Hospital Layoffs Begin As Market Forces Overcome Government Controls

Despite American healthcare being rigged to increase demand and drive up the cost of care, market forces are beginning to take hold and reality sets in as hospitals begin to cut staff.  It’s been a long time coming. 

Just when the (un)Affordable Care Act was supposed to create hordes of newly insured patients seeking medical care, the healthcare industry is laying off doctors, nurses, x-ray and lab technicians.

Despite all the needless care and contrived diseases and excessive vaccinations, stagnant incomes (actually eroding incomes when inflation is calculated) are putting the brakes to a sector of the economy that is being relied upon to create new jobs.  According to a report in USA TODAY, inpatient days fell 4% and revenues declined and more and more Baby Boomers switched from private insurance to Medicare that pays doctors and hospitals less. 

Should Your Kids Grow Up To Be Doctors Or Cowboys?[amazon asin=0929173481&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Question: would you advise your kids to grow up and become a doctor?  That’s not where the money is these days.  If high incomes are the goal, then we should have steered our kids in the direction of joining the cartel of greedy “fracking” oilmen or entering the ranks of thieving banksters. 

As an aside, I never ran into anybody who said their kids were planning on growing up to be bankers.  Not many colleges offer curriculums for banking.  Curriculums in finance are usually tailored towards corporate finance. 

I did find online one college curriculum for banking, but I bet it never educates students about fractional banking, debt-based money, counterfeit money printing, or any of the other complicated financial schemes like derivatives and loan rate swaps.

In reality, banking is the art of thievery. If your kids do actually think of becoming bankers, insist they read Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises before they make that career choice.  If they enter banking, they should do so to reform it, not further its present direction. 

(Maybe the lyrics of a popular Willie Nelson song should be changed.  Instead of: “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
.  Don’t let ’em pick guitars and drive them old trucks.  Make ’em be doctors and lawyers and such,” should be turned around to say: “Don’t let your babies grow up to be banksters. Don’t let ‘em pick people’s pockets and drive your money away in trucks.”)

That Mayo Clinic Diploma Is Now A License To Steal

Back to healthcare — as for your kids earning the right to brandish a stethoscope around their neck, a Mayo Clinic diploma has become nothing more than a license to steal from insurance pools these days

In case you hadn’t noticed, all those cardiac stents, knee operations for arthritis, mammogramscolonoscopies, PSA tests, cholesterol [amazon asin=0520275969&template=*lrc ad (right)]pills and flu shots your son or daughter doctor will be ordering are all unnecessary.  Mom and dad may be proud their kids have grown up to become a doctor, but it is mendacious prestige.

Plundering Instead Of Preventing

A shocking article in The New York Times, published earlier this year, reveals that executives in the food industry were educated how the foods they produce have spawned the existing diabesity epidemic.  Once informed, these executives chose profits over health. 

So here is how the system works now.  The carbohydrate industry feeds the populace white bread, pasta, rice, refined sugars and soda pop, which sets off reward centers in the brain to continue eating, and the doctors do nothing to correct this and place their patients on all manner of problematic anti-diabetic drugs, blood pressure pills and cholesterol medications as if the diabesity epidemic is a drug deficiency.  That is what doctoring has become.

Forced-To-Buy Health Insurance

The healthcare industry is destined to fail because it is simply no longer affordable.  Its latest political tactic, the (un)Affordable Care Act (ACA), forces American workers to buy – not healthcare, but insurance (it ensures doctors, hospitals, drug companies and insurers get paid, nobody is any healthier). 

Low-income workers (not on welfare) are going to get clobbered as they have to come up with about a month’s pay for a high-deductible plan, and they are coerced to buy or face a penalty.   

Not to worry, most will opt for the penalty.  While a few million Americans are being herded to sign up online, the sign-up part is just to see if Americans qualify for government subsidies. 

Less than 2% of Americans who have gone to the ACA website have qualified and fewer will actually buy an insurance policy.   Let’s see how the politicians and news media try to cover up this calamitous failure.  

