The Erupting U.S. Armageddon in the Middle East and Beyond

Every day there are major new developments in this erupting Armageddon.

Just yesterday the Houthi Shia of Yemen allied with Iran overthrew the Sunni tyranny in the capital of Yemen and seized the major buildings, weapons, and much of the capital, even traffic control in the streets. The Shia army and party have signed a temporary agreement of transition with the remnants of the U.S. supported Sunni tyrants, but this is clearly meant to try to avoid counter attacks.  Yemen is on the Southern border of Saudi Arabia. The nearly 10 million Houthi are obviously a very effective fighting force and are being compared to the super-guerrila army of Hizbollah.

The Shia armies of Moqtada al Sadr in Baghdad are now highly mobilized and fighting IS on the outskirts of Baghdad, pushing them back from Shia Baghdad.

IS has just released the Turkish diplomats they took hostage in N. Iraq. They are making peace with the Turks, not cutting off their heads, to protect their northern borders. IS has seized the Kurd areas of Syria and about 1.5 million Kurds have poured into bordering Turkey for protection, which is frightening to Turkey because of their long civil war with Kurds. All of this helps to pin down the Turks and Kurds to the North of IS.

A day ago two top police officials in Egypt were killed by a bomb near their headquarters in Cairo. The Islamist Holy Warriors allied with the vast party of the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt and beyond is getting very effective in fighting the U.S. proxy Egyptian Army tyranny that overthrew the Brotherhood’s democratic government. Even Qatar, home base for much of the U.S. in the Persian Gulf, is allied with the Brotherhood for protection.[amazon asin=0990463109&template=*lrc ad (right)]

The Libyan Islamists have continued to solidify power in Libya.

The Afghan U.S. proxies have just reached an agreement for a new U.S. Puppet Regime to replace the old one being blown away by the Islamist Holy Warriors. This new government is a farce split down the middle which will keep U.S. forces in Afghanistan and all of that will help enrage the Holy Warriors more.

Saudi Arabia is now encircled by the Shia Holy Warriors and the IS Sunni Holy Warriors. They are obviously frightened, since they are the primary local enemy of all of them and the blackgold jackpot.

IS seems to be solidifying its state and making peaceful moves to protect its border with Sunni in the North and Shia to the East.

It is conceivable now that the Holy Warriors of the Sunni and Shia will ally, as they have already done in Palestine and Lebanon and Qatar and some of Syria, to keep the U.S. Satans out and to seize or reach an agreement with the Saudi Sunnis and the other dwarf Sunni oil sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf. There is plenty of oil money for all of them if they do so and the West and Asia will buy the oil.

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