US Beats the War Drums

The  U.S. is a Failed Empire in free fall financially, economically and politically at home and around the world, very similar to the U.K  Global Empire a century and more ago.

The U.S. is  using stupid war drums, political pronuncio BS and so on in its Monopoly Media to deceive its captive ignoramuses into believing that the U.S. Global Empire is powerful and growing at no risk to the captives.

China and Russia and their growing Global Alliance are arming themselves to fend off any last-ditch desperate attacks by  the dying U.S. Giant. They are also reordering their vast societies to be more  self-contained to prevent any U.S. economic strangulation moves from forcing them to surrender, as Iran and Cuba, et al. have done at least on the surface.

This makes the  U.S. more desperate to terrorize them into submission, so the  U.S. takes more deadly risks.

We have an escalating  U.S. war-monger series of threats against Russia, China, and their allies.

They respond more forcefully to try to make the dying Giant stop his war-mongering race with them.

I think the U.S. is hurting itself around the world with all of these lies and threats and attacks. Europeans are especially angry at the  U.S. over it.

The  U.S. is also speeding up the destruction of its own monetary and financial, economic and political foundations with these insane, warmongering threats.

The U.K. used some very stupid and vicious attacks on Indians and other freedom devotees, such as the slaughter of unarmed Indians. These sped up the implosion of the Empire, which the   U.S. took over. thereby rapidly increasing the hatred of the U.S. in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. There were terrorist attacks against the U.K. in the Middle East, but not against the  U.S. until the  U.S. became the hated Empire. Now we cannot even feel sure these maddened terrorists will not get a stolen nuclear weapon or some biological super weapon to use against Washington or some other great U.S. city.

The CIA has always known, and Chalmers Johnson, a former CIA analyst, warned  us. that the vast BLOWBACK from our global attacks on other nations can destroy us.

Actually, we may be destroying ourselves with AUTOMATIC BLOWBACKS from our attacks around the world. Vietnam was an extreme warning of this. We did not defeat N. Vietnam in that vast war we carried out against them. We defeated ourselves at home and around the world.

I think we are doing the same thing on a quieter, deeper level of our foundations when we start a new WORLD WAR AGAINST PEACEFUL AND COOPERATIVE RUSSIA, CHINA AND THEIR ALLIES WORLDWIDE.