10 Keyboard Shortcuts you Probably didn't Know

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says the decision to use Ctrl+Alt+Del as the command for logging on to a PC was a mistake, but over the years the shortcut has achieved cult status in geek circles. Here are 10 more useful keyboard shortcuts worth knowing.

1. Close browser

Whether your boss walks up while you’re on Facebook or your other half comes in the room while you’re buying them a gift, close your browser instantly with this shortcut:

PC: Alt + F4Mac: Apple key + Q

2. Show desktop

If you have lots of windows open on your computer and you want quick access to your desktop hit the following keys:

PC: Windows key + DMac: F11

3. Add a bookmark

Create a shortcut to your new favourite website by bookmarking the page with the following quick trick:

PC: Ctrl + DMac: Apple key + D

4. Delete forever

When you know you want to dump a file forever – instead of sending it to clog up the recycling bin first – tap the keys below:

PC: Shift + Delete

5. Change zoom level

Whether you’re working on the web or in a word processing program, zoom in or out with this command:

PC: Ctrl + scroll mouse wheelMac: Apple key + plus sign; Apple key + minus sign

6. Reopen previous tab in browser

Have you ever accidentally closed the browser tab you were looking at and had to spend time backtracking to find it again? The shortcut below will restore that page to you almost instantly:

PC: Ctrl + Shift + TMac: Apple key + Z

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