Home Defense Handgun Perfect for Family Men

If you have children, chances are they sleep in separate rooms. They could be one door down from you or all the way across the hall. In the event that someone breaks into your home, you need to have a plan of action and prepare for the realities associated with rescuing your children while armed. The intruder may force you into a gunfight with the children nearby — truly a terrifying prospect. Although you can’t totally prevent this nightmarish scenario, you can mitigate it with training, preparation and proper weapon selection.

Handguns are, by far, the most difficult firearm type to aim and shoot accurately. They also fire less effective rounds than both shotguns and rifles. Pistols, on paper, appear to have no advantages over shotguns or rifles, but these fire-spitting einhanders offer tactical flexibility that outshines both long guns. Rifles and shotguns can be fired with some degree of success one-handed, but handguns were designed for it. While handguns might not have quite the capacity of rifles, some, like the Glock 17 with a 33-round extended magazines, come very close.

As you clear your home of trespassers and rescue your family along the way, you can open doors, flip light-switches and/or strike attackers with your free hand without the risk of losing control of your weapon. In these precarious moments you’ll likely be too adrenaline-fueled to appreciate the utility of your pistol and that’s how you know for certain you made the right choice. In the same vein as buying a properly fitting pair of shoes isn’t noticeable unless you  previously were sporting a pair a size too small, having the right tool for a job just means you can concentrate on the job rather than the tool. An overly-complex pistol won’t be an issue until you’re trying to clear a jam while trying to save your children, if you’re worried about this try something like a Ruger GP100.

If you don’t believe weapon retention is a significant concern, grab an airsoft gun or a plastic blue gun and have a friend hide behind a random doorway in your home with the goal of grappling the weapon away from you. Then walk through your house with your plastic rifle or shotgun in one hand and try to keep a bead on what’s in front of you. When your friend tries to take your gun from you, chances are they’ll get both hands on it and easily wrestle it away, seeing as you only have one hand on it and your friend has, most likely, surprised you with the grab. Now you’re defenseless.

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