LRC's Top 10 Best-Read for March 2015

1. Bloodthirsty Neocons Rule the GOP
Pat Buchanan on the path to presidential defeat.
2. El Commandante and the Killary Emails
Andrew P. Napolitano on the stunning truth.
3. Innocent Man Set Up by a Gang of Cops and Prosecutors
What saved him from 80-years in prison.
4. The Pearl Harbor Myth
And the war criminal FDR.
5. America’s Political Golem
Eric Margolis on the GOP’s billionaire war enabler.
6. The Decline and Fall of the American State
Enjoy it, says Karen Kwiatkowski.
7. The Stage Is Set for Another Big War
Ron Paul on why the US wants it.
8. The Empire Is Cracking Up
Paul Craig Roberts on how and why.
9. How Much Does an FBI Agent Make?
David Hathaway on the bodyguards of the regime.
10. The OKC Bombing Coverup
And Jesse Trentadue’s fight against the FBI. Article by Bob McCarty.

Here are the two best-listened-to podcasts:

Jesse Ventura is Off the Grid
And he wants Lew Rockwell in his presidential campaign.
Vaccination Horrors
Time to step up the resistance, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny tells Lew Rockwell.

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