I just don’t know how any reigning political party is going to withdraw penalty money directly from a person’s bank account and expect to win the next election?  The citizenry has not caught on yet that the Federal government has been bought off by the insurance industry.  The public thought they were getting socialized medicine like what is offered in Canada, Britain and Sweden. 

The US government is incurring all the costs for advertising and even answering the phones in this newest version of so-called [amazon asin=1591203104&template=*lrc ad (right)]American free enterprise. 

America has gravitated from buying off Washington DC (crony capitalism) to mandating that consumers must buy health insurance policies (and vaccines too, or you can’t enter school or work)—which represents fascism. 

Pretend Savings

The ACA does not save Medicare from anticipated insolvency (Medicare is already being partially funded out of the general fund and its trust fund is half empty).

The ACA mandates all medical care must be scientifically substantiated. What is called Comparative Effectiveness Research is supposed to give doctors and patients more information to help them compare various treatments and diagnostic tests.  But in fact, it appears this effort is just being contorted into a list of what serves doctors and pharmaceutical companies best

Not a word is mentioned about the FDA’s continued practice of comparing new drugs against inactive placebo pills rather than existing therapy.

Does anyone really believe Comparative Effectiveness Research is going to scuttle $30 billion of statin cholesterol-lowering drugs that don’t reduce mortality rates, which would demolish pharmaceutical company stocks on Wall Street? 

Where the ACA does pretend to save money is that patients initially entering the system will have a decade of preventive measures prescribed (vaccinations, mammograms, colonoscopies, etc.), which drums up more needless treatment to deliver as more pre-disease is detected.  These are simply “detect and collect” missions to drum up more treatment.

Also, hospitals will be penalized if their rate of readmission is high.  That simply means patients are going to be forced into home care nursing instead of readmitted to the hospital.  Hospital readmission rates may be reduced and money saved, but what about lives saved?

Overseers Are Shills For The Medical Industry

Then, maybe a few years from now when private medical records have been completely breached by the National Security Administration, and any semblance to maintain privacy of medical records abandoned, data on what drugs are being prescribed will be shared in real time with pharmaceutical companies. 

Researchers, acting as shills for Big Pharma, along with co-conspirator medical journals, are publishing science and to make it falsely appear that the problem of drug ineffectiveness rests with patients’ failure to comply with pill-taking regimens.  They know their cherished drugs could get placed on the chopping block. [amazon asin=1582701954&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Doctors will then be sanctioned if they don’t prescribe according to established guidelines (which were established by Big Pharma) and patients, who often don’t take their pills, will be remotely monitored and insurance will not pay if they don’t swallow their pills.   Such a plan is already underway

What a wonderful controlled world we have to look forward to.  George Orwell would even be surprised at all this. 

The more their contrived system fails, the more draconian it becomes. 

Then one day the pills or vaccines will suddenly be found to be tainted, said to have been imported illegally from overseas counterfeit drug sources, and hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans will fall out of the Medicare and Social Security rolls by death, and the system will be saved financially. 

Such an event occurred late in 1993, setting back the rising life expectancy in the U.S. for the first time in decades, and public health agencies and the news media failed to report it. 

The point here is, thousands of Americans can be rubbed out and if they want to create a false reality it didn’t happen or lay false blame on some overseas drug or vaccine maker by intentionally dropping guard against such occurrences, they can. 

Beware the flu vaccine jabs and the next miracle drug.  Your grandmother in the nursing home is at risk.  She is a long-term liability on the Medicare and Social Security ledgers.

Great Britain’s cash-strapped hospital system is already covertly culling its population of institutionalized retirees by withholding drinking water.  Britain has culled its hospital population by 42,000 a year this way.  Death by dehydration leaves no fingerprints.  Nursing home patients there are reported to have struggled to find water from flower vases in order to survive.  This horror movie may soon come to America.

Recognize, the U.S. has been conducting population control via abortion for a number of decades now.  In the mind of elitist population planners, the problem is not too many babies today, it is Americans are living too long.  The nation imports young workers in the form of illegal immigrants whose tax deductions for Medicare and Social Security pay for the old and infirm.  In the 1970s Time magazine editors said “we have birth control, but we don’t have age control.”  If government could get away with it, do you think they would go beyond the planning stage?