Robbery Suspect Shot More Than 12 Times by Woman With 2 Guns

A recent attempted home invasion robbery in Jacksonville, Florida, left one suspect with more than a dozen gunshot wounds after he pointed a gun at a man and the man’s wife reacted by unloading not one, but two guns at the suspect.

According to local media, it was right around noon Jan. 14, when the residents, George and Jessica Porter, heard a knock at the door. The man at the door asked George if a certain individual was at the home, to which George replied that the individual did not live there. George then went to close the door, but the suspect forced the door back open, pulled a handgun and announced a robbery and told George to “give it up.”

As George struggled with the suspect, Jessica heard the commotion from the bedroom, grabbed a handgun and opened fire on the suspect, striking him several times. The suspect returned fire, so Jessica then went back to the bedroom, retrieved another handgun and unloaded on the suspect again, striking him several more times. Jessica told the police that she stopped firing when the suspect began yelling, “I’m shot! I’m paralyzed!”

Altogether, authorities said Jessica shot the suspect over a dozen times. He was transported to the hospital where he is in critical condition, but expected to survive. Authorities did not say whether the suspect, whose name has not been released, was in fact paralyzed.

Reports do not indicate that either Jessica or George were injured during the altercation.

However, George said that a second suspect was also waiting outside during the attempted robbery, but fled when the gunfire erupted. The second suspect is still at large.

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