Venetians Call For Independence From Italy

The leader of the Venetian independence movement has called for the secession of the wealthy and industrial northeastern Italian region of Veneto from Italy.

Italy “must leave our territory” and “give our people freedom to decide. It is an act of democracy and freedom,” said Alessio Morosin on Friday.

“The Veneto is self-governed as an independent state – it was called La Serenissima, an organization that has a distinguished history, and that had nothing to do with Italy for 1,100 years. Meanwhile our attachment to the Italian state is no more than 148 years. It’s absurd compared with our history,” he added.

Morosin said Venetian officials are concerned that Italy’s paralyzing economic crisis would also affect Veneto, adding that the region’s independence from Rome will improve its economic situation.

“According to studies by our experts after the first year of independence, the GDP of Venice would rise 12.2 percent. Not even China and other emerging countries, countries that have the most potential for growth, are able to do this,” Morosin stated.

Earlier in March, 89 percent of Venetians voted for the secession of the region from Italy in a non-binding referendum.

Veneto, with the population of around five million, is one of Italy’s twenty regions. Venice is the region’s capital and largest city.

Venetians’ call for independence comes as Catalonia, the wealthy northeastern region of Spain, has also announced its plan to hold a non-binding referendum on the region’s independence from Madrid. The referendum is due on November 9.

Reprinted from Press TV.