The Global Revolt

Almost every day now there is at least one major new act of revolt against the U.S. Global Empire by a major nation.

Today Germany started official action to force the U.S. to recall the U.S. Spymaster against Germany and extend the investigations of illegal U.S. spying in Germany, which went into high gear a week or so ago. Considering how docile Germany  has been toward the U .S. because of the continued occupation of Germany by the U.S. and the obvious U.S. spying on the entire lives of Germany’s political leaders, including the Prime Minister, this is a major act of revolt.

[amazon asin=1591846706&template=*lrc ad (left)]Today the E.U. as a whole condemned the explosive eruption of warfare between Israel and the Palestinians and called on BOTH to stop. This was a strong slap in the face of the U.S. and its proxy Israel, since the U.S. as usual has openly sided with the massive attacks on Palestinians by Israel in retaliation for the almost totally non-lethal rockets fired into Israel by Hamas in Gaza.

Yesterday the French Finance Minister called for global action to break the U.S. dollar monopoly in global trade.

The revolt against the U.S. Global Monetary Tyranny is the most deadly thrust of this Global Revolt against the  U.S. Empire. Monetary tyranny is the most important of the three pillars of the U.S. Global Empire, the second most[amazon asin=1610166248&template=*lrc ad (right)] important pillar being the economic tyranny, and the third most important being the vast secret police and military forces of the U.S. occupying almost all the nations of the world.

When the U.S. Paper-Asset Bubbles that are now soaring crash in the near future the U.S. financial system and Global Empire will implode from the top down and the monetary slaves of the world will go free, which will make it impossible to revive the U.S. Global Empire.

The explosion of freedom from the U.S. imperial strangulation will produce many local problems, as freedom commonly does in its early days, but global freedom will lead to a great revival of human creativity in solving our soaring problems under the tyrannical occupation of the U.S. Empire.