Deep State’s Draconian Measures To Criminalize Citizens

Western federal governments, transnational corporations and the globalist agenda behind them have coalesced its reign of terror into one monolithically centralized authoritarian power that since 9/11 has obliterated centuries old constitutions that in the US all federal, military and law enforcement personnel took sworn oaths to protect and defend. What we now have are power hungry, oath-betraying despots dispersed around the globe who’ve demonstrated by their earthly misdeeds to be out-and-out traitors for failing to comply with both their oath – a criminal US offense in and of itself – as well as their national constitutions. But even more treasonous, they’ve failed to protect and defend their nations and people from enemies both foreign and domestic. But clearly it is they who pose the most dangerous threat to the United States and every other sovereign nation since they’ve only demonstrated that they are in fact the domestic enemy of every betrayed nation’s people. In their bloodthirsty lust for absolute tyrannical control, the international powers-that-shouldn’t-be have been systematically criminalizing every group and person perceived to stand in the way or oppose the traitors’ horrendous abuse of power.

This weekend a Reuters article made the MSM case that a growing number of disgruntled current and former federal employees are unhappy with how the Department of Justice and FBI have not come down hard or quickly enough on the Bundy boys starting with their April 2014 Nevada case when rancher Cliven Bundy refused to pay grazing fees to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Reuters piece reflects the apparent perception of many government insiders that the feds are only demonstrating weakness by their reluctance and delay to prosecute the guilty that in turn only sends the message to embolden “lawbreaking rightwing militants” personified by the two younger Bundy sons to defiantly act out even more. They believe the lack of response to the 2014 Nevada case has spurred on the Bundy’s and their angry rightwing citizen activists to currently spearhead the rural Oregon standoff where armed protestors have taken over an isolated federal wildlife refuge building.

The Bundy boys and their activist followers have rushed to the aid and support of a father-son duo as the two imprisoned Oregon ranchers who apparently have been unfairly prosecuted and sentenced to five years for alleged arson on federal land. For years it turns out the Oregon ranchers had been cooperating with BLM on mutually controlled fires on their adjacent lands. Several years ago one of the controlled burns that was started to counter a lightening fire from destroying their own home accidentally spread to apparently burn just one acre of BLM property. Swift arrests using an antiterrorism law were made in a thinly veiled effort by feds to grab rancher land. Their punitive 5-year prison sentence turned the two ranchers into persecuted martyrs that the Bundy supporters opportunistically seized upon to rally public attention and support for another round of “individual ranchers’ rights versus the overreaching government 2” or as MSM describes “lawbreaking armed militants versus a restrained government just trying to enforce the letter of the law.”

Meanwhile to show how unjust this Oregon case is, a fire in Alaska started by the US military during a live training exercise against the local fire chief’s recommendation and without seeking BLM permission burned over 85,000 acres of federal land, destroyed multiple buildings, caused many residents to evacuate and endangered their health and lives along with millions of dollars’ worth of damage, yet because it was the military at fault, no prosecutions followed.

The far bigger issue here is that since 9/11 Washington has usurped individual citizen rights and nearly overnight turned the government from a once democratic republic into a fascist totalitarian police state and the oppressed, abused American people are fast reaching the breaking point of armed rebellion, all by carefully plotted federalist/globalist design. The central powers’ sinister game has been to intentionally push fed up Americans over the edge with each passing year its militarized police force continuing to terrorize and murder mounting numbers of unarmed Americans (over a thousand in 2015 alone), launching an all-out war against its own citizens of every political persuasion on both left and right by lumping them together to identify the whole lot as so called “radicalized extremists.” This long awaited, plotted scenario sets the stage for the next major false flag crisis to break out, giving more than ample enough excuse for the feds to use deadly force to quell the citizen uprising and subsequently spread civil disturbance across the nation in order to declare martial law that will readily pave the way toward one world government and ultimately formalize a New World Order slavery over the entire human species on this planet.

This presentation will uncover the methodical layout of increasingly oppressive actions that the US federal government has aggressively pursued in order to demonize and label more and more individuals and groups as part of its growing list of targeted “enemies of the state.” But an identical argument can be made from anywhere within the West because this unfolding story is exactly the same throughout North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and the imperialistically dominated Third World where the very same international crime cabal led by central banks and a handful of globalist families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have been calling the shots causing Western wars at will and controlling Western history for centuries.

