Self-Publishing: A Powerful Tool to Challenge the Corporate Establishment & the Deep State

Utilizing all we can in our fight against those who stand between us & our liberties

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, said Thomas Jefferson. We must remain vigilant individually and collectively- that is, if we value our liberties and integrity. We must utilize all we can in our fight against those who stand between us and our liberties.

There are collective actions that we can take. No one can deny the power of a united front in taking on the establishment: collective protests, collective boycotting, social networking to spread blacked-out information and new …

There also are many actions that we can take as individuals. At its face value, each individual action and its impact may appear insignificant. However, when you start adding them together you see and understand their amazing effects:

Think about individual families who have decided to take a stand against the institutionalization and indoctrination of their children by the establishment:

There are about 2.2 million home-educated students in the United States. There were an estimated 1.73 to 2.35 million children (in grades K to 12) home educated during the spring of 2010 in the United States (Ray, 2011). It appears the homeschool population is continuing to grow (at an estimated 2% to 8% per annum over the past few years).[amazon asin=B00NQ6BK68&template=*lrc ad (right)]

A recent report in Education News states that, since 1999, the number of children who are homeschooled has increased by 75%. Though homeschooled children represent only 4% of all school-age children nationwide, the number of children whose parents choose to educate them at home rather than a traditional academic setting is growing seven times faster than the number of children enrolling in grades K-12 every year.

We are looking at individual choice and actions that amount to millions collectively. Can anyone deny the power and impact reflected in these numbers? Well, it starts with one, only one individual family unit.

There are so many examples that illustrate individual actions growing into a massive front in challenging the establishment: Saying no to mass medication and vaccination, refusing body scanners at the airports, boycotting and weaning ourselves from the establishment media …

That brings me to the topic of empowerment and independence that comes with self-publishing. I believe I have earned the right to speak up on this issue. I loathe people who engage in practices that contradict what they preach in public. I have disdain for those who never practice what they advocate and preach (Well, that takes care of every single political and public figure we have. Doesn’t it?!).

With my first book, Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, I was kind of led to the path of self-publishing.  Here is how it went:

I had to obtain legal services and fight the government to clear my book for publication. As a former FBI contractor with Top Secret Clearance I had, without realizing it at the time (aka naivety), signed away my right to publish any nonfiction books without obtaining prepublication review and approval from the Justice Department and the FBI. To make a long story short (-er), DOJ-FBI refused to clear a single word in my book manuscript. They claimed that everything, every single word in my manuscript, was considered classified, thus not allowed to be published. If you think this is some kind of fantasy or embellishment, please read the following: Click Here As you can see by the documented evidence, the Kafkaesque situation is as real as it comes in the so-called Land [amazon asin=B007XY8INW&template=*lrc ad (right)]of the Free.

Anyhow. What happened next? The DOJ-FBI authorities held on to their ludicrous assertion. They put their foot down and said: Dare to publish this, and we’ll send you to jail with a one-way ticket. Guess what I did? For those of you who have been with and known me this doesn’t come as a surprise. I said: ‘I dare you.’ I took my chances. I want to emphasize ‘I’ since doing so, publishing Classified Woman without government approval, only put me at risk- If I published the book I was going to be the only liable party.

You’d think, with scandalous publicity like that (The Forbidden Book, The New & Real Fahrenheit 451), the top US publishers would have fallen all over each other to get the right to print and publicize the book. Wouldn’t you? Not so. The top 5 publishers (in size only) refused to touch the book. They said things like: We don’t want to get into some hot water with the FBI, or, we will only publish this if we have undisputable approval from the government …

Then I went to Mid-Size publishers. The majority of mid-size establishment publishers responded along the same lines as their bigger brothers. A couple of them differed by using other ludicrous lines such as: ‘Your book gets into the Obama administration (and it makes him look bad). Your case happened during the Bush Administration. We will be willing to consider it if you end the book with Chapter 18 and get rid of the chapters dealing with the Obama Admin.’ I said: over my dead body- this was a true account, not subject to any establishment modification.

In the end I was left with only one choice in order to publish this book, and do so with integrity and truthfulness. That choice was: Self-Publishing. At the time, self-publishing was fairly new, and it came with a bunch of stereotype and a bad reputation (of course, by the mainstream media and establishment), and loads of stigmatization. In order to make the best out of a hard situation, and to lessen the negativities attached to self-published books, I decided to approach the self-publication process as any traditional publishing house would: I searched, found, and hired a highly-respected and experienced editor who had worked with one of the top 3 publishing houses for decades; I brought on board an award-winning book cover designer who also had worked with one of the top three publishers for several decades; I also hired one of the top book interior designers in the industry and employed the assistance of [amazon asin=B004HYHBK2&template=*lrc ad (right)]independent proofreaders …

In the end we came up with a good quality and solidly produced book that we could all be proud of:  A book that did not differ from those published by the establishment publishers in look and feel; a book that differed greatly from those taken on and altered by the establishment publishers when it came to its content. And contrary to all the negative predictions, Classified Woman became fairly successful. Without any marketing dollars and power, without any coverage (without a single word from the mainstream media), and without utilizing the polarized partisanship divide, we were able to make it possible for Classified Woman to achieve the status of a very successful nonfiction book – based on mainstream establishment standards.

Was it difficult? Sure.

Was it expensive? Of course- we had to get a small loan for production.

Was it worth it? You bet. It became a book that not only challenged the establishment with its content, but also with its quality and the way it was published independently. It is a book that I am proud of. It is a book that is measured and judged solely by its readers- the real people, not by tools of propaganda created and promoted by the Deep State.

I challenged the establishment by writing this book in the first place. I continued the challenge throughout the retaliation and threats issued by the government. Further, I challenged and boycotted the mainstream establishment corporations by publishing it independently.

This is why I decided to do exactly the same thing with my new book The Lone Gladio. Of course, this time around I had none of the previous big obstacles: As a fiction book I did not have to submit the manuscript to the government. Because of that, and considering the relative success of my previous book, this time around I actually had a few publishers approach me with offers to get the rights to publish this book. I did not have to think about it; not even for a second. My answer was firm: No. I am going to publish this independently.[amazon asin=0990463109&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Writing The Lone Gladio was my way of challenging the criminal establishment- the Deep State, as an individual.

Self-publishing The Lone Gladio was my way of boycotting and challenging the mainstream establishment publishing houses- The mega corporations that have become the mouthpiece and propaganda outlets of the Deep State, as an individual.

Bringing The Lone Gladio directly to you, the people, was, and is, my way of bypassing the mainstream media and channels, and making them irrelevant, as an individual.

Spreading the info and getting the word out on this book is up to you, the people, to take on, as one way to challenge and counter the establishment and its mega corporations, collectively.

Utilizing this book to inform and educate others on the Deep State is also up to you, the people, both as individuals and collectively.

I, Sibel Edmonds, as an individual, have taken on, challenged and countered the establishment with The Lone Gladio.

You, the people, collectively, can utilize this effort to collectively challenge and counter the establishment by being the media and network to spread the word and to inform others.

The price of our freedom and liberty is indeed eternal vigilance. We must do all we can for our freedom- individually and collectively. And we must never give up. Never.

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Reprinted with permission from Boiling Frogs Post.