FBI Busted Falsely Blaming North Korea for Sony Hack

I Hate North Korea’s Leaders … But They Didn’t Do It

I hate North Korea’s leaders … They’re not only clowns sporting bad haircuts and weird clothes, but they live in luxury while the population literally starves.

But the FBI’s official assertion that North Korea carried out the attack in retaliation for Sony’s releasing the movie “The Interview” is B.S.

Here’s a sample of top cybersecurity experts who say that North Korea was not behind the hacking attack of Sony:

  • Cyber intelligence company Norse (and see this)
  • Renowned hacker, DEFCON organizer, and CloudFlare researcher Marc Rogers
  • John Dickson, a former air force intelligence officer who is now a partner in the cybersecurity firm Denim Group
  • Princeton Professor of Computer Science Ed Felten
  • Former federal prosecutor Mark Rasch of Rasch Technology and Cyberlaw

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