In her insightful historical analysis of “Ten Steps to Close Down an Open Society,” Naomi Wolf cites step #1 to “invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.” Under the ruse of counterterrorism, the West has been busily placing its own citizens in its surveillance crosshairs while under disingenuous humanitarian pretense opening borders to millions of unvetted migratory refugees from war ravaged Middle East and North Africa given free security clearance to enter Western nations as the globalist latest cooked up recipe for untold disaster still to come. In this preplanned, orchestrated insanity, with one fell swoop both internal and external enemies have been effectively invoked.

Shortly after 9/11 the definition of those individuals deemed enemies of the state was limited strictly to “terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.” Then in the ensuing years such nebulous, all-inclusive labels as “belligerents” and “enemy combatants” have most recently given way to the feds’ term currently in favor – “radicalized extremists.” Over the last decade the expanding parameters of who gets targeted as “radicalized” has evolved literally into anyone who in any way opposes the federal government tyranny.

Criminalizing citizens can now be applied to homeowners who choose to grow vegetables and fruits on their own front or backyard property or neighbors who elect to collect rainwater with an open barrel. Increasingly it’s unlawful to conserve rainwater collected on your own land for your own personal use even in such drought-stricken Western states as California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Colorado as well as Florida. Or now being a Good Samaritan desiring to feed the homeless in a local public park is becoming a lawbreaker in many municipalities. Draconian laws to gain absolute control in Western nations have been steadily proliferating under the phony guise of national security and counterterrorism.

One key strategy employed by the ruling elite facilitating totalitarian tyranny can be observed in the unholy union between Big Pharma’s push to manipulate and control psychiatry and the medical establishment by “psychopathologizing” virtually every man, woman and child with some diagnostic label that deems them mentally ill and/or mentally incompetent. The exponential rise of diagnosable disorders at the disposal of mental health practitioners to falsely label increasing numbers of people with diagnostic disorders from the latest deluxe edition of their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is yet another sinister, pathological means of population control. 2013’s DSM-5 is the latest 947-page Big Pharma-sponsored WMD masquerading as the official “shrink” bible. Fortunately a number of critics from the psychiatric field itself have raised formidable opposition. In a New York Times op-ed article psychiatrist Allen Frances stated that the 2013 DSM-5 will “medicalize normality and result in a glut of unnecessary and harmful drug prescription.”

As a prime example illustrating just how mislabeling healthy individuals has become so insanely extreme in its malfeasance, if we dare to express concern over what we put inside our bodies by way of food intake in front of the wrong mental health professional, we’re liable to be slapped with a psychiatric disorder that now renders us mentally diseased with orthorexia nervosa. Moreover, medical schools in North America have been completely taken over by corrupt Big Parma money and psychiatrists have been relegated to becoming nothing less than Big Pharma’s army of label-pushing, drug-pushing whores.

As another absurd example, those of us who still practice critical thinking skills and exhibit nonconforming behavior are increasingly viewed and judged by diagnosticians as mentally ill. “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” is the label attached to anyone who dares to challenge authority or is a free thinker refusing to succumb to the growing pressures to conform to the mindless herd. We are living in a mixed up age of depravity and perversion that’s degenerated into codified acceptable norms, where everything in this new world matrix is deceptively reversed from the way it should be, where bad is good and good is bad. The red pill is bad but globalist Huxley’s blue soma pill proves far worse. Zombified unthinking robots who are conditioned to simply do what they’re told while addictively fixated on their electronic gadgetry are considered the so called normals while those who see the insanely artificial bullshit for what it really is and refuse to conform are branded deviants, abnormal and potential radicalized terrorists or simply dismissed and ridiculed as conspiracy nuts. The divide and rule formula for labeling undesirables as practiced by the elite is performing a masterful brainwash of the masses like Pavlov’s dogs.

