The Great US Fascist Revolution

The US and other governments routinely lie in their official statistics and all serious analysts know this.

The lies get reported in bits and pieces almost every day. Yesterday, for example, medical researchers who studied the real details of US deaths due to Alzheimer’s concluded the official figure of annual deaths from Alzheimer’s is about 500% lower than the real death figure of about a half million a year, making Alzheimer’s one of the great modern plagues with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. [The lowball figure has been a lie because all serious analysts have known for decades that the death certificates used by CDC et al. to calculate official causes of death routinely focus only on the immediate causes of death in ER’s and everywhere, meaning mostly heart, lung function cessation, etc. I wrote about this in my presidential report on Drug Crisis Intervention published by the US several decades ago and argued that is why deaths from Big Pharma drugs are officially almost invisible. The drugs cause heart failure, etc., and the real cause of death by Big Pharma drugs is not reported.]

Even the AP article today on the vast “transfer” of wealth in the US by the Fed from the workers, savers, and real investors to the Big Corps. and Big Speculators mentions the government did not adjust for inflation, population growth…

I expect one way the U. also hid the vast increase in the amounts stolen from the workers and savers and real investors and given to the Big Corps. and Big Speculators is  by not including the vast increases in their assets abroad. [amazon asin=0887388744&template=*lrc ad (right)]When you look at Blackrock’s public disclosed assets. you normally find they are about $3 trillion. Yes, that’s the official U.S. guesstimate unadjusted for inflation, etc. But most of their assets are abroad, about $4 trillion publicly admitted.

Since the Big Speculators get money free–at rates way below zero adjusted for inflation, they speculate with free US money worldwide and keep those assets abroad to avoid US taxes.

The Fed and US have made agreements with foreign central banks to do the same and even helped them do it, so this is a worldwide tidal wave.

Even the official figures when carefully analyzed show that in the US alone this great theft of the American nation has been about $12 trillion in just the past five years of this “Crisis” the Fed created in the previous eight years by keeping real rates below zero for over three years to drive up the assets of the Big Corps. and Big Speculators into a Great Global Bubble that finally imploded.

All of this is the financial part of the Great US Fascist Revolution.