Basic Tips For Being Healthy

We write a great amount on this website about curing serious chronic diseases and ailments, and the brokenness of the sick-care industry that is by design. We do not usually cover issues of general health maintenance. We sadly realize that in this era, maintaining health has become extremely difficult. We have compiled a list of the core steps for obtaining health, in spite of the chemical industry.

<– Tips –>

  • Choose fresh or frozen products. Cans are lined with a layer of plastic, which contains BPA (Bisphenol-A). If they weren’t, they would leach aluminum instead. Canned produce has also been Defy Your Doctor and B... C. Thomas Corriher, Sa... Best Price: $16.99 Buy New $26.07 (as of 01:25 EST - Details) shown to be of much lower nutritional quality than its frozen and fresh counterparts, therefore; it’s best to avoid them unless they are the only option. Always choose organic when possible.
  • Supplement with flax seed oil each day, and purchase them in light-resident capsules. Eat a source of sulfur proteins at around the same time, for the best results. Plain yogurt (preferably organic) and cottage cheese are excellent options. We prefer yogurt because it has the added benefit of boosting the intestinal flora, which helps to fight candida (yeast). The use of a sulfur protein combined with flax seed oil is part of the Budwig Protocol. This happens to be a cheap and easy cure for cancer. Our research indicates that the ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is 2:1 (respectively). This ratio is nearly impossible to obtain through a typical Western diet, which is usually 15:1 in favor of omega-6. Thus, it should not be surprising that Western societies tend to be so sickly, and that peaceful, natural deaths have become a thing of the past.
  • Avoid your doctor. This one may read like a joke, but we are deadly serious. You are responsible for your own health, while they profit from you being diseased and addicted to their drugs. If you think that you need professional health advice, then look elsewhere with great thoughtfulness. Technically, regular doctors never cure anything, ever. Why would any rational person ever go to people like them for help? They are statistically far more deadly than gun owners (about 9,000 times more deadly). Never let your doctor perform periodic testing when you are perfectly healthy (mammograms and etc.) for these always cause the problems that they are said to prevent. Take as an example that most breast cancers are caused by mammogram radiation, and statistically whenever less cancer testing is done, it has been shown that the community’s survival rates improve Nascent Iodine Supplem... Best Price: null Buy New $27.95 (as of 03:30 EST - Details) proportionally. We call it “creating business” when we are being especially gracious, but it is medical genocide.
  • Avoid commercially prepared salads and dressings. Salads that come pre-packaged in bags never brown. Even when they are removed from the bag, they take an extremely long time to brown, when compared with their natural counterparts. It is not a special feature of the packaging, but a chemical coating on these vegetables. Salad dressings often contain MSG, soybean oil, and canola oil. If you look in the refrigerator section of a health food store, you may find a truly healthy salad dressing; but they are always outrageously priced. Being healthy should not bankrupt you. Make your own dressings. We have a couple of recipes. Send us your own, and we may even publish them on this site, or in our upcoming cook book.

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