LRC's Top 10 Best-Read for February 2016

1. If You Carry a Gun in America
5 things a criminal defense lawyer wants you to know. Article by Marc J. Victor.
2. Far Worse Than the Mafia
Roger Stone talks to Lew about the Bush Crime Family.
3. The Entire World Is About To Get Hammered
And most people are going to suffer, this time, says Jim Rogers.
4. The Fraud of Democratic Socialism
Dom Armentano on Bernie Sanders.
5. The Miracle of a Baby’s Growth to Manhood
Since it’s impossible, there must be Something Else involved, says Fred Reed.
6. Hillary: Headed for the Slammer
Or just defeat? Article by Andrew P. Napolitano.
7. Must-Haves for Off-the-Grid Living
Lisa Bedford on 23 kitchen items.
8. Hillary vs. The Donald
Hoo boy. Article by Patrick J. Buchanan.
9. Mysterious Death
Antonin Scalia.
10. Lessons for Dealing With the American Stasi
From victims of the Communist secret police. Article by L. Reichard White.

Jeb! and the Bush Crim... Roger Stone, Saint Joh... Best Price: $0.49 Buy New $7.48 (as of 05:15 UTC - Details)

Concealed Carry Legal ... U.S. Concealed Carry A... Best Price: $5.00 Buy New $6.99 (as of 08:15 UTC - Details)

Suicide of a Superpowe... Buchanan, Patrick J. Best Price: $2.00 Buy New $10.78 (as of 01:50 UTC - Details)

Suicide Pact: The Radi... Napolitano, Andrew P. Best Price: $0.25 Buy New $2.84 (as of 04:15 UTC - Details)