Defending the Right to Poison

It continually breaks my heart that people have to personally experience a severe vaccine injury – or observe a serious reaction in someone they love  – before they wake up to the absolute truth: vaccines can and do cause harm. They have heard the arguments and the stories from others. They ignored the pleas about risks and poo-pooed the concerns about vaccine reactions put forth by concerned friends. Instead, they trusted their uninformed pediatrician or caved under the pressure of their badgering RN mother-in-law.

And now, they are left holding the bag, so to speak: a terrible tragedy and a lifetime of medical care and medical bills, as they watch their loved one’s health deteriorate before their helpless, regretful, angry eyes. Gardasil alone has had more than 38,000 adverse events reported through March, 2015. And that number is estimated to be only 10% of all actual adverse events. documents case, after expensive case, of injured girls with huge medical bills after this vaccine – and Gardasil is only one of 16 vaccines given to children. How many dollars are actually spent on vaccine injuries, looking for a diagnosis, paying for medications and desperately trying to find a way to reverse the damage? The true “cost” of vaccination is more than the cost of buying and administering vaccines. The untold tens of millions spent on injuries are not included in the calculations.

I recently saw a little person in my office who had taken 10 rounds of antibiotics after 17 vaccines, given by 20 months of age. In addition to a myriad of health problems, she is now autistic. When her parents questioned the possible connection between all those vaccines and antibiotics and their child’s health problems, they were mocked and disparaged. A few weeks later, they received a certified letter, a notification they had been discharged from the pediatrician’s practice for being “uncooperative” when they had questioned, and then refused, additional vaccines.

The doctor should have been charged with assault. Instead, with these annoying, non-compliant parents off the schedule, the doctor could continue to do what vaccinators do: Inject toxic substances into children, ruining their health and destroying the lives of the child’s family, and submitting bills to insurance. The cost to fully vaccinate each child is nearly $1800 (in 2012; see page 16 of this document).

Why does this keep happening?

Parents have had years to get informed. My books and DVDs have been available since 2002. Since that time, dozens of additional books, websites, blogs, webinars and social media pages have emerged with meticulously documented information on the hazards of vaccines, references from mainstream medical journals. Parents of vaccine-injured children have implored fellow adults to question vaccines and demand answers. Instead, parents dutifully continue to vaccinate.

In 2013, the CDC reported the national vaccination coverage for all vaccines among children aged 19–35 months was 83.1%. This included

  • ≥4 DTaP doses,
  • ≥3 poliovirus doses,
  • ≥1 MMR dose,
  • the full series of Hib (the number of doses varies according to manufacturer),
  • ≥3 HepB doses,
  • ≥1 varicella dose, and
  • ≥4 PCV doses.

The fewest doses of vaccines were Hepatitis A, Rotavirus and Hepatitis B. Sadly, according to the CDC report, the percentage of children who received no vaccinations remained below 1.0% (0.7%). And even though vaccination rate is high, the Healthy People 2020 guidelines are pushing for 95% of all children to receive all doses of all vaccines.

Why is it so hard to stop vaccinating? 

I routinely get emails that say something like, “I’ve watched your DVDs and I’ve read your book…but I have a question: Should I get a flu shot?”

WHAT?@!>! My mouth gaps open and I have to find a way to nicely but firmly say, “No, you should not get the flu shot. Nor should you get any other shot for that matter.”

That may seem pretty bold, but we are in turbulent times. Soft language and handholding can no longer be the order of the day. Fellow humans propagate the stranglehold of fear and control over our freedoms. The agenda is pushed by those wearing white coats, by state legislators, by the D.C. medical bureaucrats and by appointed untouchables in three-letter agencies. They take their marching orders from pharma, the biggest lobbying organization in the world.

Collectively, they refer to this as Public Health. But public health is out of control. It has crossed the line and usurped the practice of medicine. Complete vaccination is the goal, irrespective of vaccine-reaction history, family history or current health problems. For example, new recommendations suggest,

“Whether for health problems or well-checks, providers, parents, and adolescents should use every health-care visit as an opportunity to review adolescents’ immunization histories and ensure that every adolescent is fully vaccinated.

Being in the business of waking people up about problems caused by vaccines certainly has its ups and downs. The news can be particularly discouraging. A woman bragging that she stood in line for five hours to get a flu shot. Schools wanting to vaccinate children without parental consent. Miscarriages reported after H1N1 vaccination. A few cases of measles moving the country to hysteria. More than 110 bills in 36 states, introduced nearly simultaneously, to remove your right to refuse the hundreds of vaccines in the developmental pipeline.

The propaganda machine is alive and well.

Until my dying breath I will never understand why people vehemently defend the right to inject their body and their children with poisons – unproven, toxic solutions called vaccines, to avoid childhood illnesses that for most consist of a cough, a fever, a rash and diarrhea. Why do they unquestioningly believe the ruse that this slurry is harmless and will somehow keep them healthy, when the truth is just the opposite?

The only thing to do, really, is to continue to put forth the information, and be grateful for those who are waking up to the truth about this 200-year mistake. The rest, well, they may have to wake up the hard way, when vaccine injury lands permanently in their living room.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.