So, You Want to Bury Your Guns?

From full-on, doomsday preppers to simple gun-owners who fear impending gun control (read, confiscation) by the U.S. government, has seen quite a spike recently in inquiries on how to stash a few firearms underground. So, what should one consider before building a “hillbilly cache”?

Shhhh… We’re hiding something

A few years back, a shooter friend of mine from Canada told me about the fear he and his father felt towards Canadian gun control legislation. In the course of our conversation, he admitted that his dad had buried a bunch of guns “out by the family well”. I was glad he told me. We were friends and he trusted that I wouldn’t tell a single soul, which I didn’t. Well, until now.

The decision to cache your weapons is a very personal decision and my friend is only okay with me sharing his story with a couple hundred thousand interested readers today because, well, because of none of your business. But I tell his story here because it helps illustrate a greater point: a secret is a secret until it isn’t.

If you ever plan on burying your survival treasure, you do well to remember the old adage, “loose lips, sink ships.” If you tell just two really good friends, expect them to tell at least two of their most trusted friends and don’t be too surprised when you find a stranger telling you about a bunch of guns buried in the west corner lot of your grand-daddy’s apple orchard. Also realize that if the story of your guns is being told, inevitably someone listening will suggest finding them. CRC 3-36 Multi-Purpose... Buy New $6.16 (as of 10:30 EST - Details)

It should also go without saying that the place you chose needs to be discrete. You are going to get spotted burying your guns in the in the middle of the concrete jungle like say downtown Chicago so pick a place that’s private, without the potential for a ton of foot traffic (or construction work).

“X” marks the spot (now don’t move it)

After keeping other people from knowing where your stash is buried, the second most important thing you need to address when you bury your guns is making sure you’ll still be able to find them when it counts. A nuclear blast or an epic How To Bury Your Goods... Eddie The Wire Best Price: $2.63 Buy New $17.95 (as of 09:30 EST - Details) natural disaster could level trees and man-made structures, so it’s important to be able to find the exact location of your dig without relying on these temporary features. Rather chose a prominent, natural landmark—a place that won’t erode, move or disappear—and navigate your stash spot from there. Although writing this location down step-by-step does have its advantages, it’s best to memorize this location.

Alternate solutions exist, specifically the use of electronic locators or other devices to keep track of your guns’ location. Though convenient, realize that relying on this equipment carries its own concerns. Aside from the potential for mechanical failure, you may also have to contend with power outages, battery life and the feasibility of long-term storage if you rely solely on this method. Finally, understand that if you can see or read your guns location remotely, others have the ability to do so as well.

Lastly, whatever you bury (gold, guns, ammo etc.), plan on having it there for a long – very long – time. Though it may be macabre to think about it, you may be dead before it even comes time to dig these weapons back up so chose your stash guns wisely. Chose guns that you are prepared to say goodbye to but also be fairly reliable (i.e. not the cheapest pistol you can find).

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