8 True Benefits Of Drinking Coffee You Didn’t Know About

If you’ve been wondering what all that coffee is doing to you, cheer up. A recent review of data completed at Gill Heart Institute in Kentucky focused on the cardiovascular, genetic, antioxidant and caffeine effects of coffee and found that drinking the brew reduces the risk of mortality right across the board. They also documented that coffee:

  • Reduces risk of stroke
  • Does not increase risk of coronary heart disease
  • Does not increase risk of congestive heart failure and may be preventative
  • Does not increase risk of sudden cardiac death
  • Decreases risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Does not increase risk of hypertension Keurig K45 Elite Brewi... Best Price: $47.99 Buy New $100.00 (as of 01:25 EST - Details)
  • Does not increase risk of metabolic syndrome
  • Arrhythmias with coffee are not a significant factor

The study goes on to note that coffee contains a myriad of other components besides caffeine, especially antioxidant polyphenols. These may be altered or removed by coffee preparation methods such a paper filtration or putting milk into the coffee. Additionally, there was no noted cardiovascular advantage or disadvantage to drinking decaffeinated coffee.

“The bottom line on coffee for those who enjoy the brew, is that it is a wonderful beverage with rare associated CV [cardiovascular] disadvantage and with much to recommend it from an overall CV standpoint”, concluded the study author.

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