The Best Private Roku Channels, and How to Install Them

As if the Roku didn’t have enough channels already, there’s a decent selection of “private” channels you won’t find in the channel store. Here are some of the best private channels worth checking out.

Technically, private channels and apps are part of the Roku channel store, but not displayed publicly. A channel can be private for a number of reasons: maybe it has adult content, maybe it’s still in beta, or maybe it’s just an unofficial third-party channel for a service without any official app. You won’t find them when you browse the channel store with your remote, and to install them you’ll need a secret code or link.

There are hundreds of private channels out there, but you can find most the best channels in a few places. For example, at The Nowhere Man web site, you can gain access to: Roku 3 Streaming Media... Best Price: $47.99 Buy New $153.00 (as of 08:40 EST - Details)

  • Bloomberg News Live
  • John Green’s Crash Course
  • NBC Nightly News and CBS News archives
  • NASA TV and Hubblecast HD
  • Khan Academy learning videos
  • Government-focused channels like C-SPAN, The Pentagon Channel, and White House Press Briefings
  • International news from Al Jazeera (English, American, and Arabic), BBC, and CNN International
  • TED Talks
  • Adult Swim shows
  • PBS
  • Universal Sports Network
  • Live local news for most major areas

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