Rescuing America From Itself

Last week, Kurdish authorities rescued 16-year-old Marlin Stivani Nivarlain at the behest of the Swedish government. Like something out of an SNL sketch, she had emigrated to northern Iraq because her boyfriend joined ISIS and she thought it would be fun. It wasn’t. “In the house, we didn’t have anything, no electricity, no water,” she told a Kurdistan news channel, “nothing.” I’m reminded of the complaining millennials who regretted joining ISIS after they realized their iPods don’t work there (also a comedy sketch). These aren’t just some esoteric examples of a tiny minority of young people who go astray. It’s what’s happening to the Western world. The assumption that we suck is forcing us to abandon everything and replace it with…shit.

“Move over and let us replace you” is a common mantra from young liberals. “Full communism,” “End capitalism,” and “End white supremacy” are also big. They’re interesting concepts at first glance until you realize they’re basing all this on the assumption that No. 2 is even in the same universe as No. 1. Marita Koch did the 400m in 47.6 seconds back in 1985. Sanye Richards is second-best, but she’s a full second behind Koch, which is a lifetime in sprinting. It’s unlikely Marita’s world record will ever be broken. The modern left is essentially a bunch of handicapped teenagers in wheelchairs barking at Koch to get the hell off the track—only way more dangerous.

In 2008, Italian performance artist Pippa Bacca decided we had the Middle East all wrong. Muslims aren’t maniacal rapists with no respect for human life. They’re angels sent from God to love us. To prove this she began hitchhiking from Italy to Turkey while wearing a wedding dress. Shortly after she arrived in Istanbul, Bacca was raped and strangled to death. Authorities found her naked corpse thrown in the dirt like a piece of garbage. “Trust is a very human factor,” Pippa’s sister said of the mission. “She believed that to understand people, you had to get to know them.” That’s precisely the problem. They don’t know them. All they know is an idea of them and they made up that idea in their own mind.

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