Götterdämmerung for the U.S. Empire

I can hardly believe the enormity of the Big Lies and Insane Mistakes John Kerry is right now broadcasting for the U.S. throughout the Middle East as he rushes from one stateto another in the midst of erupting catastrophes.

His Broadcast Madness in Egypt standing next to the new Military Junta Dictator of Egypt was like a replay of the U.S. CIA Madness in 1953 in secretly overthrowing the first budding of “democracy” in Iran and replacing it with the Shah’s secret police terrorism of Savak.

But this was more insane than that nightmare. Kerry and BO and the U.S. were embracing the Egyptian Military Dictator who overthrew the first-ever elected government in Egypt, a Sunni Islamist government committed to peace, and they were embracing this murderous tyrant on international tv on the very day the tyrant was sentencing journalists to prison for speaking the truth and his secret police courts were imposing death sentences on hundreds of peace-loving Sunni Egyptian Brotherhood clergy and true-believers who dared to speak out for freedom and truth.

These vast atrocities of the new U.S. Puppet Tyrants in Cairo and of the U.S. open support for the tyrant are bound to lead to another vast Holy War against the puppets and the U.S. in this vast nation of Islamists and beyond. These Blockheads from D.C. learned absolutely nothing from all the half century of miseries the U.S. has experienced so far in Iran for what the U.S. did in 1953 and subsequently.

Iran was the first vast eruption of Muslim Holy Warriors in the modern Middle East and that led to vast eruptions we are seeing now everywhere, even though Iran was Shia, not the dominant, vast Sunni Muslims.

Egypt is at the heart of the vast Sunni World and of Sunni fundamentalism that is only now making the ghastly move from peace-loving reformers to Holy Warriors.

The U.S. and its new Tyrant Puppet Regime in Cairo will force the remaining Sunni peace-lovers to put peace aside and embrace Holy War Against the Puppets and the  U.S. to survive, just as Iranians made that fateful transition decades ago when the U.S. imposed a terrible police state tyranny on them. It took decades back then because the  U.S. was so secretive and the Shah’s Satanism was not obvious at first.

But in Cairo yesterday Kerry and the Puppet Tyrant made their Satanic plot against the vast Muslim World completely obvious to anyone not terminally ignorant.

Then Kerry proceeded to Iraq where he openly promised vast and sustained support for the U.S. Shia Puppet ruling in Baghdad, as the Holy Warrior Sunnis swept through Sunni Iraq and the Sunni Kurds built their new state in the North.

Kerry proceeded to talk with the rulers in the new, still quietly operating state of Kurdestan, while jets secretly slaughtered Sunni in what had been an Iraqi town and the families of the victims blame it on U.S. drones, while the U.S. blamed Syria, and Israel was bombing Syria, and ISIS got control of the largest refinery in post-Iraq, and Libyan political chaos grew, and Iran rushed vast military hardware and Revolutionary Guards and surveillance drones to Baghdad to help save their Shia Ally and demanded the U.S. stay out, and Saudi Arabia cringed in fear of all the Holy Warriors rushing toward their vast black gold reserves.

Kerry and BO keep screaming that the tiny guerrilla army of Isis is a grave threat to the  U.S. and calling for more and more U.S. imperial warfare to save Baghdad and the  U.S. from them.

They are so blinded now by their psychotic power hunger, hubris and wounded vanity that they cannot see they are continually doing the same things to produce the same catastrophes but believing adamantly that they are doing and producing the opposites of the obvious realities.

Washington has largely created this vast and erupting chaos of warfare and miseries with over a  half century of Lies and mistakes and betrayals and wars. This Washington catastrophe may soon become a financial cataclysm for the U.S., the E.U. and much of the world by leading to wars that shut down the vast oil and gas from the Persian Gulf, which would in turn trigger the Implosion of the U.S. and the E.U.

This is a U.S. created and stage managed Twilight Of The Gods grand finale for the U.S. Empire. It is Washington that is destroying itself and the Middle East and much of the rest of the world.

This may wind  up destroying the American nation, but I suspect it will not and after many  years of suffering and failed military rule will in time lead to an escape from the U.S. police state and Empire and a renewed American love of freedom.