To see how far over the edge the populace has become as controlled automatons, look around at any international airport and notice over 90% of the people are all mesmerized by their electronic button-pushing toys. Empirical studies show that such chronic enrapture with radiation spewing, mind control boxes are posing serious health hazards from actually changing the DNA structure and damaging the human brain, drastically reducing male sperm count, to causing rising cancer rates, and in effect dumbing down Americans in both test scores and capacity to think freely and critically. Of course all this is by diabolical grand design too. An unthinking global population has already become the stupefied twenty-first century captive slave, victim of another soft kill WMD delivered by the ruling elite.

Speaking of massive psychopathology, there are so many overlapping common symptoms in mental disorders especially amongst the most “popular” clinical diagnoses like “bipolar disorder” that mental health diagnosticians operating with far less empirical evidence than their medical world counterpart base their diagnoses on just a few reported, “observable” behaviors to arrive at their all-important diagnoses. Such subjective judgment holding such profoundly dire consequences potentially for so many humans under increasing medical tyranny undeniably results in pervasive misdiagnoses at highly disturbing rates. The epidemic of fake diagnoses amongst children like ADHD hooking them on harmful, powerful, mind-altering drugs at such a young age is a tragic travesty of justice. In my several decades of clinical experience working in the trenches as a licensed therapist in Southern California, I observed psychiatrists meeting their patients for the first time and after only five minutes already coming up with their Axis I diagnoses complete with a prescribed multiple psychotropic medication regimen. And alarmingly, the know-it-all doctor all too frequently is getting it all wrong. With both psychology and neuroscience still in their infancy, pseudo-science stage, the mental health system still remains extremely barbaric and primitive in both scope and knowledge and increasingly criminal in its practice.

Yet in a closed totalitarian system where appalling life judgments and sentences are flippantly handed out like condoms, and where drugs are used for sinister social engineering, control purposes, the mental health system as largely practiced in the West has long been an embedded, disgracefully destructive institution. And with Obama’s recent calls for more gun control combined with this fast descending culture of medical tyranny within the totalitarian matrix, all this has frighteningly deep state implications for rampant horror and abuse. Wanton violation of privacy, consent and lack of due process combined with arbitrary misjudgment by an abusive medical-statist authoritarianism smacks of yet more Orwellian nightmare.

The number of mental disorders has skyrocketed from the first DSM in 1952 of only 106 to DSM-5’s 357 disorders today. Just in the last fifty years alone 227 new ways to label, stigmatize and sentence people with lifelong mental illness and dangerously addictive, damaging psychotropic drugs are actually causing Americans’ premature death. Furthermore, Big Pharma drugs carry severe cumulative side effects and on top of all that, they largely don’t even work, either keeping people sick or making them worse, or even killing them. For the first time the average overall lifespan of Americans is beginning to drop. In fact today it’s become such an enormous epidemic that drug overdose from prescription medications has now become the leading cause of death in America involved in over 52% of all recorded deaths.

When you realize that 70% of US citizens are now regularly drugged, taking highly addictive, potentially lethal prescription medications on a daily basis that merely smother symptoms rarely if ever actually healing the underlying malady’s causes, it’s not surprising that we’re dying younger. To compound the matter, just look at all the slow kill methodsthe ruling elite has in its ever-expanding arsenal – fluoride, mercury, vaccines, chemtrails, Monsanto’s pervasive glyphosate poisoning and its GMO’s, nutrition-dead processed radiated foods, radiated oceans, the toxic, cumulative buildup that’s been destroying our very living habitat for more than a century, our increasing rat race stressors staying afloat to make ends meet in an ever growing world of impoverishment marked by an unprecedented ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Throughout his now seven years as president, Obama has been busily signing one executive order after the next giving himself dictatorial rights. He alone has issued more restrictive executive orders using such legally binding language as “shall” and “must” than the last six administrations combined. Whenever he fails to gain congressional support as in his OCD gun control obsession, Obama simply makes his own laws which amidst the 2014 Ebola scare outbreak included rounding up of individuals suffering from respiratory ailments. Under Obama’s watch the roundup of the homeless has also begun. His across-the-boards, thinly veiled agenda is again to grant the deep state Luciferian authority to deem anyone mentally unfit, certifiably crazy, deviant, infirm or otherwise undesirable, thus branding virtually anyone and everyone as suitable candidates for institutional lockup at their local FEMA prison camp.

