10 Creepy Stories Of Encounters With Men In Black

Men in black have been popping up for awhile, usually whenever someone claims to have recently sighted a UFO. Shortly after each sighting, the person in question is visited by strange men who usually wear black suits, black ties, and white shirts.

The details and motives sometimes vary, but even stranger are the variations in the descriptions of the men in question. While some tales simply describe them as cold, aloof gentlemen wearing black suits, others say that they get an uncanny vibe from those who visit them. The stories tell of men who are unnaturally bald, men who talk in an almost robotic voice and wear lipstick over lipless mouths. Some suggest that they are from another world, disguising themselves as humans to learn our ways. Others believe that they are experimental cyborgs in the employ of the government. The truth behind the men in black is still shrouded in mystery, and we may never know UFOs: Generals, Pilots... Leslie Kean Best Price: $4.82 Buy New $9.95 (as of 09:30 EST - Details) the identity of these strange stalkers.

10 The Telepathic Encounter

A man known only as Larry claims that one night he was drifting off to sleep when he was contacted by a strange presence who communicated with him telepathically. This weird presence explained that he was not from Earth, but beyond that he gave no reason for contacting Larry. Somewhat skeptical, Larry asked the presence to provide some proof of its existence beyond simply sending thoughts into his head—he wanted a face-to-face meeting. The presence agreed to provide him with further proof—he would show up during the day when Larry was with his best friend.

Larry wasn’t sure what to make of the entire thing the next day, and while he continued on with life as usual, he obsessed about the dream for months afterward. Eventually, he caught up with his buddy at an Independence Day celebration at a nearby park. As Larry was talking with his friend, a black van pulled up nearby and two black-clad men got out. Two more similarly dressed men exited the van after them, but they did not appear to be entirely human in shape. The strange men sat down at a nearby picnic table, looked over at Larry, and then reentered their van and left just as mysteriously as they had arrived. Larry never found out why they had contacted him.

9 The Teleporting MIBs

Albert Bender was the director of an amateur organization called the International Flying Saucer Bureau and he believed that he had finally blown the lid off the whole flying saucer thing. He had his own publication called Space Review in which he planned to spread his discovery. After compiling all of his collected wisdom on the matter, he mailed it to a friend to look it over before he unveiled it to the world. Unfortunately, this attracted the attention of the men in black, who decided that it was time to pay him a visit and prevent him from leaking all their secrets to the world.

A couple days later, Bender was on his bed when he suddenly had a dizzy spell. He noticed several dark shapes in the room with him that slowly materialized into men in black suits with black hats obscuring their eyes and faces. He noticed in particular that the men’s eyes lit up with an incredible glow and they seemed capable of speaking directly to his mind. They made him promise to destroy his findings and cease all of his research into the subject—Bender was so scared that he was only too happy to comply.

Independence Day Best Price: $1.15 Buy New $4.75 (as of 08:50 EST - Details) 8 Alleged Men In Black Caught On Video

A video was captured of two men in black who allegedly entered a hotel in Canada and started asking questions about one of the hotel employees. The stories say that the employee in question had recently seen a UFO and had told others about his experience. Not long after, these two men showed up at his place of employment. Luckily for him, he was not working during their visit.

According to witness accounts, the men were asking people not only about the employee in question, but also about conspiracies in general. They had no eyebrows or eyelashes, strange, hypnotic eyes, bald heads possibly disguised by wigs, and clothes that seemed to be meant for fitting in, but somehow were just enough out of place to raise alarm bells. These two men were definitely caught on camera—the question is whether they were clandestine government agents, beings from another world in disguise, or simply the product of a clever hoax. Regardless of the answer, there is something hair-raising about two men in suits walking into a hotel in the middle of the day and asking strange questions about one of the employees, then leaving as mysteriously as they came.

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