U.S. Big Lies Are Rushing the World Towards WWIV

The U.S. is giving Russia, China, and all their allies one stark choice–SURRENDER AND SUBMIT TO THE U.S. IMPERIAL TYRANNY  OR PREPARE FOR ALL OUT WAR.

We are at one of the great turning points of human history, but Americans and Europeans are all out to lunch, enjoying their state sponsored bread and circuses.

The U.S. tyrants see clearly that their Global Empire is disintegrating, so they are desperately trying to destroy the rapidly growing, rising nations with a Global “Preventive” War, WWIV.

[amazon asin=1780324456&template=*lrc ad (left)]They seem completely convinced that Russia, China, et al. will surrender and submit rather than fight and that this will  happen before the U.S. Global Empire implodes.

I don’t know if they will fight, but I think that, if there is any serious fighting that cuts off oil and gas from the Persian Gulf and Russia to Europe, Europe and the U.S. will implode.

IF Russia and China and Iran come to believe that, the obvious “preventive” war for them is to shut down the oil and gas to destroy the U.S. Empire.[amazon asin=0990463109&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Like the Peloponnesian War, WWI and WWII and the U.S. wars against Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, WWIV is being started as a “preventive” war by a dominant empire that feels threatened by rising powers, but the “solution” of preventive war will lead to the defeat of the dominant empire and its implosion, the fate of all the major empires desperately fighting WWI and WWII–except the U.S. Empire, the sole major survivor of those wars.

[amazon asin=B0058M5PAA&template=*lrc ad (left)]Oil and gas and a vast Super Bubble of paper-asset bubbles  are two of the many Achilles heals of the E.U., U.K. and U.S. Any major war against major nations will trigger implosion by attacking those Achilles heals. The Russian and Chinese economists and global strategists are well aware of these trigger points of U.S. and E.U. implosion. They are trying to avoid war and continue growing very rapidly in all ways as they  have been doing, while the U.S. has been sinking into a vast Black Hole of financial and economic debts and distortions and begun disintegrating and have pumped themselves up only with the vast paper-asset Super Bubble.

IF the U.S. forces them to fight, they will use indirection to find direction out–they will attack the distant Achilles heels of the U.S. Empire to bring down the whole rotten house of cards on us all.