Under the pretext of the next false flag crisis or two, with the first sign of major civil unrest, martial law will be declared and the long dreaded roundups will begin in earnest. And the extremely volatile, ongoing standoff currently in Oregon between armed rancher advocates and BLM/FBI/Special Ops’s snipers positioned ever-at-the-ready in a moment’s notice could become the explosive spark that ignites America’s second civil war between its populace that’s legitimately grown so angry, sick and tired of being victimized by its viciously abusive, probing and prodding criminal government. America is currently teetering on this sad and tragic cliff and but a gunshot away in Oregon or the next Ferguson or Baltimore. The Disunited State’s powder keg’s ready to blow. Meanwhile, literally for decades the feds have been methodically preparing their big guns for this very day of US reckoning.

Just when Americans are fighting back against its overreaching government in the Oregon face off, it’s no accident that Obama chooses to roll out his “biggest guns” ever in order to resume his relentlessly creeping agenda to confiscate America’s weapons, even arrogantly claiming gun control to be among his wish list legacies. True to form, as the world’s biggest arms dealer responsible for countless dirty secret wars killing thousands on the planet, the hypocrite is bent on paving the way for gun confiscation in America through any means necessary. Criminalizing private gun ownership in America while militarizing police for counterinsurgency combat waged on US soil has been both Obama and his masters’ longtime globalist plan.

In so many words dictator Obama stated, “We cannot wait for Congress to get in line with me on gun control,” in his attempt to justify his latest end-around executive orders to control private ownership of guns in America. His call for stricter background checks will mean bureaucratic red tape ensuring that the Second Amendment right to defend oneself and family will ultimately be dead on arrival. National gun registration entails any transfer by either sale or gift from one family member to another. It involves a whole new level of extrajudicial mandate for spying and snitching that undermines and destroys the fundamental principle of confidentiality and privacy between the doctor-patient relationship, attorney-client privilege and the any number of other legally protected scenarios.

Naomi Wolf’s second step to a closed society is “create a gulag.” This darkly paranoid culture that increasingly is pressuring Americans to spy, snitch and turn in their fellow neighbors for perceived homegrown extremism is fast descending upon the US like the Soviet Union’s Stalin-esque gulag state during the first globalist created cold war. Many in America are increasingly afraid to honestly speak out for fear of state recrimination. Keeping guns out of the hands of private citizens will manifest through prohibiting the sale to any Americans on a growing watch list that no doubt will include criminalized dissenters whose only “crime” is disagreeing with their criminal government, anyone with a medical condition or DSM diagnosis (which with today’s standards pretty much can arbitrarily cover everyone), those on both Social Security disability as well as those retirees needing some form of public assistance, the mounting list will be endless. And this drive to involve mental health/medical records for background checks opens a Pandora ’s Box, reinforcing the longtime stereotype that the so called mentally ill are far more violent than the so-called normal population when in fact exactly the opposite holds true.

Obama’s recent grandstanding gun control ploy is nothing less than his deceitful “backdoor” method to ultimately pave the way for NWO’s gun confiscation. Obama’s agenda is blatantly over-the-top just like his artificially induced tear displayed for the camera during his recent gun control speech (not unlike the faked tear for dramatic effect by actor William Hurt’s character in the film “Broadcast News”). The psychopathic actor in the Oval Office who isn’t even capable of genuine emotion is the biggest threat to America and in fact the entire world far more than all the lawful gun owners on this planet combined!

Meanwhile, results of a brand new Gallup poll asked 1000 Americans in all 50 states the open-ended question of what they believe America’s biggest problem is. Despite what Obama says, Americans ranked guns and gun control among their least pressing problems (19 out of the 23 problems generated) with just 2% of respondents even considering guns a problem. Fortunately the American people are no longer fooled by the never-ending, amateurishly staged false flag mass shootings where innocent citizens are in fact dying by preplanned state sponsored terrorism so Obama can relentlessly push his gun control agenda. In contrast, for the second year in a row Americans perceptively rank the overreaching, authoritarian US government intrusively invading and controlling their lives as their number one problem of all problems at 16%, even more than the bankrupted, ready to collapse house of cards economy (13%), the permanently high 25+% unemployment rate (8%), Obama’s open border immigration crisis (8%) and the hyped up worry over terrorism that’s also highest since just after 9/11.

