How’s That Deflation Working Out For You?

The BLS put out their monthly CPI lie last week. They issued the proclamation that inflation is dead. Did you know your costs are 0.1% lower than they were one year ago. They then used these deflation numbers to proclaim your real wages soared last month. It’s all good. The American consumer is so flush with cash, they decided to spend less money for the second month in a row. The Wall Street shysters are so happy with declining consumer spending, declining corporate profits, and a global recession, they pushed the NASDAQ up to 5,000 for the first time in 15 years. Hey!!! That was the year 2000. Things really got better after that milestone.

So we know gasoline prices have plummeted in the last year (but are up 20% in the last month), but I’m trying to think of other things I use in my everyday life that have declined in price. Maybe going through the BLS detailed list will jog my memory. Here is the link to their data: Against the State: An ... Rockwell Jr., Llewelly... Best Price: $5.02 Buy New $5.52 (as of 11:35 EST - Details)

Let’s see how much deflation we’ve experienced in the last year for things we need to live our everyday lives.

Beef and veal  +22.5%

Ground beef  +21.0%

Steaks  +14.9%

Pork  +7.4%

Ham  +11.5%

Whole Chicken  +6.1%

Fresh Fish  +3.5% What Has Government Do... Rothbard, Murray N. Best Price: null Buy New $2.99 (as of 11:35 EST - Details)

Eggs  +8.2%

Cheese  +7.8%

Fresh Vegetables  +4.3%

Lettuce  +12.2%

Tomatoes  +9.6%

Coffee  +6.7%

Butter  +19.5%

Restaurant food  +3.1% Kindle E-reader, 6&rdq... Best Price: $29.99 Buy New null (as of 01:00 EST - Details)

Housing  +2.9%

Hotels  +7.6%

Owners Equivalent Rent  +2.6%

Homeowners Insurance  +5.6%

Electricity  +2.5%

Water & Sewer  +5.5%

Home Repairs  +4.4%

Footwear  +2.6%

Car Insurance  +5.0%

Parking Fees & Tolls  +2.3% Check Amazon for Pricing.

Medicinal Drugs  +4.2%

Prescription Drugs  +5.6%

Hospital Services  +4.3%

Veterinarian Services  +3.2%

Sporting Events  +3.6%

Newspapers & Magazines  +4.6%

College Tuition  +3.6%

Educational Books & Supplies  +6.5%

Grade School & High School Tuition  +4.0%

Childcare & Nursery School  +3.0%

Postage  +3.6%

Cigarettes  +2.5%

Financial Services  +5.7%

Tax Return Prep  +9.3%

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