LRC Needs Your Help

Some years ago, the late Kent Snyder picked me up at National airport for a talk to Ron Paul’s caucus of libertarian-sympathetic congressmen. Kent, who would later manage Ron’s 2008 presidential campaign, never accepted an official story.

As we drove past the Pentagon, he told me about his uncle, a senior pilot for a famous British airline, who held that it could not have been a commercial jet that hit that government building on 9/11.  Kent also warned me about a giant internet firm.

He said it’s a brilliant enterprise, in search technology and many other other ways, but it’s also helping the state spy on us. The federal ambition was to store every single email, web search, web page, and phone call for political purposes, under the guise of fighting terrorism. It will turn on LRC, he predicted. This was long before Ed Snowden, and I remembered what Kent had told me when that brave truth teller exposed the US Stasi. Against the State: An ... Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. Best Price: $15.00 Buy New $9.95 (as of 02:55 EST - Details)

It’s true, a public company, in a corporatist, authoritarian regime like ours, may seem to have little choice when the official mafia makes it an offer it cannot refuse. But are the founders required also to be enthusiastic Obama statists? Regardless, it’s not pleasant to be on the receiving end of that company’s displeasure.

LRC is reaching too many people, and they don’t like it. They even penalize us for the sorts of articles we publish.

Another major web firm arbitrarily cut the traffic ranking of every site considered anti-government or right-wing. All this makes it much more difficult to get ads.

As a result of that displeasure and related factors, this looks to be the first losing year in LRC’s 16-year history.

The site also needs a significant architectural redo. 

But let me tell the whole lying, thieving gang of neocons and other warmongers, victimolgists, spies, imperialists, Keynesians, fascists, and other leftists: I am not giving in. Our fight is too important.

I’m not giving in, that is, as long as I have your help. Donations by great libertarians, here and around the world, enable us to stay in business.

Like you, I’m dedicated to spreading our ideas far and wide, and to future generations. LRC has reached millions over the years. But we must reach millions more.

Murray Rothbard, LRC’s inspiration, said that the struggle between power and market is an eternal one. Because of evil and ignorance, not to mention avarice and stupidity, the state will always have its adherents and proponents.

What isn’t eternal is the state’s current reach and power. In the past, it has been pushed back. It can be again. After all, we have the truth on our side. The advocates of aggression and theft are steeped in lies.

Won’t you help LRC keep fighting? I need you in this battle. Please send your most generous donation. Single gifts, and recurring gifts, keep the lights on, and morale high.

Not only do I, with your help, want to keep the banner of freedom, peace, and free markets aloft, I don’t want to give the NY Times and the rest of the enemy the chance to pop champagne corks over the diminishment, or even end of LRC.

Your help means everything.

PS: Mordor plots. The eye of Sauron never sleeps. But the resistance, which LRC helps lead, is brave, smart, and dedicated. It must not fail.

Please, join the resistance.