With Obama signing into law the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), we citizens can have our homes broken into in the middle of the night by US military without a warrant, detain us indefinitely without charges, legal representation, due process or even a trial for as long the deep state desires. The Constitution and its once guaranteed rights to our civil liberties and privacy are on paper only, no longer practiced by our crime cabal government. Additionally, with his dictatorial executive orders circumventing both Congress and the American people, Obama has singlehandedly undermined the Founding Father’s checks and balances system. The federal government no longer operates as a democratic republic but in recent years has rapidly degenerated into a full-blown oligarchy, clearly serving the interests of the 1% ruling elite and no longer the interests of its own citizen electorate.

The Supreme Court’s decision to permit billionaires to legally buy off politicians with no oversight or limits ensured the fascist takeover of our once democratic institution. In April 2014 the SCOTUS chose to move America into further deep state tyranny by electing not to rule on an Appeals Court to overturn a lower district court decision that would have nullified the 2012 NDAA. Furthermore, the long practiced divide and rule game of pitting so called Democrats versus Republicans in phony rigged elections continues only to serve the elite deceptively giving voters a false illusion of choice when in fact the elite as the controlling gatekeeper to power in the US already has long cherry picked the president and key Congress members prior to their election. And with the oppressive draconian measures overtly conscripted into law since 9/11 along with bringing counterinsurgency war home to roost with the systematic militarization of law enforcement at every level, including FDA and EPA SWAT teams, and Social Security Administration buying up hollow point bullets, Americans now find themselves sinking deeper into totalitarian police state quicksand.

The government’s absurd lengths and extremism to turn average, every day, honest, hardworking, law-abiding citizens into deep state criminals is all too obvious. Through criminalization the totalitarian police state intends to arbitrarily use the plethora of trumped up charges, Orwellian laws and branding labels on watch lists to detain, imprison and even murder fellow Americans as mere expendables, as Kissinger would say “useless eaters” deemed part of the growing throwaway population. For many decades the ruling elite has been executing a not so secret eugenics plan to drastically reduce the global population by 90% through a WMD arsenal of both hard and soft kill methods. UN Agenda 2030 , UN Agenda 21 and America 2050 all foretell how under the NWO buzzword “sustainability,” deep state (since the US will no longer be a sovereign nation) will herd the diminishing American population into “stack and pack” hi-risers in 11 controlled bicoastal urban living zones and 50% land grab all private property from the vast interior, no longer inhabited designated wilderness sections of North America in order to extract whatever valuable natural resources remain under its topsoil. The one world slave system of absolute control permeates all the UN’s euphemistic lies and deception touting false promises for a secure, rosy future for all of us earthlings in a kumbaya utopia.

Thus in countless ways the ruling elite has been methodically and meticulously setting the stage for the criminalization of certain targeted Americans. Aside from criminalizing law-abiding gun owners and marginalizing the vast majority of the population with harmful mental disorders and lethal drugs that include eugenically mandated vaccines, a systematic attack to criminalize health food products and vitamin/herbal supplements has also been waged in recent years in this country. Armed for full combat, FDA SWAT teams representing Big Pharma have been harassing, raiding and arresting owners of food co-ops, organic farms and health food industry business owners in order to eliminate free choice for health-minded consumers who desire non-toxic food seeking more affordable and effective alternative health practices. For over a century the elites have never been advocates of a free and open market as the industrial robber barons never failed to resort to great lengths to eliminate and kill off all competition that otherwise might threaten their mega-monopolies, operating in anything but a free enterprise system.

