LRC's Top 10 Best-Read for January 2016

1. I Was Brought Up To Believe a Lot of Lies
Now the truth is getting out. Article by Bionic Mosquito.
2. Hillary’s Nightmare
Will it come true? Article by Andrew P. Napolitano.
3. Thinking of Moving to Mexico?
Fred Reed has a detailed guide for you.
4. The Big Short’s Michael Burry on the Coming Crash
Who’s to blame, and who’ll pay the price. Article by Hunter Lewis.
5. The Fat-Burning Hormone
It can transform you, says Kat James.
6. 6 Ways To Get Ready for the Collapse
It will be worse than ‘08 and last longer, says Tess Pennington.
7. Surviving Star Wars
And the rest of left-wing pop culture. Article by Gavin McInnes.
8. The New World Order Is in Intensive Care
Gary North on the good news from Davos.
9. 10 Astounding Health Finds
At Article by Bill Sardi.
10. Disgusted by the Germans
After decades of defending them. Article by Paul Gottfried.

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