to the same place they stash other federal exiles that need to be comfy and cozy while being “punished” for their crimes until we forget about them and they get parole and then a pardon. I bet he doesn’t do more than five months, tops before they release him because of his “health”. Everyone else can die in jail, but the politically-connected cannot have so much as a headache in there before being released for “health” reasons.

Check out the “fine” the government is making him pay! Look at this, what, $250 G’s?! Hey man, this dude was fixing to pay $3.5 MILLION DOLLARS just to keep this whole thing quiet! But the government is only going to ding him for a couple hundred-and-a-half grand?! Excuse me, but some animals are equal than others and especially the porkers down in Pappy Potomac’s Congress Critter Corral. If this wasn’t such a deeply disturbing crime, we could laugh. As it is, I’d like to puke. Not just over what this guy did, but what he has gotten away with, aided and abetted by the United States “Just Us” system.

If you were wondering whether or not the government does not need to follow the laws you do, put those wonders to rest. If one of them gets caught in such a way that the government can’t sweep it under the rug and so they must—dang it!—prosecute the guy and you wonder if the CONVICTED CRIMINAL will see genuine jail time, put those wonders to rest. The media reports this like “just us” was served here. Pardon me, but JUSTICE is not something the United States government is overly familiar with. What they just showed us here is not only are they above the law but if caught, they can manipulate the law to get off with a “fix it ticket”. They want to invoke some “statute of limitations” here, too, in regards to his sexual predation of peoples’ kids. Excuse me, but is this not the SAME government still whining and bringing up crap Iran did in 1979 and only just got over what Cuba did in 1962?!

Here sits the government, wailing and whining about the Middle East. “Oh, the injustice! Oh, and look at Bashar al-Assad over there! And the Supreme Leader of Iran!” No, how about we look at the tyrants over HERE that basically let a pedophile off with a slap-on-the-wrist and a fine lower than the bribe he was going to pay because the guy was government-connected? As in, “one of theirs”. It would be interesting to see how many times this joker stood up there at a podium and preached “morality” and so on to us, the people these more-equal people prey upon. And it isn’t that he’s “accused” of these crimes, he’s been convicted of them. Meaning, the evidence was so overwhelming, not even the government hush-teams and scandal rendition squads couldn’t make it disappear into the Guantanamo of cover-ups. Oh, but let’s worry about Assad and Putin and some ayatollah who aren’t preying upon American children like our own politicians do.

Are we in denial, or what? We keep buying into this malarkey that it’s Assad and Putin and some ayatollah that are endangering us when a government that puts itself above the law is the most dangerous thing there is to the country it rules. They are above the law. After all, if they can murder American citizens with drones or jail them indefinitely without a trial, child molestation can obviously be in that series of crimes they can get away with because they just want the rest of us to “move on” and forget it. Like the way, they got away with torturing people. Hey man, we executed German and Japanese war criminals for that! Not only are some animals more equal than others, but some war criminals are also more equal than others.

People wonder why I don’t vote. Because I don’t want to run the risk of having voted for a guy like that! It’s too risky because they all compromise their integrity to enter that hog waller we call our “government” in the first place. Them sitting up there justifying themselves like the hypocrites they are, pointing fingers at others who truly are their betters even if they are the leaders of other countries. Democracy, they say. Right, sure it is! A majority of scoundrels and scumbags in our political system has overwhelmingly voted—off the record, of course—that they are above the law. There, you wanted democracy? You got it. Plus, a Just Us system based on the rule of law: One for us, and another for them. Or, rather, an absence of law for them.

Gosh, that fine he has to pay sure must hurt! There goes that renovation of his yacht. He’ll have to cancel his “Single Malt Scotch Club For Men” membership, I guess. Oh, but wait! He had over $3 million bucks just laying around as make-it-go-away money. Gee, he’ll just have the scotch delivered to his room in Federal Country Club and Prison along with his subscription to “Boys Wrestling Journal”. Meanwhile, Just Us will be served and the federal government will continue to enforce marijuana laws even in states that have voted to join the 21st century and legalize it, even if just for medical use. Just Us. A quaint notion in these United States. With liberty and justice…for some.