Because Big Pharma drugs and health care costs in America are atrociously the highest in the world, the alternative medicine and herbal-vitamin supplement industry have been steadily growing in recent decades. As a result, many small farms and businesses have been raided particularly targeting raw milk distributors as the goons’ excuse to create such lengthy litigation nightmares and criminal recrimination designed to viciously drive the deliverers of healthier choices out of business altogether. While the FDA regularly allows harmful pharmaceuticals on the market before undergoing any rigorous clinical research trials, in effect permitting Big Pharma that owns the FDA a free pass much to public detriment and harm, the absorbent fines, unfair legal regulations that legislators and FDA impose on small health businesses and the perpetual harassment with their criminal Gestapo tactics are designed to eliminate once again consumer choice and any and all Big Pharma competition. But then all of this is simply the heinous machinations of a fascist international crime cabal government in bed with transnational corporations churning out nation-killing TPP and TTIP while dancing to the marching order tunes of the oligarchs. The obvious fast track intent is to destroy America and all national sovereignty globally in order to install its long plotted one world government.

Criminalizing dissent in the West has been high priority business in recent years especially since 9/11. A federal militarized law enforcement coordinated by the FBI, working with antiterrorism task forces and local police departments across the nation and beyond violently crushed the Occupy Movement in 2011 and 2012. Using outlawed tear gas (banned by an international chemical weapons treaty), a systematic concerted effort was rolled out to physically beat, arrest and detain thousands of protestors from peaceful assembly to exercise their First Amendment rights both here in America as well as US sponsoring state repression abroad. At the same time combat equipment and weapons were being removed from the foreign battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, “gifted” to local police forces transformed into wartime combat units deployed for war on US streets against American citizens who have been targeted as enemy insurgents aka tagged as homegrown domestic terrorists. Overnight in America free speech rights have been criminalized and reframed as domestic terrorism.

The FBI’s notorious COINTELPRO operations of the 1960’s and 1970’s involving unconstitutional covert surveillance, infiltration and targeted harassment of Vietnam War protestors, American Indian Movement and Black Panther Party members never actually left. These subversive illegal tactics began resurfacing in the 1980’s in the form of antiterrorism task forces and were further developed and implemented throughout the 1990’s with such unlawful federalized false flag operations as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing killing a half dozen and injuring over 1000, 1993’s Waco’s Branch Davidian massacre murdering over 80 family members, the devastatingly lethal 1995’s Oklahoma City bombingkilling 168, and the brutal police attacks against peaceful demonstrators at Seattle’s 1999 World Trade Organization meeting.

By the inside 9/11 job and the readymade roll out of the Patriot Act (much of it already written in the 1980’s) under the anthrax threat that originated from an inside government source, the startup of Homeland Security taking over FEMA operations, covert use of private security defense contractors promoting the cancerous growth of the security industrial complex, fusion centers plastered in every state and major municipality, and the NSA’s more-is-better bulk data storage using unlawful, highly invasive surveillance to track our every move, and there went America’s fast disappearing freedom of speech to air grievances in public or private protest. And to top it off, all this gluttonous spending doesn’t even stop terrorism in America because it’s all been state sponsored (i.e., the very security apparatus ostensibly designed to prevent terrorism is covertly responsible for delivering it through false flag operations).

Then the large-scale Empire invasions and decade plus protracted occupations of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars dragging on even to this day managed to outlast the initial surge from a worldwide antiwar movement just prior to the March 2003 volunteer army led invasion that quickly petered out despite the exposed neocon WMD lies that got us into our “endless war on terror” mess. To further crush dissent in the first decade of 21st century America, at all the Democratic and Republican national conventions the feds began aggressively raiding and arresting protestors at where they lived prior to the event in combination with creating so-called “free speech zones” where public protests were largely neutralized, limited to distant areas far away from the protested events. Now the powers-that-shouldn’t-be simply blatantly pull off another 9/11 event – like November’s Friday the 13th in Paris, subsequently sealing off the border preventing any protestors from entering the country so the elites could quietly meet to formulate their one world government takeover using their climate change hoax as their false pretense.

The influx in recent years of police killing unarmed black American males in cities around country sparked the Ferguson, New York City and Baltimore protests that in turn led to yet more police brutality and outbreaks of both civil and racial unrest, further exacerbated by the acquittals and nonarrests of the murdering white policemen. The Justice Department has allowed militant murderous cops to conspicuously continue their unending killing spree with virtually total impunity. As a result, the activist watchdog group Black Lives Matter sprang up in opposition and federal law enforcement quickly retaliated by unleashing yet more targeted harassment and covert surveillance. COINTELPRO never left, it just got bigger.

