Anti Aging in 4 Steps: A Holistic and Natural Approach

As you get older, life should be like a stroll, not a fight. Every year you should feel great and look good as you enjoy a high quality of life. Contrary to the myths of aging that senility, sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction, or looking old come as part of aging, it doesn’t take much to keep yourself healthy, fit, and looking good.

Take these four steps to look and feel young for years to come.

1. Eat Healthy

Your first step starts with eating healthy. Your nutritional needs change as you get older. And you don’t digest some foods as well as you once did. So you need to make sure you get plenty of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K – especially vitamin K2 to keep your bones strong.

Make sure you get plenty of organic protein for your muscles, brain, and skin. And plenty of raw, organic fruits and vegetables for the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The more nutrition you get, the more energy you’ll have. But just as important, let’s face it, you want to keep your looks for as long as you can. When you eat nutritious food, your body works better and that’s reflected in your skin.

When you eat processed foods loaded with refined sugars and other unnatural chemicals, your body works less effectively and cannot remove excess toxins. This waste then gets stored in your skin. So, the best thing you can do to stay energized, keep a clear mind, and preserve your looks is keep a healthy, natural diet adjusted to your dietary needs.

If your diet has been a weakness, don’t worry, you can start today. You’ll be amazed how quickly your energy returns.

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Nothing announces age quite like wrinkles and crow’s feet. But these signs of aging just mean that your skin isn’t producing as much moisture as it once did. While a healthy diet helps to provide essential nutrients that support skin moisture and structure, topical lotions, creams, and butters help with skin rejuvenation.

So for your second step, regularly apply skin moisturizers and creams that nourish. These deliver moisture and nutrients where they’re needed most. Eye creams work around the eyes to erase expression lines, crow’s feet, and dark circles. Facial creams restore, smooth and tone your face, the one area of your body that endures the sun, wind, and dryness more than anywhere else.

When it comes to your skin, insist on all-natural, organic skin care. Just like with your diet, you need to avoid harsh chemicals that do more damage than good and speed aging.

Topical vitamin C is one topical skin care product that offers a natural and effective way to nourish and protect your skin. In one 3 month trial, volunteers who used topical vitamin C showed better than 84% improvement in skin smoothness and brightness compared to those who didn’t. [1] Another study reported 3% ascorbic acid improved skin structure and plumpness and reduced the appearance of wrinkles. [2]

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