More Elections in 2014? More Statist Dogs Chasing Their Tails?

As I wrote in 2010, each election has been a progressively worse rearranging of deck chairs. This coming year’s elections will be no different. “Reforming” an inherently flawed system is impossible, and to me each election reminds me of a helpless dog chasing after its own tail.

America was supposed to be a society of freedom, which goes with the ideas of self-ownership and private property. Instead, we have democracy, which is majority rule at freedom’s expense.

A society in which 51% of the people can vote to impose their will on the other 49%, and steal their stuff. That’s democracy, in a nutshell.

As I mentioned in recent articles, it’s hard to get people to understand these things.

The older people have grown (or regressed) to accept the statism that is imposed on them at the expense of freedom and prosperity.

And the younger people are born into the society in which “normal” to them is their enslavement by the State to serve the State, and for the benefit of those who are employed by the State or who are the immediate recipients of forcibly redistributed wealth.[amazon asin=0765808684&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Some people have a problem with my calling things as they are, such as how our current system of statism is one of institutionalized criminality.

Well, the people really had better snap out of it, and it would help if they actually understood why our current system is one of institutionalized criminality and certainly not one of freedom.

Our current system is one of rule by the State — federal, state, and local governments, especially federal — in which its rule is compulsory on the people within the territory. The State’s rule is enforced by those employees who have been given artificial authority over others.

However, while the State and all its “officials” do not own the territory over which they rule and wield power, such an ownership is nevertheless implied in the officials’ imposition of their authority without such authority’s legitimacy being questioned by those who are ruled.

But in reality, while such assertions sound absurd to most people, these State employees essentially own your property, they own your home, and they really own your life. Asserting your own rights and independence, and especially questioning the State’s authority, is a no-no.

So as our society has regressed, the people not only don’t protect their rights, their property or their lives and children from the predations of the State, they submit to such enslavement willfully.

I wish that more people could understand the difference between our current system of statism and a society of freedom in which all human interaction must be voluntary.

For example, many people are uncomfortable with questioning the legitimacy of Social Security (and Medicare). They feel that so much of their earnings have been taken from them, they genuinely hope (and pray) to get it back during their retirement.

It’s very upsetting to someone who doesn’t have much in savings to hear that she won’t get back what was allegedly promised.

But what is Social Security, really?  The government compels you to have to participate in this one government-run retirement scheme, whether you like it or not. It is not a voluntary contract.

Right there, we see that such a scheme and such a system of compulsion is immoral from the very beginning. It has also been a fraudulent scheme from the very beginning, in which many people are misled to believe that earnings taken from them will be placed into some kind of “insurance account,” and then returned to them later on.

That is not the truth. The truth is, the earnings which are taken from you are put into the federal government’s general treasury and Congress spends it in real time along with all other revenue which is illicitly taken from the people. So the whole thing is a scam, a criminal racket from beginning to end. But so many people just don’t want to hear that.

Are there any politicians who propose to abolish Social Security and the IRS and restore the people’s freedom to plan their own retirements and savings as they see fit? (I didn’t think so.)

Another racket is the State’s usurpation of community security and policing, now known as “law enforcement.”[amazon asin=0945466374&template=*lrc ad (right)]

As I wrote previously regarding our current police socialism, government bureaucrats have usurped and monopolized the production of security, which includes the legal restriction against the people’s 2nd Amendment-protected attempts to protect themselves from threats against their lives and property.

And the federal government’s monopoly in “national security” is also a scam, a criminal racket. Generations of Americans have been fooled into believing that empowering central planners in Washington will “protect” them from foreign aggression. When in fact, such an empowerment has done nothing but enable and encourage the central planning bureaucrats to act belligerently against foreigners, starting wars of aggression or entering other countries’ wars for no good reason.

The national bamboozlers did a wonderful job convincing the American people that had our government and military not entered World War II, “we’d all be speaking German.” Now, do you really believe that Hitler and his military could have come across the ocean and successfully invaded, occupied and taken over America?

And then there was the Cold War with Russia.

And now the Cold War’s replacement the War on Terrorism. If there has ever been a statist dog chasing its own tail, it is our “national security” bureaucrats, some of whom have been duped into really believing they are going after terrorists.

Sadly, these terror warriors and their neocon supporters have become a fanatical jihad in their warrior idiocy.

So we have an NSA and an FBI who spy on their fellow Americans, clearing the way for intimidation, suppression of political dissent and blackmail.

And we have an FBI that concocts terrorist plots out of thin air so it can then thwart them, a TSA that engages in criminal molesting and raping of innocent civilians yet never finding one terrorist since 9/11, and a CIA drone-murder-of-innocent-civilians program that does nothing but further motivate foreigners to want to kill Americans.

And these Rulers of ours know full well that the real way to prevent terrorism is to stop invading other countries that were of no threat to us, stop occupying their lands and stop murdering their people and destroying their countries.

In other words, you will stop causing foreign terrorism against your fellow Americans by stopping provoking foreigners. Duh.

So the system of government monopoly in “national security” we currently have in place is a scam, a criminal protection racket.

The real way for the people to protect themselves from foreign aggression is recognized by the 2nd Amendment, by the way. Putting armaments in the hands of government bureaucrats has been a self-destructive act, which several of the early Americans such as James Madison warned against as well.

So, there’s the fraudulent Social Security scam, the local police and national security monopoly rackets, and the list never ends. Just look at this ObamaCare stuff. Talk about a criminal racket. What’s worse is these schemers’ real intentions, single payer and in fact complete government control over everyone’s private medical matters.

And with the extremely cold weather we have been having, a further exposé of fraudsters is the global warming scam. When they call people “deniers,” the global warming crowd are like flat-earthers, and going on witch hunts, while it is they, these crazy people who are the real “deniers.”[amazon asin=1494399806&template=*lrc ad (right)]

And speaking of terrorists, how about all those years during the 2000s that the warmists shoved their scare-mongering films and so forth into the public schools, terrorizing the kids into having nightmares?

People believed all the studies “proving” the human-caused global warming theories based more likely than not on flawed studies, whose “scientists” depended largely on government grants (i.e. receiving loot stolen from others via taxation-thefts).

And the reason for that stuff and replacing our light bulbs with poisonous ones isn’t out of love for the environment either – it is out of love for government, as the goal of the crackpots is to enlarge and empower the government and its bureaucrats to, right with the “national security” fanatics, create a Total State with politicians and activists having complete control over the whole society.

So, with the 2014 elections will conservatives continue their blind faith in Republicans such as Mitch McConjob and John Boehner Keynes the anti-Tea Party speaker?

Do the “progressives” really believe that they’ll get a politician elected who will actually protect our civil liberties and end the wars? Do you believe in the tooth fairy as well?

For those who want to live in a genuinely free, peaceful and prosperous society, you’ll have to accept the fact that the idea of “government as a necessary evil” is a myth. I know it’s an old cliché by now, but democracy really is “the god that failed,” for sure.

Any institution and its agents who claim some authority over your life, the power to order you to do this or that, the power to force you to do extra labor to serve their needs, and the power to arrest and detain you for engaging in peaceful behaviors which harm no one, is an evil, criminal institution.

In conclusion, when considering further rearranging of deck chairs in November 2014, please reconsider!