This extreme authoritarian oppression has only been further fueled by American police receiving counterterrorism training from the masters of lethal brutality – the Israeli Apartheid security forces. A coordinated pattern keeps repeating itself of Hegelian deep state manufactured crises, tyrannical over-the-top provocation clearly intended to trigger even more violent unrest thanks to the millions invested by globalist George Soros to further enflame open rebellion which in turn leads to yet more restrictive draconian measures. This escalating cycle of mounting lockdown and control is a recurring process increasingly carried out in all Western nations. Peacefully assembled protestors are now subject to growing violence, injury, imprisonment and even death from the totalitarian police state never held accountable where clearly the citizens are the victimized enemy of deep state sponsored terror. The armed takeover in Oregon by patriot citizens is a consequence of the feds’ war on their own people.

Criminalizing freedom of religions like Christianity is becoming prevalent where worshippers in the military and elsewhere are prohibited from any overt expression reflecting their Christian views and beliefs. And God forbid you decorate your yard with a manger scene and wish your friends a Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. Jesus must be rolling over from his manger cradle to his grave with all this nauseating PC dogma. But then false “profits” and idolatry have become so central to the grand scheme perversion nowadays.

Then there’s the alleged secret infiltration of the Barack Hussein Obama’s administration by deep state’s twenty-first century bogeyman, “them there Muslims,” as declared by retired Admiral James A. Lyons as well as others, alluding to Obama and his CIA Director Brennan’s closeted Muslim brotherhood ties. Decades of Empire hired thugs posing as Islamic extremists all made in America, Israel and Saudi Arabia by the true axis-of-evil, their never-ending wars, their preplanned migration crises, growing hate crimes, war on Islam, race and religious wars are all just part of the grand NWO plan.

The long plotted chaos and destruction globally has the elite’s debt-based economy collapsing and World War III fast approaching. The West’s political correctness agenda has reached thought police level, not unlike deep state using pre-crime prognostication to eliminate future criminals and terrorists before they even commit a crime. Forget pre-crime, how about removing both proven past and present terrorists occupying the halls of Western governments? Definitely more evidence-based than any of their AI’s crystal ball algorithms.

As if our oppressive, overreaching government that Americans see as our biggest problem isn’t enough, three months ago the Department of Justice announced the creation of a domestic terrorism council to criminalize libertarians and constitutionalists as well as conservatives. Increasingly those of us who still believe America should adhere to its Founding Father’s rule of law are now targets for persecution while what’s left of our constitutional Amendments are being trampled to death.

First Amendment rights to a free press in America has been seriously eroded as well. Reporters Without Borders announced last year that the US has dropped to #49 in the world in press freedom. Of course in recent years globally more journalists are being imprisoned and killed and two thirds of the 180 nations ranked saw a decline in freedom of the press. With the 6-oligarch owned mega-media corps serving as the feds’ propaganda ministry, more people know better than to pay any attention to MSM as the internet alternative media, as skewed and infected with shills and moles as it is, still is the closest thing we have to learning the truth. But a whole TPP chapter’s devoted on how it too will be censored and controlled if it passes in the next month or two. If activism still means anything to us, then defeating it should be our first-line priority.

There are lots of courageous whistleblowers and truth telling journalists who saw evil and honorably tried to stop it. Some like Michael HastingsPhillip Marshall and Gary Webb knew too much and paid the ultimate price. Some have done time behind bars, others are currently serving sentences and many more no doubt will be imprisoned in the future, despite protection once guaranteed by the so called free press and existing whistleblower laws. Chelsea Manning saw war atrocities, exposed them and still has another thirty three years left in prison to kill. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for exposing the dirty truth is still holed up, trapped in a London Ecuadoran Embassy the last three years. Likewise going on three years, Edward Snowden is still hiding out somewhere in Russia. Many honest ethical truth tellers are still suffering from the harshly extreme consequences being made examples by the state for simply doing the right thing. From the start Obama has criminalized truth tellers from both journalistic as well as inside his own government ranks, charging more Americans for espionage than all other presidents combined and turning down a record number of freedom of information requests than any predecessor. The foremost enemy of any totalitarian state is the truth and the heroic truth tellers.

