The Handi-Racker ~ Pretty Darn Handy!



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Grimes, IA – Handi-Racker is one effortless way to rack the slide on most any semi-auto pistol.

Yes, most of us can rack a slide with our hands. But for those with arthritis, weak or small hands, or who may be disabled (even missing an appendage), slide operation can be difficult or impossible! Handi-Racker makes these problems disappear.

Simply place the Handi-Racker atop the slide and place the front of the Handi-Racker against any firm surface and push the pistol forward and the slide is effortlessly functioned.

The Handi-Racker also makes it effortless to clear a hard-stuck jam, and when disassembling or reassembling, Handi-Racker makes it easy to hold the slide rearward while removing or replacing pins and/or levers. And of course, Handi Racker Beretta Check Amazon for Pricing. it makes it easier to lock a slide back on a heavy spring pistol.

CNC machined from an extruded block of high-density, tough-as-nails pistol finish-protecting polyethylene, the patented Handi-Racker is designed for many years of hard use. Handi-Racker comes in two sizes that fit 90 percent of the most popular semi-automatics currently manufactured. Pick the one you need at (Note: The popular Beretta 92 series requires a separate model due to its exposed barrel construction.)

Handi-Racker CEO Chris McAnich says, “Look at it this way – you probably have power steering in your car, so think of the Handi-Racker as power steering for pistols; less work, more fun.”


  • Material: High-density polyethylene
  • Functions: Loading, locking slide to the rear, clearing jams, disassembly/reassembly.
  • MSRP: $29.99

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