Could you Pass a Cambridge University Interview?

A Cambridge professor has posted some of the University's interview questions online to help would-be students - could you pass the test?

Prof Richard Prager, head of engineering at the historic university, said he wanted to try and “level the playing field” for hopeful undergraduates.

He has launched an online question bank, a sample of which we have selected for Telegraph readers, to prepare candidates for the notoriously difficult entry interviews which have become the stuff of legend.

The questions, aimed predominantly at maths, physics and engineering students, give an insight into the fiendishly difficult tasks applicants have faced in previous tests.

They are on a new website, I want to study engineering, and include subjects as varied as goats, game show hosts, eyeballs, pirates and bungee jumps.

Prof Prager said: “Some schools are more experienced than others at preparing their pupils for competitive engineering entrance interviews.

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