Then speaking of heroes, there are all the veterans, the brave patriots willing to die for their country who fresh off the battlefields are labeled our treasonous government’s number one homegrown terrorist based on the infamous 2009 Homeland Security document that the then Homeland Director Janet Napolitano vehemently defended. And so the globalist agenda is to simply lock up all activist-patriots before they can take over another federal building or mobilize a strong enough opposition to become a viable threat. Meanwhile, as plainly seen by the latest Gallup poll, all Americans want is for their tyrannical cabal government to leave its citizens alone with no more invasive, monstrously insane transgressions to dumb down, brainwash, control, incite fear and stress and force humanity into becoming global slaves for the ruling elite. But merely hoping and wishing the international crime cabal to cease its evildoing will not change anything. It requires active commitment by the informed citizens of the world to resist and openly challenge tyranny.

Did I mention home-schoolers? The oppressive system frowns upon any family that chooses to remain outside its matrix and control. Parents who refuse to allow their children’s minds to become polluted, corrupted and braindead by Common Core, unwilling to permit their own to be shaped and molded into another mindless cog in the collectivist wheel, not surprisingly those self-proclaimed outsiders are viewed as the enemy. Though home schooling is a challenge for most parents due to time and financial constraints, but more power to those families fortunate enough to be able to teach their “youngins” to think with an original and critical mind, to naturally question beliefs and concepts including the authoritarian dogma and PC dribble. And no matter what life throws at them they may still hold on to their God-given talents and creativity that could one day spark the next much needed human evolutionary revolution.

For over a century the feds have criminalized tax protestors. For those who flat out refuse to pay income tax in good conscience that invariably funds more Empire wars, the feds may still come after you with a vengeance. But there are creative ways some tax resisters and protestors avoid paying federal taxes with moderate risks involved. Then there are the hardliners who claim that the 1913 Federal Income Tax Act isn’t legally binding and that no constitutional law was ever ratified mandating citizens to pay taxes. Then that other sneekeroo bombshell called the Federal Reserve Act that the globalists slipped though that same fateful year 1913 when on the evening of December 22nd many lawmakers in the House were already in transit home for Christmas. The Senate passed the bill the next day with many of its members already absent as well.

Speaking of back taxes, if you get behind owing gov.corps fifty or more grand, as of a few months ago your passport can now be revoked and you will be sent home to pay up. The Secretary of State also can begin pulling passports without due process simply based on suspicion or accusation you could be involved in alleged terrorist activity abroad. Again, maximum leeway, discretion and power to deny citizens their universal right to travel without any tangible or legal evidence.

Then there’s Tea Party members and other conservative groups that Lois Lerner’s IRS henchmen targeted for harassment. Other conservative Americans also found themselves out of favor with the pro-abortion Obama regime, like the pro-lifers. During the inconvenience of the Planned Parenthood scandal a few months ago, the administration chose to gloss it over completely as if recycling dead fetuses for profit never really happened on his watch. When caught in deception, lie, deny and more lie is the M.O. In the wake of the scandal Congress passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood but Obama vetoed it last week.

The Obama list of falsely criminalized Americans is endless and like the industrial security complex always growing. Those “eight million Americans” reported over two and a half years ago to be on that ultra-secret Main Core watch list has undoubtedly expanded boundlessly since then to include millions more from both ends of the right and left spectrum as designated “radicalized extremists.” The global elite at the Obama administration’s dictatorial bidding has been systematically poisoning, polarizing and pissing us off, not to mention pulverizing what little rights we citizens still have left after the preceding neocon criminals did their damage. At this grave 11th hour, 59th minute stage here in early 2016, if you still desire to take back your lost freedoms, liberties and any chance of justice ever to return to America, it’s now-or-never time to mobilize and unite in empowered solidarity for what amounts to literally fighting for our very lives against our true enemy – the oppressive destroyer of the world – the less than 1% ruling elite and its international crime cabal government.