Of Course the Government Is Lying About 9-11.

This month, a campaign in Canada is challenging the government’s 9-11 story. I am in favor of this, both as a professionally trained historian and as a believer in a general policy of examining official government positions.

Here is a short video on the campaign.

It is a professional looking video. It may work. Lots of people may get involved. But fewer than 4,000 people have seen it.

The group wants to get the word out. I am all in favor of getting the word out on 9-11. This could be a hook for getting the word out on other issues. People who finally figure out that they have been manipulated by the spin masters in the U.S. government are probably more prepared to accept the message that there is a long-term pattern of deception here.

The video focuses on Canada. This may work. There is a higher percentage of Canadians who think the U.S. government is willing to lie, than there is of Americans who think this. Anyway, that is my guess.

But the question occurs to me: “Who is putting up the money for this campaign?” Then this question occurs to me: “Why?”

I am a great believer in searching for historical truth. I am also a great believer in the fact that hardly anyone is committed to such a search, and of those who are, most of them don’t have much money.

When dealing with the government’s version of history, always ask this question: “Who is covering up?” But don’t forget this question: “Who is paying for this round of uncovering?” And this question: “Why?”


Fact: it does no good to get the word out unless you have a very explicit, tightly focused program to mobilize people after you get the word out. The marketing campaign must be an extension of the mobilization plan. It must reinforce this plan. It must ignore everything that is not an aspect of this plan.

We have limited resources. It is very easy to waste resources. This is why a marketing campaign is necessary: to conserve resources. There must be a specific, measurable goal for the expenditures. There must be success indicators. There must be rapid reporting on the results of the expenditures. There must be a way of generating money from the campaign, so that there can be another follow-up campaign.

Until all this is in place, and tested on a limited, statistically representative scale, the money will disappear into the void.

Direct-response marketers understand all this. They live with it. Yet very few people understand this, and fewer still discipline themselves to follow this procedure.

People get on board a project “to get the word out” for many reasons. There is no universal pattern for joining a cause. It is too expensive to devise a separate recruiting campaign for each of these motivations. The budget is too small. The markets are too diversified. The personal motivations are too different.

Those who promote the official version also have multiple motivations. But they have a huge advantage: government money, government power, and the mainstream media, which fear government power and want in on government money.

Most people do not have time to re-think every government position. Even with the big positions, people do not have time to re-think them in detail. They sense the personal cost of such investigations. If they ever figured out that they have been lied to deliberately, they might lose faith in the government. This is like abandoning the religion of your youth. The costs are high. The older you are, the more emotional capital is invested in this “market.” To abandon faith in the official line means admitting that you had previously fallen for a grand deception. You were played the sucker. You were, in Lee Harvey Oswald’s now-famous term, a “patsy.”

There is an old line: “You cannot change just one thing.” When you abandon faith in the broad outline of the government’s official explanation, you then feel as though you must offer a better one. This opens up a huge can of worms. This may take you down rabbit trails. Then this may take you down rabbit holes. You may be like Alice. You may enter Wonderland. You may never re-emerge.

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